The “Laban Effect”


To my dear brothers and sisters that I have yet to meet,

     I pray that my words bring comfort to you. As the spirit has brought me comfort so may it bring you comfort as well. I want to begin with saying that as we reach the time of the end, our Lord and master Jesus Christ forewarned us that not all would or should be called brothers, and our enemies would be those closest to us (Matthew 10: 35-37). Many of us are destined to lose those we love and those we call friends.  Separations are painful, especially for sheep like ones. We have such a desire for peace, but when we have exhausted all options to keep peace (Romans 12:18) it may be time to consider that the separation may be of divine origin and not a failure on your part. Not all separations are bad; in fact some are necessary and are a reflection of God’s love for the body of Christ.

     Jesus our mentor was not saddened by his father’s impending separation work, in fact he welcomed it, longed for it, he said at Luke 12:49 "I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! But why would the prince of peace (Isaiah 9:6) welcome the destruction of peace instead of preserving it?  It was and is God’s will that a separation work take place as predicted in Genesis 3:15. In Matthew 25:31–46 God has determined that a separation between sheep and goats will occur and in 1 Peter 4:17 we are reminded that the work of separation will begin in God’s house first.

     There are times where it is easier to tell than others, when we need to part ways with certain individuals. Take for example the case of Jacob and his father in law Laban (Genesis 28-32:1-3). Many of us are familiar with the account of Jacob and Laban in Genesis, if you are not the account is well worth the read. Laban (Jacob’s father in law) routinely exploited Jacob, often looking to his own advantage in his dealings with Jacob, despite Jacobs’s loyalty. Laban recognized that Gods spirit was with Jacob, and actively sought ways to exploit Jacob and by extension God’s blessings. Despite Laban’s intentions, God protected and blessed Jacob until it became apparent, that Laban and his sons became covetous of what God had rightfully given Jacob, and Jacob decided that it was best that they part ways.

     Notice in Genesis 31:1-2 how the peace between Jacob and Laban’s family was no longer maintained and Jacob began to notice things about Laban that may not have been apparent to him before. There are times where God no longer ensures peace in a situation, and we may see things in people character that was not apparent to us previously. God sees into the hearts of everyone, but he may wait until situations arise that expose to you, what God has known all along.

     In verse 3 of Genesis chapter 31, God spoke to Jacob and instructed Jacob to return to his homeland, and more importantly, that he (God) would be with him. After discussing the situation with his wives, Jacob made plans to leave Laban’s home and return to the land of his father.

     When Laban returned to his home, finding Jacob and his household gone, this did not sit well with Laban. Laban was confronted with the reality that the wealth he had, and the wealth he thought he had was not the same. Jacobs departure exposed to Laban just how much of a blessing that Jacob had been to his household.

     Laban was not content to allow Jacob to leave of his own free will, Jacob was the preverbal goose that laid the golden eggs, and chased Jacob for seven days. In verse 24, God again comes to Jacobs’s defense warning Laban not to do anything to Jacob good or bad. Laban’s attitude reflected a profound lack of appreciation for spiritual things, not only does he disregard God’s council, he threatens Jacob with what he could have done in verse 29 prompting Jacob to defend himself against Jacobs spurious accusations and fraudulent dealings with him. If it were not apparent why Laban chased Jacob down, it was not because he wanted to send him off with well wishes and feasting as two men of God should have parted ways. Rather, Laban claims in verse 43 that Jacobs’s wives, children, and flocks belonged to him and he was powerless. In this instance he even includes God in his imaginary victimhood as though he had been treated unfairly. The account concludes with what could be considered a final act of craftiness on Laban’s part. Laban suggests a peace treaty (that would protect him from his dishonesty toward Jacob in the future) with his defrauded son in law, Jacob who is no longer in his house and under his authority. Please remember that God strictly instructed Laban to do no good or evil toward Jacob, and had Jacob known this, Jacob’s response might have been different.

     There are so many lessons to glean here including the fact that God cared not only about Jacob, but the company he kept.  God tolerated Laban’s exploitation until Jacob had reached a state of prosperity and spiritual maturity that it was no longer to Jacobs benefit (or Gods purpose for Jacob) that he continue to be exploited by his own uncle. God had plans for Jacob and his household that would ultimately lead to the glorification of his name and the redemption of mankind through the birth of the messiah in the future.

