Ezekial 36-39: Explanation & Proof Magog is Russia

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  1. jacqueline says:

    Perry Stone has an interesting thought on the Gog mention that I sort of agree with, that although Gog might manifest in a man, It is actually a Prince Demon.

    Gog is seen again in Revelation after 1000 years. Enjoy

  2. Henry says:

    Many people who are following the events of the Russia and the Ukraine war. They are wondering if the Bible says anything about Russia and other countries. YES it does! Read Ezekiel 38th chapter and this article in the link below.
    We\’re living in exciting times! Keep on the watch!

    • jacqueline says:

      Henry, we are indeed living in Bible times!! And it is God’s will that we try to see where we are in the time of the end. So many Christians posting and talking trying to figure it out. So glad we have the freedom to listen to many voices. Exciting times!

      I am fascinated by Jonathan Cahn’s youtube on Trump (et), Israel and how Gog of the land of Magog might be on the move because the Ukraine Jews are going home.
      Also here is another minister that helps those just learning about Gog.

    • jacqueline says:

      Henry so today is Tuesday and 2 weeks into the war in ukraine. It seems things aren’t going exactly as planned but one positive thing is the Jews are going home to Israel.
      Putin is presenting a proposal that if accepted by Ukraine will give him a way to save face and stop the war.
      He wants Ukraine to recognize the areas that are already pro-Russia. Compromise is what you might have to do when neither party is winning.
      Our thing is to see where is Jehovah-God in all this and I for one think it is the Jews!!!
      They had a huge population still in Ukraine. Now with the over 6 million in New York, I wonder if they will be called to go home also.
      These are exciting times indeed.

  3. jacqueline says:

    Wait for the video to load. It is a very accurate Biblical explanation using maps to show quite a bit about Israel and its future events.

    You can’t understand Ezekial 36-38 if you believe that the watchtower society is the Jews mentioned.
    If you believe the valley of Dry bones was Rutherford and his organization in 1919.


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