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Additional Watchtower Quotes

Memorable Watchtower Quotes Watchtower quotes range from amusing, to dishonest and even dangerous. It becomes apparent when scanning through the history of Watchtower writings that there is no special guidance behind the writings. Ironic Quote about Coercion Referring to people … Continue reading

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What is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

We are in it together This article is about theories and studies that we are doing to better understand PTSD.  It is part of a thesis. PTSD can develop in the aftermath of traumatic incidents like combat, sexual abuse, … Continue reading

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The Memorial Celebration

Here is a script of a Memorial service that you can use for your Congregation or little group or even just yourself. Here is the text of the service and the timing for singing and passing out the emblems of … Continue reading

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More Older Watchtower Quotes and Beliefs

Black Skin, Negros and Mixed Races Despite the official end of slavery in America in 1865, the 1800’s were a time of significant prejudice and inequality against African Americans. It was during this time that religions such as the Watch … Continue reading

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Staying Strong Amidst Difficulties -by Marjo

The family is everything. As we know Satan has very little time left. We have seen how far he has gone with his attacks. My family and I had our own experience about his evil ways. In our case, he used … Continue reading

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Ham, Noah and “Uncovering His Nakedness.

Now this is an article with stuff being thrown out there, not facts. Go to the bottom also. This article is being composed, please check back later today to see the results. This is not my idea but a call … Continue reading

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Early Church Was Home Churches

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Who Is That Old Person In The Mirror?- Ecclesiastes 12:1-8

Old age is a gift! Most of our youth was stolen but now we laugh! I am now, probably for the first time in my life, the person I have always wanted to be. Oh, not my body! I sometime … Continue reading

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Letting Go Of Negative Thoughts

“During a Separation from an Abusive situation abusive Religion, or following a divorce, it is so important to start the process of freeing your mind from toxic, negative and unhealthy thoughts. This journey may be painful at first, but there … Continue reading

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Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome In Children

When Parents leave their religion, the reaction of the young ones is often overlooked. So let’s hear some of the things you have done to make it easier on the children to adjust to this new life situation. Children love … Continue reading

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