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THIS IS MY STORY: by Lee Anthony

“Note: My background is not just in Bible study, but I am qualified from personal experience and on the job training from working with those having substance abuse issues to answer questions and give counsel to anyone suffering from the affliction of addiction whether it be you personally or someone close to you. This is part of my ministry in my walk with Christ.”




I began my Christian walk in 2009. Prior to my conversion and baptism, I was in no way shape or form a Christian. I did not meet Jehovah’s witnesses until mid-2012, this was during a three-year period that I will describe as a sabbatical. I spent 8 or so hours a day during the week reading, studying, attending Christian meetings and studies, listening to radio programs, watching t.v. programs, even writing letters to ministries asking for information. I spent most of my time during this period searching for the right church. I figured there had to be a church somewhere who had it all right, who knew love and unity as taught in scripture. Before I start, I will go back to before 2009 for a little more background information.

I was involved in alcohol and substance abuse all my life. I was selfish and did not treat others well at all. I was arrested on occasion and did some time in different types of institutions because of drug use and other activities. I began my spiritual walk at around 13 years old when I became interested in an involved with witchcraft. This was how I identified myself for the next decade and a few years thereafter. In 2006 I studied some and took on some forms of eastern religion as well, Taoism and some Zen Buddhist type stuff. I mixed religions for a few years, always being close to but still far from Christ as I always ended up with at least one friend who was a Christian and I learned some here and there but never could accept the idea of God or Christ and the bible being a book from God. In 2009 I hit rock bottom and ended up losing everything and had nowhere to turn. I read a book by a former Rock star turned Christian, it happened to be my favorite metal band, and something about the story set me to searching and I began attending a small bible study group. I listened yet never said much and stayed away during the prayers. This went on for about 2 months 2 times a week, and I finally started to read the bible and ask questions. I read more testimonial type books and talked to my grandfather some about things as my grandparents were always churchgoing Christians. Very good loving and forgiving people, always taking us grandkids to church as children. I don’t remember the day or what exactly moved me to do so but I decided one day while reading that this God was real. Jesus was historically real, I could not find evidence to the contrary and somehow it all started to make sense. I dedicated myself to do whatever I had to do to serve Jesus right then and there. I attended the meeting that week and told them I was ready to give up my old life, I was baptized the next week, this was around November or so of 2009. That is when I began my three-year search for truth.

I began with the Rapturists, moved on to Baptist, Pentecostal, numerous non- denominational groups, and even into Adventist and other 7th day groups like the living church of God and followers of Armstrong. I found very little in the way of what Jesus taught but did take bits and pieces of each that seemed to fit with scripture and discarded the rest. I read into and studied with Greek lexicon and Hebrew word study bibles, I figured English was not the best way to understand the Bible as so much is lost in translation as I learned some Spanish and French and realized that translating one language to another is not word for word and not really all that simple. The reason I began my study with Witnesses is because many of the things they were teaching I already had come to believe on my own journey. The trinity was false, hell was not a burning place of torment for mankind, the soul and death were not as taught in mainstream Christianity and Jesus was the Son of God and not God himself. That was the tipping point for me, as I believed in a sort of duality, as God and Jesus are one, but the Holy Spirit is not God. This is a rare teaching I found, and one taught by followers of Armstrong, and to me made sense yet I found it to be false according to further scriptural examination. I was drawn to witnesses because of these basic teachings and began attending meetings with them and started a bible study with an Elder in 2012. I was finishing up school at the time, which is what I did during my Sabbatical, and I decided to become a witness since they seemed to be what I had been looking for those past few years. At this point I had already made all the necessary changes that were required by J.W.s, I was clean, I was not involved in any relationships, I had quit smoking and drugs etc. in 09, I cleaned up my language and had moved hours away from home, so I was no longer around old friends. I was not involved in politics at all nor did I celebrate holidays, this was easy as my old religions all my life did not do Christmas or anything. I only had to give up Halloween, a pagan holiday from my past and I had to accept the faithful slave teaching and that I had to be baptized again. I decided this was easy and put it to the side and went ahead and did it. I moved in early 2013 up to the City area 4 hours from home and started attending the local kingdom hall and I went to work doing Landscaping, something I had gone to school for when I was 19 and never really got into. I had just finished culinary arts, had my certification and decided not to even use it, but after my baptism in November of 2013, just 8 months after joining the J.W.s as an unbaptized publisher, I began auxiliary pioneering and because full-time work got in the way of preaching and helping at the kingdom hall, seasonal work fit the bill. Six months after baptism, which is how long they made us wait, I started pioneering, a.k.a. the full-time ministry. This involved 70 hours minimum per month of preaching, and I was also being trained to be a servant in the Kingdom Hall. I already had my own meeting days for service and was giving talks and doing the literature servant position as I had all the time I needed to do these things. I was working a job for a drug rehab center that gave me free rent in a studio as part of my pay and I had started my own mowing business so that I had more time for the J.W.s. Both jobs gave me a lot of freedom as I set my own schedule for one and I was required to only be available during certain time periods each week for the other. Having so much responsibility helped me maintain my focus and stay clean, as did working with those who had substance abuse problems.