     Our individual work in the Lord may take us to places that we may not expect, but God will always bless you wherever you go when you put his interests first. As vessels and tools of the living God, is it wrong for God to also move us where he can press his advantage, where we will do the most good and bring the most glory to his name? When our work with certain individuals or groups ceases to be of benefit to God, and also you as an individual, God is always within his rights to act in our mutual interest, to build up the body of Christ.

     Please remember friends that even Jesus is obedient to God in this matter as God “CUTS” away (or separates) Christ from individuals who do not bear fruit so that the resources can be directed to areas that will bear fruit. God’s love of us is so deep that he will also prune us so that we (like Christ) will bear even more fruit (John 15:1-3). God knows that these situations are sometimes painful for us, for our love of our brothers is deep even when it is not reciprocated. In these situations, like Laban those cut away might behave covetous of the blessings and gifts you take with you, believing that these blessings belong to them. They may threaten you, assail your character, or like Laban make some attempt to get you to agree to maintain some relationship with them that is not designed to benefit you, but them. Like Laban who only appreciated physical things and did not appreciate spiritual things, they are neither obedient to the leanings of the spirit, (and often times so spiritually immature), and can only bitterly equate your departure with personal loss when they see God’s blessings depart with you.

     When we are confronted with the reality that we can no longer walk the same path with those we call brothers and sisters, and even family members, let us keep in mind that we all live for the glory of God, and where he moves us is not only to our benefit, but it benefits the body of Christ. Let us all be obedient, and remember that separation is not condemnation in all cases. The scriptures tell us that God also will separate sheep from sheep, so continue to pray for one another, as the glory of God is worked out through our collective obedience and service to God.

With the warmest of regards,

Your faithful Diakonos (Romans 8:38-39)

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  1. jacqueline says:

    Hi Noona, I got your email and thanks for inquiring about my health. I am greatly improved and doing well. I have lots of support from my family.
    You mentioned you will come to one of the meetings, Wednesday or Thursday, I don’t come on Wednesday meeting only the Thursday night and Saturday night.

  2. noona says:

    Hi sister Jacqueline,

    I really appreciated this comment you made when you said, “One thing we can’t drop is we are trained to help others. That is why Jehovah allowed the organization to develop I think under Rutherford because he used it to train a force to be reckoned with when it comes to using the “Sword of God”. God doesn’t waster anything, all of what we learned is going to be used to bring him glory, and now is the time.

    It is so strange that Genesis is having so many parallels when I read your posts. I thought about Joseph when he went into bondage. What most people may miss is the practical training that he received during his labor. Joseph had a natural talent for management, and I don’t think it was purely favoritism when Jacob selected him to inherit the blessing and care for the rest of the family after his passing. Joseph began his skill training by managing his father’s numerous flocks at around 17 years of age. In this aspect, I really began to understand what it really meant to be a true faithful slave and what he/she would do. Joseph watched over what he was entrusted with, even going so far as to call his own brothers into account over a bad report he delivered to Jacob (Genesis 37:2). In the Jewish tradition, this might have meant that Jacob’s sons (Josephs brothers) were taking undue liberties with their fathers livestock, which was something that sometimes occurred with hired hands (who liked to help themselves to their bosses sheep now and again). Just as the scriptures say at Luke 15:10, “ he that is faithful in little is faithful in much”. God could plainly see that Joseph was so diligent in his commitment to care for whatever he was entrusted with, (willing to risk his brothers anger so that his father didn’t suffer any losses), that he could be entrusted with much more. Your faithful work in caring for the needs of others Sr Jacqueline in smaller groups has demonstrated to God, that you can be faithful with more…and here we all are lol 

  3. Noona says:


    When men come on their own authority, it is sometimes difficult to tell if they are truly sent by God. One rule of thumb that I have learned to use, is to better understand how God has assigned authority and compare it to what I am being presented with (Ephesians 1:21). God has in fact given all authority to his son Jesus. This means that any man claiming to come on any scriptural authority will acknowledge this headship arrangement (Colossians 1:18).

    As we see in the book of Revelation, that all prophetic messages come from God and through Jesus, as he is God’s exclusive agent (Matthew 11:27). All other alleged prophets, operate under Jesus his authority in the congregations (Matthew 28:19).
    In our secular system, when someone claiming to be from the government or law enforcement approaches you, you have the legal right to ask for and verify his credentials. If we are confronted with an individual(s) who demand our obedience or cooperation in God’s name, it makes us prudent and chaste spiritually to investigate there claims (1 John 4:1).

