Let’s Talk About The Jews In Ukraine (open discussion)

“I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” — God, Genesis 12:3, KJV. This verse is one of the most searched online dealing with God's promise to Abraham.
Jeremiah 16:15-17
15Instead they will say, ‘As surely as the LORD lives, who brought the Israelites up out of the land of the north and all the other lands to which He had banished them.’ For I will return them to their land that I gave to their forefathers. 16But for now I will send for many fishermen, declares the LORD, and they will catch them. After that I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them down on every mountain and hill, even from the clefts of the rocks. 17For My eyes are on all their ways. They are not hidden from My face, and their guilt is not concealed from My eyes.…

Thus said the Lord God: ...you, O mountains of Israel, shall yield your produce and bear your fruit for My people Israel, for their return is near. For I will care for you: I will turn to you, and you shall be tilled and sown. I will settle a large population on you, the whole House of Israel; the towns shall be resettled, and the ruined sites rebuilt. I will multiply men and beasts upon you, and they shall increase and be fertile, and I will resettle you as you were formerly, and will make you more prosperous than you were at first. And you shall know that I am the Lord. I will lead... My people Israel to you, and they shall possess you. You shall be their heritage, and you shall not again cause them to be bereaved. (Ezek. 36:8-12)

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  1. jacqueline says:

    This is a youtube video, it gives us an overview of the Jews in Ukraine. Enjoy


  2. jacqueline says:

    So many are worried about Ukraine. Once persons on Thursday night Study revealed the Jewishness of Ukraine, I finally understood why I had a gut feeling it was about Israel, not Ukraine. God’s word is just fulfilling.

    The Jews are going HOME!! Jehovah said they would. Our fellow believers in Christ, the Jews have realized they aren’t safe and they are going Home.

    Benny Hinn came across on my feed although I have never listened to him, I believed I should hear what he had to say. I don’t endorse, I just write what I hear.

    And I was shocked to hear what he discerned from the scriptures like so many more of us.

    God is not finished with Israel! Listen to this Jewish preacher explain it. Enjoy and decide for yourself.


  3. jacqueline says:

    Could we be seeing God Jehovah moving the King in place on the Chessboard to put hooks in the jaws and lead Gog to the mountains of Israel? Judge for yourself. Click the link below and Enjoy.

    Ezekial 38:4 “I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws, and bring you out with all your army, including horses and riders, who are all splendidly dressed, a huge assembly armed with large and small shields, all of them brandishing swords.”


    • traveler says:

      Reading over the opening scriptures you realize that those of right frame of mind as Paul pointed out was necessary to be a true/only way to be a Jew is also the requirement to be one of the Israelites. There is no mention of the \”nation\” or political group.

      (Matthew 21:43) . . .The kingdom of God will be taken from YOU and be given to a NATION producing its fruits. . .

      (Matthew 24:14) . . .And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to ALL the nations; and then the end will come.

      Again Jesus presented himself as king to the \”Nation\” of Israel and was rejected. We all know these events, and that the cornerstone was rejected. We know that Jesus is the king and this is over heaven and earth. He brings \”all\” authorities and governments to an end. He called the Jews out of the old nation and formed a new nation. The fact that \”Christians\” still look to, as Jesus put it, \”the synagogue of Satan\” is one of the strangest ideas I\’ve ever run into.

      (Revelation 2:9) . . .I know your tribulation and poverty—but you are rich—and the blasphemy by those who say they themselves are Jews, and yet they are not but are a synagogue of Satan.

      God’s people are to be built into houses, mansions, a temple, a house of God, and New Jerusalem. Abraham’s offspring have already inherited the earth. Jesus was an offspring of Abraham and through this inherited the earth, and he also inherited rulership over the heavens through his Father. He will return and do away with all governments and authorities, establishing his nation on earth. Keep your eye on the unseen thing, not the physical earth.

      Looking forward to your response, I know where you’re going to try to go with this train of thought but take it one “step” at a time and there is only one conclusion, as I said I’ve gone through this many times with others. I know it sounds strange, what else could set you free from the world except something not of this world.