I pioneered for 2 years, and It was during this period that I met my wife and we began dating and decided to get married. She had two children, one of which was still living at home with her, so this was a new responsibility for me, one that I knew would involve me stepping down from my pioneering sooner rather than later. I had already had some doubts about how things were handled with me at the hall. I did not quite accept the faithful slave teaching and some of the constant changes that were made but I kept this all to myself. I began drinking again on a nightly basis and this became a habit that would get worse later. I had to change my live-in job at the rehab center not only because I had started drinking more again but because I lived in a one-room apartment on the grounds of the center itself and outside people were of course not allowed to live with me. After I was married I moved with my new family to another kingdom hall in a low- income neighborhood that was not exactly safe. It was during this time I began to see things were strange at the meetings, I was not treated the same in the new hall, I had no responsibilities and was expected to start over, I did not like this and I started to stay home from service and was depressed, I stopped pioneering and we decided to move and start over in a smaller safer place. I got a job close to my old home, a few hours away in a rural area. A local elder offered me a position that was hard to turn down as it was a part-time job that paid full-time wages. We moved to this new small area with a small hall and they put me to work and I liked the way things were for a little while. Not long after, along came my son. At the time I had been struggling with alcohol and other problems again cause of the depression I had gone through. They took me and reprimanded me and stripped me of all my privileges at the hall. That is when I began to question things, they treated my wife badly when I stopped attending meetings, love was not shown and after my second meeting with the elders, I decided I would never attend the hall again. I had already begun researching the J.W. history, something I would never have done before, I read books by Franz and found the friends of J.W. site and contacted Greg and Jacqueline. During this period my wife and I had a really hard time as she was still an active witness pioneer, and she had just had our son and things were not well. She persecuted me, and I patiently tried to show her using the watchtowers own literature that the J.W.’s were wrong. It took some time but with the publications and the way her and my oldest son were treated at the hall she finally realized the love found there was conditional. She attended a bible student convention with me and met Jacqueline and this is where she really began to see things differently. She stopped meetings around this time and we started all over spiritually. I kept searching, she became a baptized bible student, but I would not be baptized again. I started slowly getting things back in order. I rebuilt my business and bought a home in a small area away from the hall and went from J.W. to bible student to free thinking Christian. My wife is now also seeing some flaws with the Bible Student Movement as well, as many follow a man and that man is not Jesus. I am essentially right where I began with one difference. I am no longer searching for the truth, I found it in Jesus, and I know the church. They are everywhere, they are revealed by their fruits, and the love they show, not by the knowledge they have or the group they are part of. I am truly a student of the Bible now and as I have always done and learned, I will stick to Christ and not stray from his word. Scripture interprets scripture and prophecy is of no private interpretation. I must live by every word of God and, I must keep my eye on the footsteps in front of me. Jesus gives me the eyes to see where he has walked ahead of me and Its up to me to stay on the path without detour.

I would be willing to talk to others and together search the scriptures for help and support.