    2 Corinthians 11:14 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.
    Jesus warned us about those who would come on their own authority (John 5:43), because despite what they claim, there efforts are designed to bring glory not to God, but to themselves (John 7:18). Like Eli’s sons (yes they were indeed priests) but they used there office to intercept from the people, the “things belonging to God”, while compelling the people of Israel to tolerate the theft (1 Samuel 2:12-15).
    Jesus also said that he hated abusive man made hierarchical authority structures in “his” congregations. Jesus called them out by name when he outright condemned the Nicolaitan church (Revelation 2:6). The name (in Greek) quite literally means conquers of the lay people. Apparently a few men had claimed authority over the rest of the congregation subordinating and ruling over the brothers and sisters they pushed down to the lowest of ranks. Despite the benign names these tyrants may give it/themselves, I have learned that if it quacks like a duck it’s a duck.

    For those of us who have had the misfortune of being abused by men like this, we are not at fault (Zachariah 11:16). These ones have pushed ahead (Philippians 2:3-4), and seated themselves at the Lord’s Table (Luke 14:8-9), assigning themselves titles and positions without waiting on their professed Lord and Master Jesus Christ. These ones beat fellow salves and eat and drink at the master’s expense (Matthew 24:39). Analyze not what they say about themselves, but there deeds (Matthew 12:33) and you will see that they do not love the flock as Jesus instructed his disciples to (John 21:17). In our desire to be obedient to Christ and God (a disposition thoroughly exploited by such men) we patiently cooperated, and awaited proof of these men’s unfitness before we made our conclusions.

    All of our obedience to God, offerings, and sacred service to him has not been misplaced, as they are still credited to us, despite what is being done with them. It is to those who are custodians of God’s things that must render an accounting in the end, and not us.

    Hebrews 13:15-17 Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise, the fruit of lips that confess His name. 16And do not neglect to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. 17Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they watch over your souls as those who must give an account. To this end, allow them to lead with joy and not with grief, for that would be of no advantage to you. God has not changed brothers and sisters, and rest assured no man can cheat the living God Malachi 3:8.

    Zachariah 5:3 Then he told me, “This is the curse that is going out over the face of all the land, for according to one side of the scroll, every thief will be removed; and according to the other side, everyone who swears falsely will be removed.
    Lastly friends, do not feel shaken (or have your peace with God disturbed) when someone makes claims that rebellion against a person or idea will bring divine punishment, as Jesus places no undue burdens on the congregation (Matthew 11:29-30), and neither will true shepherds who teach in his name. I listen to the older men in the congregation, as long as they are “GOOD EXAMPLES”. I am not compelled by scripture to view them as anything more than they claim to be, fellow workers in Christ.

    To my knowledge, Jesus was the only divine representative that Moses warned that we were without excuse if we failed to obey his words. The “PROOF” that God would demonstrate directly on his behalf would speak for itself (Acts 3:22). I copied a list of just a few of Jesus verifiable credentials (SEE BELOW). This does not even begin to illustrate all of the specific miracles that set his (Jesus) ministry apart from all of the previous prophets. It also stands to reason that out of love for the flock, Jesus would not exact such a large penalty for failing to obey a man who comes to us without credentials that can be verified, if we are indeed to face a penalty. Disobedience is the refusal to obey in light of proof, not in absence of it. This is what will earn God’s displeasure. God is faithful and righteous, and above all desires all to be saved (1 Thessalonians 5:9). Could a God abounding in love, not warn you if you were unknowingly offending him, placing your life at stake. God has never punished without warnings (Hebrews 2:1). God gave in (supernatural fashion) voice to an ass to warn Balaam, and instructed Noah to warn the world for 70 years of coming judgment. Why would he not send us “independent” warnings (Ezekiel 33: 6-7), if we failed to obey him or his servants in anyway, as he does nothing without his prophets?
    If the living God has allowed men to test out his claims (Isaiah 7:11), why would anyone who comes in his name think it not our place to test there’s?


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  4. Noona says:

    Ted R,

    Such a wonderful reply. I especially appreciated your comment “ If we want to be a Bible student then we should be just that, a Bible student, not a Watchtower student, a Russell student, a L Ron Hubbard student or any other follower of men. We never want to become dogmatic when it comes to the teaching of men. ”

    I completely agree with you, that we are beholden to the scriptures and ultimately God and Christ alone (Luke 4:8). Please see a more detailed reply to your post below.

