An Interview with Stephan Lett’s Niece

2 Responses to An Interview with Stephan Lett’s Niece

  1. Nubby Tope says:

    Hi Jacqueline, how are you?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2 more days and Trump’s trumped!

    This lady showed great courage considering who her Uncle is! Ans Stephen Lett is so wrong about babies not knowing how to love.

  2. jacqueline says:

    This interview makes us aware that words have power.

    I feel so sorry for his niece as she struggles with the doctrine of resurrection as taught by the organization.

    She is hurt and if her family can’t see that and would shun her, would be an abomination.
    I was physically affected by her pain. She needs support, I feel her pain, wow.

    She is from my part of the US where I was reared and where Raymond Franz landed.

    I feel her emotion. I am so glad she wasn’t shunning him when he died, She will get through this.
    From hearing this story and listening to Lett, he appeared to be talking about a person that was in his circle. How sad.

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