Thank you

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  1. Lee Anthony says:

    For zoom I can do one on one as long as I want on mine, and groups on yours. The recording for the podcast is to a separate program that is good for under an hour each time. Do you want Saturday recorded?

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee. Get in touch with Henry on that. He said he is coming on very early to set up. So maybe you should be the sign in tonight instead of me. I need to text you the new sign in credentials and you guys can line up your show tonight. He invited more people.

      • jacqueline says:

        Lee Dave also is having a presentation on the Jews shown on Thursday so that is another platform. So you and I need to get together to see about streaming live sometimes and see what you need to do this. Can we stream to the ask Jacqueline website to be seen there or maybe to be seen on facebook? Just a thought. Look for the new credentials for opening the zoom in your text message.
        BTW: A little member of my family is sick. Please pray for him.

  2. Lee Anthony says:

    I believe personally that most of us will remain through a lotta mess, until the coming of the Lord as it states. Corinthians explains it as does Thess that those who remain until the coming will be changed, to me it doesn’t matter wether anyone is in heaven or on earth, what matters Is that they who are changed will always be with the Lord. Plain scripture states it as so, wether we are in the air, in heaven, we know it says change will occur to another body. One could question this and many do, the idea that most hold is that they go to a heavenly home comes from Corinthians I think:

    44 It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body and there is also a spiritual body.
    45 So also it is written, “The first man, Adam, became a living soul.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.
    46 However that which is spiritual isn’t first, but that which is natural, then that which is spiritual.
    47 The first man is of the eretz, made of dust. The second man is the Lord from heaven.
    48 As is the one made of dust, such are those who are also made of dust; and as is the heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly.
    49 As we have borne the image of those made of dust, let’s also bear the image of the heavenly.
    50 ¶ Now I say this, brothers, that flesh and blood can’t inherit the Kingdom of God; neither does corruption inherit incorruption.

    It also comes from the words of Yeshua when speaking of treasures in heaven, the dwelling being heavenly and the hope. I know this, we will be where we are SUPPOSED to be and that’s what matters. A big reason I want to discuss different views on the podcast is that it opens up the door for thinking outside the box, that there could be another way other than what others have held to for so long. I plan on starting with the last trumpet and the coming of the Lord, this topic has some unique views for sure, I plan on only speaking on 2 maybe 3.

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee, you need the password to the zoom to tape longer don’t you?

      Saturday I will ask Henry to pause the special documentary that applies to what you are doing as a regular ordinary Christian not an ordained this and that.
      Saturday will lift you dear ones up when you see others have watched the “unchurched” none building.
      I actually wrote this author and gave our website with an explanation and he came on here because one video had to come down because of copyright infringement. You and Ted will be encouraged.

    • jacqueline says:

      PS. Lee Anthony. I will be willing to be with you in discussing the deep things of Christ when you post the podcast. It needs to more on to deep Podcasts.
      There is so many more voices out there and hopefully some that come on the site will comment and say what they see the Bible saying to them. They have Holy Spirit too.

  3. Lee Anthony says:

    I have heard that we must all die and that even death of the remaining members of the body is the indicator of the end of the age and all will pass off the scene (Die) before things go very bad for everyone else. I have also heard another view that the so called rule in Hebrews that it is appointed for all men to die then the judgement, this is said to imply that ALL must taste death. Is this a rule or a speculative interpretation that has been interpolated to imply this is a RULE….. ( Not sure if that is correct English but it makes me sound smart like all the writers and scholars I read) ? 1cor 1:27)

    Here is the scriptural evidence contrary to this viewpoint, one that In Heb 11:5) it clearly states that Enoch did not see death, and also Elijah taken up into the whirlwind. See also 1 Cor 15:51-52) It says we will not all sleep but we will be changed…. In 1 thess 4:15) it states also that those who are alive and remain at his coming….. I don’t think that the everyone must die is a popular, view but it is one that exists and it is one that, from what I can tell makes little scriptural sense. It seems clear that death is not a must for everyone, but a change certainly is to enter the heavenly places so the need to be born again does not mean you must die and the putting on of the new body may simply be the old one changing, and God can handle that I would imagine.