  4. jacqueline says:

    Jehovah might be speeding it up in his own time.

    He is sending out the hunters to push the Jews home. I might be wrong but this is the only way I can get this to make sense.

    …15Instead they will say, ‘As surely as the LORD lives, who brought the Israelites up out of the land of the north and all the other lands to which He had banished them.’ For I will return them to their land that I gave to their forefathers. 16But for now I will send for many fishermen, declares the LORD, and they will catch them. After that I will send for many hunters, and they will hunt them down on every mountain and hill, even from the clefts of the rocks. 17For My eyes are on all their ways. They are not hidden from My face, and their guilt is not concealed from My eyes.…

    • traveler says:

      Israelites? The Israelites, offspring of Abraham, the sons of Israel, the coming messiah, all references to frame of mind in a certain people among a large population of non-Jews. Those under Yahweh’s influence heard Jesus and those in that kingdom left with him as is clearly pointed out. It seems incredible that so simple a train of thought could be covered over by so many. Adam and Eve lost their frame of mind, Jesus tells us how to regain it now that he affords us reconciliation with our Father. Why do people continue to look at this political organization as a possible representative of God. Jesus in his own words said these are not Jews. We will inherit the earth as the holy ground that was given. The “new Jerusalem” will be established over a new nation. Jesus gave us the power to reason with a new force actuating our mind, use it. War and rumors of war, this old world and its order wiped away, after. If we are no part of the world, that’s the exact point.The nation of Israel is still very much a part, as it was when it murdered the Messiah, and to this day denies it, as foretold. Sorry Jacqueline we’d like to be helpful where we can but this fact of who really is a Jew should be on the beginning trainer for every person wanting to make progress to become a ” footstep” follower of Jesus. The man, or the nation that murders your child, son, in front of you and never repents probably would lose your favor don’t you think. This system/world order will as foretold come to its end in failure and destruction without God’s help. If God ends it before the answer to the question of , can we find a path to life without God as satan suggested to Eve, then the question might have to be entertained again in the future. The Bible has a very simple order, if you just start from the beginning in the Garden and our fall as humanity and follow it to our return to the garden and an approved frame of mind. I mean no disrespect to anyone out there but pencil and note paper help. Always start from loss of approved frame of mind and follow frame of mind down though those few called God’s people/Abraham’s offspring/sons of Israel (not Israelites)/true Jews/ footstep followers/twelve tribes/less than twelve tribes/you and the rest of us now part of tribes/new nation/return to God in the Garden. We may have missed a few things but that’s basically the order/

      • traveler says:

        Sorry Abraham’s offspring are Isrealites as a people, but not a nation.

      • jacqueline says:

        Hi Traveler this is a post I will answer you back on. I had a huge job today from 6 AM to 4 PM and I got to just chill out until tomorrow and get scriptures to show why my thought pattern is different of The Nation of Israel and a Natural born Jews dispersed.
        Take Care oh and by the way, nobody murdered Jesus, He gave up his life as a ransom for all. He could have hung up there for a few more thousand years. But it was FINISHED! And he gave his life.

        • traveler says:

          Thanks, you are right no one murdered Jesus. murder was just the illustration although if Jesus had not given up life he would not have fulfilled his fathers will and would as Adam did die within that very day. There was no allowance for perfect or imperfect man to live on. I look forward to your thoughts on Jews. Paul made it clear in Romans that he realized that he had brothers in the flesh, who still had the chance to cross over and become Jews/right frame of mind, if they called on the name of Jesus as their messiah. Jesus made clear if the did not they were not Jews. Enjoy you rest you’ve earned it.

