This page is for Parents or young people to talk about what they have done to adjust to life outside of a Spiritually Abusive situation.

Young ones might say " Why do I have to leave too"? "What about my friends?" "Are we going to die at Armageddon?"

These are tough questions but we need to talk to our young and not so young brothers and sisters that have chosen to leave a religion where they can't question anything or refuse to accept a doctrine.

YOU ARE FREE TO LET IT OUT HERE. We have people on hand who can listen and interact with you. Pray.

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8 Responses to YOUNG PEOPLE TALK

  1. Greg says:


    Greetings and Welcome!!

    From my own personal experience I know how very overwhelming it can be to try to tell one’s story in a way that is personally satisfying. So I’d like to acknowledge and honor your expression here.

    Sometimes it can take every ounce of courage to even speak up and out. Other times it can take every ounce of energy you can find to try and restrain the explosive force behind one’s pain. Whatever you personal experience has been, whatever inner strength you’ve drawn upon, I want to thank you for speaking out here. Breaking the silence is often the first part of healing. Breaking the silence is also usually the first step in breaking any shame and/or fear you might have been carrying. Breaking the silence is a powerful way of beginning to reclaim one’s power, one’s voice, one’s choice, and one’s life.

    I’d also like to encourage you to remember to try to go gently with yourself. Take as much or as little time as YOU want. Use as many or as few words as YOU want. Tell as much or as little as YOU want. The most important thing is that it is YOUR story, told YOUR way, for YOUR reasons, and to YOUR satisfaction.

    One nice thing about telling it on a forum such as this is that you can always add to it as you go, and if it pleases you, you can even request assistance in searching for the most personally satisfying words.

    I’ll be looking forward to hearing YOUR story when you’re ready to share to it.


    • jacqueline says:

      Hi Tasha, I am setting up my google analytics page to track everything. This is so different when someone else did the set up, but I am learning as I go. How do you like the set up? If you use the same email everytime it should approve you automatically now. I will text the sister to say Hi. She has to create a screen name because of her high level position on her job. How is everything going with you? This is a site for all of us and you can post what you want on any tab. If you have a question on a hard Bible question there is a blog for that and one of us will try to answer. LOL We are just starting to use the Bible answers only as we see it clearly saying it. So it might not be a prelearned answer as we are starting from scratch.

    • jacqueline says:

      POOR TASHA, my heart is bleeding for you. Your life has been turned upside down in the last 24 hours. I was so glad Greg and Henry happened to be in a Big Blue Button conference session when you called in distress!!
      I didn’t know what to say or do. You said pray with me please and I advised them of the problem and Greg started praying.
      Your life and the life of your little family is directly in the hands of Jehovah! Tasha Jehovah will help you, cry to him and feel confident that he hears you and will make this disaster in your family work out. If you want to talk remember you can call me. If it is night and you are up hurting, I can be up hurting and praying with you. I really mean this. Love you and all of us including U– the sister that called at the right moment and we merged the conversations. Isn’t that strange when I have been telling you about her for months now? Too many coincidences happened today to not be divine intervention. Good night.

  2. Kelly says:

    My story is a long and painful one, I am trying to let it out
    I soon (hopefully) will tell my story here and the hell I endured
    with this cult

    • jacqueline says:

      Kelly that is okay you do it when you can or get ready. I am just talking to a young person now who is trying to make some sense of her life. How are your siblings doing? Are they still witnesses? What about your parents, have they seen the light? It is interesting to know how the after effects are going, because that is the Post Trauma.
      You telling your story is a first step in total recovery. Sometimes people don’t began recovery until 20-30 years later. So the passing of time means nothing. Talk it out. I happened across your story. When you get the courage to post it a little at a time, others, young ones can see that there is hope and you didn’t perish. Keep talking, because you saw it caught my attention and you can help others as you dig out.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Rebecca Lynn I have a few 17 year old girls that are having a problem and if I could post your story maybe they will start blogging. Could you post here or may I copy your story. This is compelling and shows an Action on your part. Barbara and I are friends and I am trying to help by enlisting male and female counselors and anyone to post. I used to be on the other page for Scientology but needed a place for posters. So here it is. Thank you

    • jacqueline says:

      Rebecca hello and welcome. Your story was just so compelling when I read it. For you to actually take action when you were young is brave! I think it might just help a young one to read it. I didn’t want to copy and paste your story without your permission. I am going to email you now. Take Care and enjoy the site. We have move friends who will be posting article as they get them together under their name. I feel when Leah place the spotlight this November we will need a place to express thoughts and help those that are confused over the issue. Jacqueline (219) 200-8042 the number for this site if you are in the United States

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