    Is the joining of the Lord in the air something that is a touchy subject? Rapture…Rapture. Rapture… Icky word, that’s why no one likes to discuss what happens here cause of this doctrine, but does it have place in scripture? Perhaps the word itself doesn’t , rapture…. how about something different, Spontaneous metamorphosis…. Whatever we call it there is a time when those who remain in the flesh are suddenly in the twinkling of an eye at the final trumpet changed into a spiritual body to then meet the Lord in the air…. Hmm…. A Sudden transformative reconditioning… I like that one…

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee, a “snatching away”, (Harpazul)is what Thessalonians was speaking of it is sudden, imminent without warning. We have definite warnings about the second return of Christ, knowing that it is imminent. But not so the “snatching away” commonly referred to as the rapture.
      I also notice that Jesus is possibly on his way down and they and those already dead in Christ meet him in the air. There is no mention of them going to heaven but they are changed to a glorified body. And come right back with him. I don’t see that they go to heaven at this time at all.
      If you plant a seed of wheat it produces at least three parts that makes flour and other products from the different parts.
      But we are not a kernel of wheat so this represents something. John 12:24 “Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

      Jesus said they would be where he is and he is on earth to rule.
      Rev 5:10 “10 You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on the earth.”
      Jesus’ glorified body had different properties to it. He could go through a door, eat and float plus change the look.

      I personally would like to be here with my family at least when all the carnage occurs before He arrives. I want to comfort them if they don’t know what is happening. But Rahab was with her family, Abraham had his (Lot).

      Where does it say in the Bible that Christians go to heaven before Christ reigns on earth for the thousand years?
      And what are they doing there with him down here and Jehovah also in Rev 21?

      Some make up the story that the 24 elders that sit around God’s throne represent the Saints but the whole scenario shows they are always there. So are other living creatures. These are around God’s throne when the Lamb comes forward to open the seals. John didn’t think they were him and the apostles in death. Just trying to think it through like you Lee Anthony.

      Revelation is easier to digest if we drop long-held doctrine, not allegorize and keep the text clean.

  4. Lee Anthony says:

    I find it of interest that the book of life is mentioned in OT as well so this is not a new thought. I want to add some thoughts from the viewpoint of those called futurists, they believe in a consistent literal interpretation of scripture without having to constantly allegorize of spiritualize everything. They say that because Yeshua literally fulfilled prophecies at his 1st coming and other prophecies have been as well that this is a consistent view for other fulfillments. Yeshua is our pattern when viewing bodily resurrection, he was here on earth and appeared to those whom he chose in bodily form, they touched him and he ate with them, etc.. It is added that in Matthew 27:51-55) that many of the saints are raised after his resurrection and are seen by some in the city. This is often taken as spiritual or explained away as JW’s do that this was not a resurrection at all, since Dan 12:1 seems to be, according to some, the only possible raising of the OT saints. Must we be so dogmatic?
    Another interesting resurrection happens in Rev. 11:8-13) the two witnesses, this is of course said by many to not actually be people during a specific time but instead They are called the Old and new testaments and some other “interpretations “ I have heard. Why not take this as it reads? Must we change it? To fit our doctrines yes it would be necessary to do so in order to make the rest of the teachings line up. We know one thing, They are called prophets, and it would seem to me that they have an important message for those living at this time as God does nothing without first revealing it to his servants the prophets. Amos 3:7) I know there is different explanations of them based on Zech 4 and Rev. 1 and there could very well be more to it, and to them, however the scripture is clear that they are prophets wether they are two anointed men or two anointed assemblies they are prophets giving a message from God that the world dislikes and God raises them in front of the entire world for all to see. No matter the view one may take it is easy to agree on one thing, that the Bible has had prophecies fulfilled that we can see as having been spot on and literal as it can get. It stands to reason that much of what we know to have been fulfilled has all happened with an accuracy that most of us could not even get right when writing about history let alone the future so trusting in and relying on the Bible is certainly something we should take comfort in.