        • traveler says:

          Hi jacqueline, I worried all day about this attempt to respond. I see that you are a singular mind that stands out. I’ve been through this train of thought with several priest, members of the nation of Israel, witness’s, and any number of times with lay people and it always comes out the same. the nation of Israel is a political organization to represent the sons of Israel, only constituted by a very few when Jesus came of age. He gave the nation a chance to continue representing God’s people and they rejected him. This made it necessary to form a “new” nation to represent the 12 tribes or at least those that were left to God. Paul who thought he was the foremost of the Jew’s had to be stopped by a miracle to realize he had not been one of God’s people, an offspring of Abraham. He too did not understand until this event made him realize, you can not be born a son of Israel, an offspring of Abraham, a Jew. The twelve tribes, the promised land restored, Jerusalem rebuilt all have to do with Jesus and his followers who were scattered, not those who rejected him. you are busy and it will not bother me if you do not respond although as I said you seem to have a singular mind so, as you will.

          • Jacqueline says:

            Okay Traveler, thank you for letting me know you have heard why we feel that Jehovah does not lie and has not dropped his wife. All nations of the earth will be blessed by the Nation of Israel in the future when they accept Christ.
            So, I can stop getting together my info because I have nothing more to offer than all of the esteemed fellow Brothers in Christ that you have spoken to. I agree with them, I am sure.
            I don’t try to convince anyone as I believe people need to do their own research and pray to Jehovah to give them the help of the Holy Spirit. You take care of yourself.

            • traveler says:

              oh sorry you miss read me. \”new nation\”, I was just saying that beyond that statement there is no connection to the old nation of Israel. I was just worried because I\’ve seen so many attempts to reconnect the nation of Israel with God\’s people, Jesus and his followers. New nation, old one rejected by your king. Anyway on another note.

              We were setting in a coffee shop just off campus getting wired for the drive home. There were two young men next to us talking about family and the way in which we interrelate depending on the culture and religion we were raised in. There are many Muslims in this coffee shop, mostly driving New fast cars. So the conversation of our two young men gets to Jesus which I think probably was the point from one side. The slightly older young man states he believes in God because he\’s had personal experiences with him. It only took a couple of minutes before it was almost impossible not to jump in. Older party says \” the holy spirit has shown me things\”, \”he\” was sent by Jesus.\” Now I think we\’ve read the history of the theory of the trinity and understand that it\’s a matter of fact, it is not in the Bible on this site. But this young man was right, he had interacted with the holy spirit, or more precisely it interacted with him. I can\’t help but notice the \”in\” in interacted. Yep couldn\’t help myself and started with the history of the theory of the trinity and finished with adoption by our Father and what a special link/connection it is to receive the adoptive spirit and its increased mental capacity. There\’s that \”in\” again. So of course you explain how a question can be in a reality, that these two believe is completely in the control by an almighty God. It\’s getting easy now. No beginning is a new frontier for most, and frightening in its first glimpse. Young man #2: \”So if God can be bound, how about miracles?\” You probably already know this one right? \”If the nature of the original question is changed then God can act. He wiped out the Nephilim.\” If man asks for as in the tablets or kings, or the big disaster, the law, God can give even against his better judgment. Don\’t doubt for a minute, Satan was way ahead in the giving of inspired expression. So, in the end we sent the two young men to their college educated minister or priest to learn about the holy spirit \”it. and hopefully to learn of a whole new appreciation for the gifts from our Father. Yep carried on through in the twinkling and how the hope that was secured by Jesus\’ death and return through the resurrection process to life, affects us. Us who are now alive as a new creation. Interesting how much ground you can share \”over\” a cup of coffee, be sure to get the 16oz. Just wanted to share. Love your brother and sister , the travelers.

  5. jacqueline says:

    Wow! I learned something I feel is important to share about UKRAINE! It is all about the JEWS??

    They have the 2nd largest population of Jews! They got to go home!

    Their leader is Jewish, his whole family was murdered in the holocaust, I didn’t know this.

    Our Jews need to go home to Israel where their and our God and Father can protect them.

    I will pray for the Jews not yet home that they can start their journey now that they are surrounded on all sides.

    We Christians are on our knees asking the Father to get you safely on planes by foot to neighboring countries or wherever until they can get home to Israel!

    “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” — God, Genesis 12:3, KJV.

    AMEN and AMEN!

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