Leah Remini Speaks on Jehovah witness Shunning

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  1. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    The video is now on Facebook. Here is the URL

    The sad thing is that these are not isolated cases. My own son is disfellowshipped. He was baptized at 10 years old and when he was 17 started smoking. He also had premarital sex with his now wife. He is 41 now, is still married and has a wonderful son. He does not smoke, drink, I have never heard him utter foul language yet by JW rules I am not to even accept a text message from him. The fortunate thing is that my wife, even though raised as a witness, does not completely shut him off. This is what started me waking up and realizing that this is not Jehovah’s will. I always told my children that no matter what, I would never turn my back on them. I have always been there for them when they needed me. I now have coffee with my son every Sunday morning and if I need him to do something for me he is always there to help, unlike my daughter and her husband who rarely come around. My son in law is an elder and I don’t think he approves of us having association with my son. I told my wife that I will never turn my back on my son. This is what will probably get me disfellowshipped some day. The only reason I have not disassociated now is because of my wife who has severe emotional issues, depression and anxiety, plus the fact that I now have Parkinsons. I leave everything in our Lords hands at this time. I think my wife knows that I don’t drink the cool aid but the subject is not brought up. I go to an occasional meeting just to satisfy her. As I listen to their rhetoric about loyalty to Gods organization I feel total disgust. I feel trapped but after 43 years of marriage I just bite the bullet and tune it out. I just hope that some day my wifes eyes will be opened as well.

    • jacqueline says:

      TedR, I am so glad to hear a father say, “I will never turn against my son”! Within the Jehovah witness organization, most of the men are afraid to stand up for their families against the great destroyers of families, the policies of the governing body. (PS. I write out JW and GB because google will point toward those words initials don’t work as well).
      You do what you have to do as a man to keep your family at peace. Remember the servant that had to bow because he supported the king. He was not worshipping but was in service, no need for him to die when God knew his heart.
      We know although you can’t talk, you are going to be writing the scriptures in the sidebar on the BBB and some great comments to ponder on.
      I have a son that punishes his brothers by withholding association because they deal with me.

      He follows those men but doesn’t realize Jesus and God said to honor your father and mother. It is to grown children, little children obey their father and mother. It does not have an expiration and has a promise with it that I must admit I don’t understand, so much but someone will bring it out.
      I am going on the Thursday night study now. Hope to see you there. It is on the BBB network. Take care of yourself. Parkinson does not need stress.

  2. jacqueline says:

    I am not overwhelmed easily or often. I don’t break easily, but tonight I came close!
    I was not raised under the governing body, but my children and all those on the show were. The evidence presented is enough to open a grand jury investigation.
    Pure evil. I don’t want to read or see a magazine or book or booklet from that entire movement.
    They are “Captives of a Concept” put in place in the 19th century. I am done! Now I will help as many as possible go straight to the Bible only.

  3. jacqueline says:

    I am showing it on the BBB now.

  4. jacqueline says:

    This is the update of the participants on Leah Remini for Tonight at 7PM CST 8 pm EST, 5pm MT. Sent by Barbara Anderson.

    Updated Panel Participants on Leah Remini program on A&E this evening:
    John Cedars/Lloyd Evans https://www.youtube.com/user/johncedars1929
    Nathan Quarry – ExJW apostate ZombieCageFighter http://www.nathanquarry.com/
    ExJW Fifth – Great Youtuber , ex-bethelite. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKL75mqydHevP6iYxXtR5Vg
    Cynthia Hampton – exjw from Downey, CA https://twitter.com/Cynthia90242
    “Shana Banana” (Shana Rubio?) https://twitter.com/Shanaba12288455
    Shannon Rowland – https://twitter.com/wearsalotofhats
    Mat Schmalz, Professor of Theology – https://twitter.com/MathewSchmalz
    Jerry Minor- https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0591576/
    Richard Follis
    Sharon Follis
    Cliff Henderson (AKA “Ex-JW Fifth”)- https://twitter.com/exjwfifth?lang=en
    Mikaysha Soto
    Here are their faces matched up with their names: https://imgur.com/a/TOs0VzY

  5. jacqueline says:

    Kent since a lot of people don’t have A&E and will not be able to view this until later, is there a way we can stream it to BBB from my TV. Like point the camera or something?

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