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee Anthony, I tend to believe also that because Jesus 1st coming was literal and the things to identify him was real, that it is that way for his second coming.
      The first religions that say he has come already over 100 years ago have a problem with Revelation because it flys in the face of everything they teach about Jesus second coming.

      The book of life. I could see every person being in it when they are born because Jehovah put before man life. Then the Lamb has the redemption and the Bible mentions the Lamb’s book of life. I tend to not add to Revelation myself because of the fact Jesus said not too and I find it is very precise and little words are accurate. We might not understand the difference in these but He would have said the Lamb’s book of life if He meant it.
      It is just so refreshing to be able to look at the Bible with fresh eyes since most on this site were only exposed to the teaching of a few or one man’s thoughts.

  5. Lee Anthony says:

    It seems especially important not to add to or take from revelation. God has said this before speaking of his law and commands, Deuteronomy 4:1-2) Deut. 12:32) Josh 1:7) Prov. 30:6) just to name a few straight forward verses… Anytime we add to or take from Gods word we walk dangerous ground. Satan did this very thing speaking to eve and he has twisted scripture often even when speaking to Yeshua… While it may be good to study and to try and understand scripture, it is never good to teach others doctrines that we ourselves cannot show directly from scripture, the Bible interprets itself and at times not understanding things is not always bad. The resurrection is a subject of importance however formulating a teaching like JW’s for example they have a fanciful story about the 1000 years and shiny happy people riding tigers and feeding carrots to wolves with Hitler and friends. Well we don’t have a clear picture of these things but we do have enough information to know there will be a resurrection of life and of judgement, one will be a better one, as for the rest it seems nice for some teachers to change the timing in Rev. 20 and state that after satan is thrown into Lake of fire that the next few verses go back in time but a careful reading seems to simply carry on from after satan in verse 10 to next the judgement and these ones are judged as Yeshua said according to their works, verse 11-12, it seems that since those not found in the book then follow satan into the fire that they were not found worthy of life, verse 15. Why if verses 1-10 follow a time just before the 1000 years to a time just after would verses 11-15 suddenly jump back in time? Sometimes like in Genesis we do go back in time and fill in more info however here in these verses it flows so clearly in one direction that unfortunately one would find difficulty in changing the intention of the writer. If resurrection happens during 1000 years why must it be “this resurrection “? The day of judgement is taught to be this period because of the 1000 years as a day, but is this the Rev 20 judgement? It’s nice to have these doctrines all together in order with everything all figured out but there are many holes and it’s not so bad to say “I may not have it all right after all”….

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee Anthony, Wow! We really saw the Holy Spirit in action last night. Daniel wanted to know but God told him no, go on with your life and lay down with your fathers. So 100 years ago no man could have understood Revelation, the TV wasn’t even invented nor the Internet which allows us to see what John said he actually SAW. No allegory but he saw these actual things happening. COVID-19 is showing us that the plague can kill 1/4 of humanity.
      The one issue of some saying Revelation goes back is that it is a scroll not even divided in verses but moving forward and Jesus tells us not to mess with it by adding or taking away from what s said.
      But to hear the thought that the first Rising is a blessed Holy rising and being first as in better and not the only ones during the thousand years. It’s just that second death has no hold on them. Now I can harmonize this. Thanks for that. The rulers with Christ during the thousand years have proven faithful even under sin.
      So now I can see others of mankind coming to life after this in the 1,000 years, dear loved ones and friends.
      The Great Throne judgment of Rev.20:11-15 seems to be a different kind of judgment of all of mankind. Some say that is the lamb’s book of life (Rev 21:27, Rev 13:8) but it actually says the book of life.The book of Life could have been open since our births but the Lambs book is by redemption, maybe.
      But it does show that all of mankind will have to be judged individually not as a herd or a part of an organization or have to follow one man that s declared an angel of God in Revelation.
      I am looking forward to next week. All born have the same opportunity at birth in that book of life then to stand before “HIM ONLY” to be judged is comforting because some men send people to the lake of fire ina minute.
      If you don’t use types and antitypes, plus categories for everything then you can began to understand Revelation.