  5. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    Hi Sr Jacqueline
    You are so right, we have to follow Christ and what is written in his Word. One problem I see with people in general is that they want to be told what to believe. I see this with those who are raised in any religion. If we want to be a Bible student then we should be just that, a Bible student, not a Watchtower student, a Russell student, a L Ron Hubbard student or any other follower of men. We never want to become dogmatic when it comes to the teaching of men. Not that we reject everything, but we have to compare what man says to what the Bible tells us. One teaching that I have come to realize is the concept of the Faithful and Wise servant. Most Bible Students dogmatically view Russell as that servant. JW’s view their Governing Body as that servant. But Russell himself, at least not openly, did not view himself as that servant. Reading the scriptures in this regard, to me at least, seems to indicate that it is not a specific person. Christ was talking to his disciples of the need to keep awake and he gave the illustration of a faithful servant who is awake and doing Gods will when the Master arrives. I believe he was referring to all true Christians. Should we not all be doing Gods will? Is it not all of our responsibility to distribute spiritual food to others?
    The problem I see among Christianity is that we are so wrapped up in doctrine, that we fail to see the real purpose of Gods word. The Bible is not a book of doctrine. It is a guidebook for us on how to live our lives. It shows us the mercy and love of God and provides an example we should follow. It provides warnings of the trouble we can face by disregarding those instructions. As humans we tend to want to make things more complicated than they are. Who will be consigned to second death? If we are truly following Gods word and example does it really matter? Do many of the doctrines Christians have argued about throughout the centuries really matter if we are following Christ’s example of love and mercy? Throughout human history there have been faithful Christians who have given their lives for Christ. Many of these believed in Hell, the Trinity, and the immortal soul, but do you really think that will matter in Gods judgment day? What will matter is those who claim to be teachers and religious leaders who, in Christ name persecute their brothers for not agreeing with their teachings, putting them to death, physically or spiritually! Doctrines that go beyond scripture that cause a burden to those seeking to serve God! Jesus condemned the Pharisees for this! Israel was punished for it’s treatment of the prophets of God and forgetting the purpose of the Law, which is summed up in one word, Love!
    We need to stop being dogmatic and start living our dedication to God by our love for others. I commend you for all you do dear sister. Christian love Br Ted

    • jacqueline says:

      TedR, Doctrine is the big problem. I found to my amazement that basically all of the Bible Student’s movement believe Russell is the “Angel” mentioned in Revelation as the seventh messenger. So in addition to ex Jehovah witnesses having to deal with one person being the faithful slave, they would have this extra doctrine to have to submit to. So I can’t in honesty point anyone to the witnesses “cousins”. Start their own small group and slowly learn to apply scriptures then plow into hard subjects with research from many voices using the internet.
      I found the individual brothers and sisters in Christ to be such a joy and some are embedded in my heart and I hope we can still be friends.
      Departure is difficult always, “The Laban Effect article, helped me see what was happening with my situation.
      So, look over this page. You can’t speak because of your circumstances but you can run a page with scriptures on how to just use the scriptures to draw a conclusion. Them others can also add just scriptures that helped them understand a point. After a while, we can know how to trust the Spirit in helping us accept what the Bible clearly says.
      Is this page okay for you to develop? If so you might want your opening words to be different.
      Like maybe open up with a Bio as to who you are, what you hope to accomplish with your comment postings every day or week or whenever.
      Or say scrap it, Jacqueline! You can’t talk but you sure can write some BOLD truths and you are not afraid to have it disagree with some long-held doctrines by most of Jehovah Witnesses and other groups. Let me know in the comments so others can learn how to develop their page and share it on their facebook pages of Christian discussions for people to come over and share their “Insight from a scripture”.
      After a while you invite people to meet you on the BBB at a certain hour or time when you can get to a quiet place and speak for 30 minutes or so. Just a few suggestions, because all of us can develop our audiences.
      One thing we can’t drop is we are trained to help others. That is why Jehovah allowed the organization to develop I think under Rutherford because he used it to train a force to be reckoned with when it comes to using the “Sword of God”

  6. Marjo says:

    Thank you again. When we learn scriptures we learn them in our own pace. Some of us have been learning little longer and some of us for a little while. Understanding your reading for scriptures won’t always come quickly. Sometimes it does, but sometimes you need to read other books or letters to understand your reading. When we don’t understand something we have to be humble and listen what others have to say about it. Yahweh will make us rich for understanding scriptures little by little when we read them.

