Human Rights Conference in Warsaw Poland

This is from the desk of Barbara Anderson,
The attached short video was recorded recently at the OSCE Human Rights Conference in Warsaw, Poland. The short video below was from the 2019 OSCE Human Rights Conference. The delegate speaking is a former JW from Kazakhstan, Ergali Abishev, who spoke about the human rights problem of JW’s children who have been sexually abused and the unjust treatment of JW’s by JWs ministers.
There hasn’t been another OSCE Conf. since 2019 because of the Covid pandemic. By the way, when Ergali began to speak at the 2019 conference, the JW’s delegation rose from their seats and left.
About a week before this year’s ten-day OSCE Conference was to start, we heard that Ergali was hoping to attend, but could not afford the expense of travel and staying at a hotel without some assistance. (People in Kazakhstan and other nations in that part of the world are poor but travel and living costs are exceptionally high.)
Recently, Ergali paid court costs in Kazakhstan for four lawsuits filed by other former JWs against the Watchtower for their shunning practices which lawsuits the XJWs won. However, the Watchtower refuses to pay the plaintiffs their court awards, in the $5,000 range, and the government has not backed up the courts.
For Ergali to attend the OSCE Conference it was going to cost him as much as $2,300.00. He only had $800.00 for expenses so Joe and I, through a Russian friend, wired him $1,500. He arrived in Poland last Tuesday and spoke to the delegates last Wednesday about JWs harmful CSA and shunning policies and is hoping to have another opportunity to speak. However, because of the extraordinary European problems in regard to human rights, and with so many attending the conference who also want to speak, it doesn’t look like he will have the opportunity to do so again.
Yesterday, Ergali told us that a member of the Governing Body, Geoffrey Jackson, attended the conference. He said,
“Yes, I saw Jackson at the plenary. He entered the hall 5 minutes before my speech. He did not speak, and immediately after my speech, he disappeared. I really wanted to take a picture with him, since he most likely did not know me. But after my speech, he immediately understood who I was and left.
“The impressions from the conference are very good. An influential human rights activist from Brussels wants to publish the court cases I was involved with in their own publication. Also, the largest anti-sectarian organization in Europe, Fekris, is also interested in what I had to say in my speech. They asked me to join their alliance, but I’ll have to think about whether I should or not.”
Angela Glass, the former JW who takes care of my website, Watchtower Documents, started a Go Fund Me page to see if any folks in the XJW community would like to contribute a few dollars to help with the expenses we incurred to send Ergali to the OSCE conference.
The OSCE conference is regularly supported by the Watchtower where they go to tell their story of persecution because of their beliefs. Now, due to Ergali’s efforts, the other side of the story is getting a hearing. Please listen to Ergali’s speech at the 2019 conference and you’ll appreciate how much excellent information he squeezed into the minutes allowed about JW’s unjust treatment of its own members, especially when a member’s child is molested by a JW. In addition, I’ve attached Ergali’s excellent speech that he delivered last week, September 28, 2022.
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