  6. Lee Anthony says:

    I got your message, working this morning, having lunch now. Will post later on what we were talking about, if you want to speak on it I will add my thoughts also? The study was interesting and we should get deeper into next week.

  7. Lee Anthony says:

    A topic of interest:
    Can Gods word be simple? As in can we rely on what the Bible says on a subject such as the resurrection in the plain statements which it appears. Not all of the Bible is so straightforward, however usually we are told clearly when something is symbolic, like the menorahs aka lamp stands in revelation. With this subject we see that in Daniel it is clearly stated that “Many of those who sleep in the dust of the eretz shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt”. Yeshua says this “Don’t marvel at this, for the hour comes, in which all that are in the tombs will hear his voice,
    and will come out; those who have done good, to the resurrection of life; and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of judgment.

    I want to present a widely held view of the different resurrections though it may be one that is not known by most of us here because of our backgrounds. I want to state 1st that this is not my own view of the topic but one I think is important to consider because of the wide acceptance, however I will say that I do find most of this information to be quite sensible and seems to have scripture interpreting scripture more so than any one person giving their interpretation of scripture.

    1st in 1cor. 15:20,23) Yeshua in the 1st fruits of the 1st resurrection, a pattern for the rest of the first fruits.

    2nd it is held that select saints are resurrected along with or shortly after Yeshua. (Matt. 27:50-53) Yeshua cried again with a loud voice, and yielded up his spirit.
    Behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from the top to the bottom. The eretz quaked and the rocks were split. The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the holy ones who had fallen asleep were raised; and coming out of the tombs after his resurrection, they entered into the holy city and appeared to many.
    (You will find no shortage of explanations for these verses.)

    Next we have what is commonly called the rapture, In 1 for. 15:51 it says we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, Keep in mind he says not ALL shall SLEEP, or not all will die but WILL be changed. This is repeated in 1 Thess 4:14-17) it says we who are alive and remain till the coming will not proceed those who are dead. So it is said that the dead in Christ rise first at his coming and then those who are alive ( NOTE some will be ALIVE on earth) will then change. CONSIDER WHAT THIS MEANS FOR SOME EXPLANATIONS) it is repeated in vs. 17. The timing says ”at the trump of God” and in Corinthians 15:52 it says ”the last trumpet.” So we have a specific time, it is the last trumpet. These dead are those who are to take on spirit bodies and put on incorruption. So it seems to imply the 1st resurrection that Paul spoke of attaining.

    As for the rest, those who are to be judged who are NOT found written in the book of life will be during the Great white throne judgement which happens after the kingdom of God on earth. Rev. 20:11-15) Key points for this include the timing of when the last enemy death is dealt with. 1 for. 15:25-28) Death is said to be the last enemy to be destroyed, something that for those in earthly bodies still have to deal with. Rev 20:11-15) Hades gives up the dead to be judged each according to their works, not on the merit of sacrifice but on works… key point, though it implies the book of life is also opened it does not say any of these are found written in it, but it does say that those NOT found written in it are cast into the lake, it seems to imply that there may be some that are written in the book of life, however they are said to be judged by their works, not on the law or on any sacrifices made, so you Decide. One cannot say but it is assumed by many that this is the resurrection of judgement that is spoken of by Yeshua and others. The overlooked group are those that are not included in the 2nd chance class, hitler and the like…. The thinking that resurrection implies living again under Christ’s rule will be a time of test or an opportunity to accept Yeshua and Gods way of things. The question is WHERE in scripture has it been clearly stated that all of mankind will be given life? ALL will be given a resurrection according to scripture but some will be to life and others to judgement or condemnation. So the teaching that ALL will get this chance is only one of the minority, the thought that those who God has written in his book and who are under the blood and not found to have the mark of the beast or not found to be written in the other book (NOT LIFE) is one that we don’t clearly see in the scriptures on this subject, however one can certainly reason based on a number of other thoughts on other subjects not considered here that this takes place during a specific period of time and is for ALL people to be given life and the deeds and actions of this time are considered while those of the other life, the 1st life, are no longer in judgement since death has already been the reward. Scripture must be viewed through certain prescription lenses in order to come to this conclusion yet it seems that the wider view point also has its own issues. All in a All after considering all sides we may then be able to reason more clearly with the clear vision prescribed by YHVH in his word and by his spirit.