  7. Noona says:

    Laban Effect Part Two

    Dear friends,
    As we are called out of the places we once called our places of fellowship, please exercise caution in determining where you go next. We are reminded in scripture to be cautious as serpents and innocent as Doves. Not every man or house of worship is in union with Jesus Christ, even and especially when using his name Matthew 24:5.
    When Jacob feared his brother’s murderous intentions (over not receiving the blessing), Jacobs mother Rebecca sent her penniless and prospectless, (but spiritually blessed son), to the one place she felt he would be safe, with her brother and her family.

    Please remember, Laban had already been richly blessed when Laban negotiated a handsome dowry for his sister Rebecca (when she was wed to Jacob’s father). Laban knew about God’s covenant with Abraham, and what God intended to do for humanity. Rebecca probably felt that of all people who would respect spiritual things, her family would and would readily offer Jacob safe haven, and hospitality. Sadly, even though Laban was Jacob’s uncle, (and should have treated him like family), Laban only saw another opportunity to get something out of the divine situation. He missed an opportunity to be of assistance to his sister whom he had financially benefited from, and to contribute to God’s work to restore his sovereignty and the human condition. When Laban looked at Jacob, he didn’t appreciate anything beyond what could benefit him. This might be why, when God took away his servant Jacob along with his flocks and his children and wives, God was only treating the union the way Laban did…a business contract and not a family union.

    When God’s will was satisfied, and Laban had received all that he thought was valuable in the situation, God did not bless the business arrangement any longer. If we look ahead in the Genesis account, remember that Jacobs household was taken into Egypt to be cared for during the famine by his son Joseph. There is a list of people in Genesis who were identified as Jacobs’s household by each name, Genesis 46:26-27. My point? Jacob’s extended family was not mentioned in this number. God only included those he recognized as belonging to Jacob, into this protected arrangement in Egypt. Laban’s surviving household may have had to go to Egypt and barter with Joseph the Prime Minister of Egypt, and not as family. This likely cost them all of the inherited wealth that Laban had accumulated just to survive.

    Dearest friends, I say this from personal experience; sheep are precious to God, but also tasty to wolf-like people. We will miss our fellowship and our families when we are separated, but not everyone who calls themselves a brother should we enjoin ourselves to, but must be tested out. Jacob had only one God but Laban who knew of Abraham’s God also had household Gods as well, and limped on two different opinions. From individuals like this, both bitter and sweet will flow from the same mouth. They will have habits and beliefs that run contrary to scripture, but will eventually be exposed as having a form of Godly devotion only.
    Being a free range sheep is hard; and you will sometimes miss what few benefits the wicked shepherds provided. But If you patiently allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, you will be lead true worshipers of God whose fellowship is free of spiritual hypocrisy.
    I know for some of you (like me) It is hard to learn how to feed yourself spiritually, and live with the fear and uncertainty of living outside of the protection of a spiritual pen. But I tell you the truth, out in the wilderness is where you hear God’s voice the clearest. Trust him, and do not doubt his son will lead you to green pastures (and I believe that better pastures are already being prepared). Don’t be like the nation of Israel who began to murmur about food and water, even believing that oppression was not so bad because they had full bellies. No, we were not called out of bondage to go back into it, so be patient, and look at matters with better eyes!

    • jacqueline says:

