Matthew 24 A Jewish Perspective

Matthew 24 and Mark 13 seems to be talking about the same thing with just a few Disciples. Luke 21 is different it seems. Enjoy and make your own decisions.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Derek Prince and his analogy on Matt. 24 and the horsemen of Revelation. Enjoy!

    • jacqueline says:

      I admit I don’t agree with his analogy of the White horse of Revelation. I believe it is a false church kingdom like the papacy system that began to ride during the early centuries of Christianity.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    What type of power shaking is this in heaven at Matt 24:29?

    Is satan and the Angels kicked out and know they now have a short time?

  3. Lee Anthony says:

    I have set up a YouTube channel and linked it to my site, if ever there is a reason to place anything there it can be done. I have learned to take the audio and post it without video to play on YouTube. Not sure what I or we could do with video but I have a video thing that is part of my audio podcast plug-in as well but youtube is very popular so perhaps it may help reach more people. Here is the link…

    • jacqueline says:

      That’s great. I linked our zoom to my youtube channel but have never used it but a minute. YouTube is a much larger audience and I think that is the way to go in the future.

  4. jacqueline says:

    Revelation 18, the fall of Babylon, fits the fall of the Economy that also took down the Church systems.

    It seems we are moving fast and we are seeing the Fall of the Economy system which includes all aspects of the money-making process. Religion is just a small part of it but significant. The individual people are on the news interviews lamented that the sales of goods are over because of Covid-19.

    Those institutions and governments that are killing God’s people by beheading such as Nigeria this year who are killing all the Christian children will be gone soon now.

    We are further along I think than we know.

  5. jacqueline says:

    The timeline of the Tribulation. The sixth seal makes sense now.I like to present the Jewish thinking on things also. Enjoy
    Part 1
    Part 2
    part 3

  6. jacqueline says:

    The Jewish view of this text, helps us understand it today. Enjoy and decide.

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