    Conclusion: The majority view verses the minority. It seems that the most sense can be made of the majority view according to plain statements found in scripture, not adding to nor taking away from the forward thoughts presented by our writers who sought surely to explain clearly and not to confuse or to withhold anything important from us seems to be the easiest way to understand the timing of these events. When we come to a topic Of consideration having already decided beforehand the truth of the matter concerning all other eventualities it is therefore difficult to consider any other possibilities as likely since our already decided upon reasoning must fit or else it cannot be a possibility.

    I know my attempts at non-biased considerations are not always smooth sailing, I do try and share different views aside from my own and from the normal views that Witnesses or bible students also have since these are often different in scope and may be as different as looking in a microscope compared to a telescope. Hopefully this leads to your very own scripture study instead of just accepting one or the other based on preference or feeling.

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee Anthony thanks for this great summation of events that would be clear in Revelation if we would not allegorize things we don’t understand or find hard to see at this time.
      Also, the 1,000 years reign of Christ with everything supplied and one-world government that treats all equally isn’t as I can see about growing to perfection as people will be dying then.That comes later.
      Isa 65:20 “Never again will there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who does not live out his years; the one who dies at a hundred will be thought a mere child; the one who fails to reach a hundred will be considered accursed.”
      I can’t see where the Bible says all resurrected has to be tested but rather it will show that man will sin even under such a righteous rule when satan is released.
      The Great throne judgment does not say how long it will be nor where. It does not say when the books of the things done were written and since there is another book of life open right beside it, they can all get in that life book.
      The Bible doesn’t mention testing there, God is judging them according to their deeds. They are in new bodies and no devil so they can do right, thus giving them really great conditions to get in the book.
      I think doctrine and adding or filling in the unstated spaces make Revelation hard to understand for people with our background. So many others don’t have our unique problem of having been indoctrinated by the study of books and magazines for decades.
      Rev. 22:18 “I testify to everyone who hears the words of prophecy in this book: If anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. 19And if anyone takes away from the words of this book of prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book. 20He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!…”

      I take these words to heart and fear God. You can’t add anything.
      If these words are followed, there are Gems to be found. God says what He means and means what He says.
      Revelation is a letter to share, reveal to us at the proper time what to expect during these end-times.

  8. Lee Anthony says:

    I have a habit of telling others they are wrong, however I usually do it from the bible when I am clearly in a position to do so. How are we as followers of Messiah supposed to be with others outside of the fold? In some cases even Inside….. I found this article interesting enough to post as I am preparing a family study geared toward how our children are to handle respecting others beliefs, in this case we are focusing on pledges and other forms of potential idol worship, money, entertainment, etc… I certainly don’t take the easy going, everything is o.k. cause of grace viewpoint, nor do I agree with those who stand on the new testament and throw the old away as interesting yet not for the So called “New testament church”. All scripture is inspired and still of use for teaching, setting things straight etc…. That being said I know there are certain lines that must remain drawn for now both in and outside the “church” and tolerance to an extent must be practiced yet in these days there will come a time, sooner rather than later, I believe that this will no longer be o.k. and as followers of Messiah we will have to stand up or take the “mark” and carry on. Its not going to be easy to be “christian” soon and I pray we can stand for Messiah when the world rmturns more and more against him and Gods ways and Laws. While this article doesn’t touch on all of these points it is useful and informative.


    • jacqueline says:

      I like the points brought out in this article. I have felt that persons have the right to worship and let God be their judge. I was really taken back when I learned the witnesses say you can’t leave their religion without consequences. That was a shock to me when relatives informed me.
      Salvation is on a one on one basis with God for good or worse, HE allows us to make our choices.

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