      Hi Noona, I have to do some shopping today but will be back to read and reason on your comment. But one thing I have had to ask myself frankly is; Would I study for my physics test using a physics book from the 19th century,No, 1948, no, 1991 no.
      You see things that were truth back then was accurate, thus the phrase from Jesus “What is Truth?. We have learned so much more about our Universe now that I would probably barely pass the test studying weekly from a 19th century physics book.
      The steam engine and the look to see that big corporations, (capitalism) would exist was truth back then. But what about Amazon.
      The technology of the phone and later the TV was truth. But not our truth now. The internet and the cell phone has more power than that that sent the first man into outer space, that is our truth today.
      Angels said, STOP DON”t DO THAT! when John tried to give undue adoration to him, yet I have witnessed for 8 years now adoration being given to a man and it is idolatry for me to continue with such creature worship.
      Leah Remini showed that scientology have the biggest worshipfest of their leader on his birthday, It is idolatry for that day if you visit one of the ceremonies. So if I can see that, I can conclude I shouldn’t worship a man every week by constantly for 70 years ploying through a Concept built on a year.
      I will put the scriptures here when I return *(getting dark now) but Jesus in Luke talks about those saying Look He is Here already and not to go out after them! My mother went then my father but he backed out quickly and so did my grandfather. My brother went in heavy and forced the entire family of little children into this and I regrettably forced my children into it!
      So now I have been brought to my knees and will only study the 66 books Jehovah left for us. I am finding it amazing how HIS Holy Spirit opens this understanding of the scriptures up since I have abandoned the systems and following what Christ said as closely as I can and when I fall, I get back up again.
      I appreciate the lessons learned and the deep friendships I have had as I traveled on this journey. There are so many brothers in Christ, trying to do the 66 books. I am going to TRY JESUS as the Leader now to bring me into finally a relationship with GOD.
      Others may choose another path but this is where the Spirit leads me, out from worship of one man or organization and worship of God and Christ Jesus.
      See you later

    • jacqueline says:

      Noona, I just got to read thru your comment while at a restaurant and I am brought to tears but blinking them back because I am in a restaurant. I was given safe haven to rest, I know for sure and the brothers were so beautiful. I also met as expected prejudice from more than expected but I am used to that.
      It was an association but a first cousin to what I had experienced for 62 years. I needed to go through the valley and get caught in a sudden flood, to do what God means for me to do. He puts in my spirit to help any coming to him but not to deceive them and they end up out of the frying pan into the fire! Not many could have weathered the intense arguments and emails. I only survive intact because of Christ and the loving support of my dear friends who recognized I didn’t know the rules.
      Now I can speak candidly of my experiences to any coming out and directing them straight to Jesus. To WHOM SHALL I GO? The answer is directly to Christ and the 66 books and many other sincere Christian voices in discussion with a small group.

  8. Noona says:

    Thank you so much Jacqueline 🙂

    I am not that young lol, but God uses everyone who is willing to be used. Sometimes we have the privilege of providing comfort, but as always I try to remind everyone that Gods hand is consoling you through my hand, so I can’t take too much credit.

  9. Tasha says:

    You have a beautiful mind. I would love to read more from you 🙂

  10. Tasha says:

    That was truly beautiful and very timely for me. Thank you

    • Noona says:

      Hi Tasha,

      I am so glad that I was able to be apart of a moment in which God was comforting you through my words. A lot of my insights have come through trying to make sense of losing friends and relatives in my religion. There was anger from the other parties, and a lot of heart ache. It is so tempting in these moments to take all of the blame, to feel defeated and to close your heart off from others. When you think about it, the more sincerely you love, the deeper the loss is felt. Relationships are investments, and no one likes to lose an investment. But I have learned through the years that God is dynamic in his ability to correct the thinking of his children.

      I stopped praying to save failing relationships, and put the energy into praying that we all see each other in God’s kingdom. We walk on the same roads for a while, but our journeys may take us on different paths.

  11. Greg says:

    I cannot express in words how encouraged, inspired, and comforted I feel after having read this. Let’s just say, “boatloads!” 🙂 Thank you so much for all the effort and love you’ve put into writing this!

    Sincerely Appreciative,

    • noona says:


      I am so glad that I could help you in some small way. I have found that when I am really at my wits end about a problem I am facing, God sends me someone to say something specific to me to completely change my mind and redirect my thinking. I remember when I first met you and you were so kind to me and my brother. We were feeling very lonely and spiritually isolated. You gave us a place to safely talk about the things that we had gone through and we are forever grateful for that. I am beyond pleased that I could return the favor.

      Stay blessed,


  12. Marjo says:

    Thank you for this 🙂 It reminds me in my case. When your relatives no longer care for you or are not intouch with you. Or even your siblings. We are so distant that it is sad. It seems that there is no room for all of us. Now we have got lovely sister and brothers in Christ whom to share our joy and sadness if its not possible to do with your own relatives.

  13. lawrence luecking says:

    My compliments and expressions of gratitude for a well thought out treatise. I pray that Yahweh’s rich blessings continue with you.


  14. jacqueline says:

    Noona wow! I am impressed by this well laid out narrative and understanding of exactly what was going on here. So many of us need this article now.
    No one would guess that you are so young and still in college. Thank you so much!

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