Borean Pickett Organization Abuse

Please wait for the slow loading of the videos. Thank you. Eric will approach things from an organizational view. He emphasizes NOT TO LEAVE GOD and Jesus, they are your Saviours. It is the organization that takes Jesus's place in your life that is the problem, NOT JEHOVAH OR JESUS.

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  1. on taking Jesus out of the link between us and God and inserting ‘Jehovah’s Organization’:

    I believe there are very rich and Very Jewish men or religion that has been backing the Watchtower religion. Why?

    Obviously now, WT is being run by Jesus haters. They take away the aheep’s shepherd, luring them by way of “Jehovah, the true God”(which even is NOT God’s name. But a false God)

    Most Christian religions would not do this.

    Being that WT operated in NY City, and Trump’s Jewish wealthy son inlaw bought all those last properties…….I am awaiting the evidence WT is not only a pawn for Illuminati type rulership but with a string Jewish left wing radical leadership.

    There was one man, and very large man accompanying one GB leader, and it was impressed on the Bethel folk that THIS MAN had the control not the President.

    Anyway, WT is a cult following GB appointees, not Christ and the Apostles, and these men HATE the Holy Sporit, and Jesus, and although they promote worship of Jehovah, they dont use the name of God.

    Let it be known here as I conclude: I believe as Paul stated in Romans, “all Israel will be saved” and I respect and admire the intelligence of Jews worldwide, but the witness for Christ that is still coming will no doubt turn Jewish religion upside down and the wheat berries will tumble right out.

    • To clarify my statement’WT has made Jehovah a false God’
      Jesus Christ is in center stage in the worship , instruction, judgment, and bringing light into the world. WT has thrown Jesus’ teachings out the window and are preaching a totally different message than the Gospel. So their God Jehovah is not Yahweh of the Bible and Jesus his Son. They have set up a golden call called him ‘Jehovah’

      • jacqueline says:

        Wow, we had a discussion on just this subject. I told a relative I had to leave the association of the kingdom hall teachings to find JESUS!

        The governing body has the same authority as Jesus in the witness organization. His teachings are often in conflict with organization rules and regulations so one has to take a back seat. The governing body has decided it would be Jesus.

        I once mentioned Jesus in a group of witnesses and was corrected that I should say Jehovah not Jesus. Theses were teachings of Jesus. If fact one asked Jesus, Jesus who is that? I think they knew but was questioning why I was putting so much emphasis on his sacrifice and role.
        I was reminded that witnesses are the Jews and as such we are his people. Substitution of the Jews was a new doctrine when Rutherford was alive since the Jews had not gone home by his death in 1942. That world view was that God was finished with the Jews.

        If only he had lived to see 1948. In one day they became a nation! The Jews are Jehovah’s people, he does not lie.

        So this is why they can’t recognize Jesus in his role and the Holy Spirit because they are behaving as the Jews who are in blindness on exactly who Jesus is.

  2. Ted R (Bible Student) says:

    Great suggestion regarding reacting to the child abuse in the organization!
    Jehovah’s Witnesses and Child Sexual Abuse: Why Is the Two-Witness Rule a Red Herring?

  3. jacqueline says:

    Henry this is the section we were discussing where they have dropped Jesus in the chart and have the organization structure as.
    Jehovah, governing body, Circuit overseers, Elders, Ministerial servant, Publisher.

    Those titles and stuff aren’t even in the Bible. The watchtower society like Russell just makes up stuff.
    John the elder that came to my house said God put Adam and Eve out of his earthly organization. I said Adam and Eve; he even shed animal blood and made them clothes that were fitting to properly cover them.
    I told him, we need to stick to the script exactly. I said John he put them out of the garden of Eden there weren’t but 2 people, there was no organization. He said Cain was disfellowshipped from the human family and sent by God away from them. I said what??? he took a member of the human family with him and God protected him by putting a sign on him just the opposite of what you say the organization teaches. The curse was on the ground yielding food for him and from God’s face. Gen. 4:12-18 shows he had a family and a city and was with the human family. Disfellowshipping didn’t exist. I told him, we need to stick to the script exactly. That I don’t just say stuff anymore and makeup stuff as the organization and Russell did.
    Also here is the link to the story of the female Bible Student that left the Bible students.

    It is listed on this page at the top.

  4. jacqueline says:

    Eric is very good at letting friends know what the organization’s problem is. This is not a religion but a corporate structure.

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