Man to Man and Heart to Heart – with Greg

Its Heart sometimes to let go and move on.

Writing from the Heart



I believe we spend far too much time up in our heads, analyzing, judging, and critiquing ourselves and others. I've learned that when we are busy judging others, we have no time left to love them. Similarly, when we are busy judging ourselves, we have no time left to love and nurture ourselves. We have no time to be curious, to daydream, to wonder, or to play.


We can spend an entire lifetime applying our brains to the task of trying to reduce a rainbow to a theoretical equation that explains what a rainbow is and how it comes to be but to really enjoy a rainbow, we need to stop thinking and start appreciating. Sure, we might "appreciate" the physics and mathematical equation behind a rainbow, but in that case, we're still not enjoying the actual rainbow. We can only do the appreciating deep in our hearts.


Similarly, when it comes to people, we can spend a lifetime trying to psycho-analyze them, reducing them to a set of behaviors and classifications, a set of responses to various stimuli. But when we do that, we're probably not seeing the beauty of individuals.


The lyrics to one of my favorite songs read:


See me beautiful.

Look for the best in me.

That's what I really am.

And all I want to be.

It may take some time.

It may be hard to find,

But see me beautiful.


See me beautiful,

Each and every day,

Could you take a chance,

Could you find a way,

To see me shining through,

In everything I do,

And see me beautiful.


From the song, "See me beautiful" by Red and Kathy Grammer


There's one last thing about me that I really want to share with you: If I could be a superhero, I'd want my superpower to be the ability to help people love and forgive themselves and each other.


From my heart to yours,



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