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105 Responses to Podcasts with Lee Anthony

  1. Lee Anthony says:

    Shalom all,
    I am attempting to get my books out in the world more and wanted to share, and anyone who reads any please leave a review on amazon. All proceeds go to supporting Bible Talk Ministries.

    I must warn these come with a disclaimer: Some of the information may bother and or offend. I hope it does not, my aim is not to teach a specific viewpoint but to warn of those who do. I hope to help Followers of Messiah to open the word of God and re-examine everything you have been taught by religion, let the Holy spirit and the word of God with prayer and supplication guide you and not the word of man. (Including my own) I am sharing my faith through my writing, and I encourage others to share also.

    You can find the links on my site https://bibletalkwithleeanthony.org/books-by-lee-rediscovering-scripture/

    And on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09K6SW1VY


  2. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello All,

    We are close to a very special time in which preparation in every aspect of our lives is of the utmost importance. We will soon be coming together to remember the Passover sacrifice (1 Cor. 5:7) to remember the institution of the new covenant, to remember all that Yeshua did and will do for us all. In keeping this feast I wish to point out something of interest. In Exodus 12 Israel was told in verse 15 that the first day of the feast of unleavened bread, which is the 15th, (it is the day after Passover, the day the Passover feast was eaten which is the evening of the 14th for us) this day Israel was to put away ALL leaven from their homes and during that 7 days no one was to eat any leavened bread. Interestingly we have Paul using this in 1 Cor. 5:7-8)and he says to put away the OLD yeast and to keep the feast with the bread of sincerity and truth. Using the pattern to speak about the sin in Corinth, which at that point was serious sexual immorality, Paul speaks about many other sins as well that need be put away in the rest of the chapter. During this time of year then and now Israel will clean house to the point of getting every little speck of leaven out of their homes for this period, for us it is of interest that putting on the new man and putting away the old is what we are called to do always! However as a time of reflection some continue to not only physically remove leaven but symbolically remove it and reassess their life and walk with our Lord. Im not saying we have to literally remove leaven from home now but if you have ever tried to do so, and tried to eat nothing leavened for 1 week in our world today you may find it to be harder than not sinning! Leaven is in more things than you could imagine! All things considered, making an effort to remove from our life something we know to be wrong, no matter how difficult it may seem, is worth the effort. Even making a sacrifice to God by giving up something for a period of time in order to spend more time in prayer and study can be an amazing experience spiritually. These appointed times were important to God so in remembering all he does for us and keeping with his sons command if we do nothing else during this holy season let us at least reaffirm our faith in communion with our Lord and others part of the covenant. (Luke 22:17-20)

  3. Lee Anthony says:

    For all who listen, a new audio study is available on https://bibletalkwithleeanthony.org on the podcasts page. It is a study on the 3 days and nights Yeshua was in the grave, is it really the traditional death on a friday resurrection on a sunday? Was that 3 days? Is there a deeper significance to the sacrifice and the passover and other appointed times of God as given in the Torah? All this is talked about and more. With the memorial approaching and Passover, Easter and the rest this seems to be a good subject to consider.


  4. Lee Anthony says:

    I sent you an email about tonight, no hurry just an fyi. Also here is a new page I put up on my site that has links to both askjacqueline and berean bible, it deals with addiction and spiritual abuse so I linked it to my addiction page here and also to the bereanbible testimony group page by Henry for saturday groups. People are still struggling and I think with memorial coming up and the new announcement by W.T. About world ending soon will have people searching and running to and fro.

    • jacqueline says:

      Thanks, Lee, I got it and passed it on to Henry as well. We might have Wesley drop in from Africa, it will be 2 am in Nigeria so he might not be able to come on. See you tonight.

  5. Lee Anthony says:

    Thats good to know that it shows up easy enough on youtube. I plan On doing more actual videos possibly one for the upcoming memorial. I like the idea of being able to show pictures with audio for someone to follow along with, for those who cant focus as well on audio only.

  6. Lee Anthony says:

    Thanks, yes the youtube video is not as good, the best way to listen is on my site Since it is an audio mp3 it wasnt meant for youtube, I have to use a 3rd party to upload to youtube since its not video format.

  7. jacqueline says:

    Lee Anthony, here is a critique on your youtube “Sin- according to the Bible”.

    The volume is a little low. I had it at the highest volume and since you are a soft speaker, I had to strain.

    You come across as a very sincere ordinary person, that appeals to people. Great presentation.

  8. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello All, a new podcast in a new category is available on my site https://bibletalkwithleeanthony.org/podcasts-with-lee-anthony/
    The new study topic is called Digging Deeper and this is an expository study on (Philippians Chap. 2:1-11). I hope to continue this topic with more in the future as I did with eschatology, anyone with anything of interest please let me know!

    Also here is something to get the mind working or juices flowing perhaps: (I am not making any statements of fact or trying to say I believe one way or the other the following is just an exercise of interest for those who might want a challenge)

    As followers of Messiah what is more important, preaching to others or putting on the new person or mind of Christ and preparing for the kingdom? CONSIDER Yeshua always preached the kingdom of heaven while healing and performing miracles to give us a glimpse of this kingdom yet he never really explained it in great detail except in parables. Just as important he always spoke on turning from sin to God and doing his word and not just hearing it, that being said this is a subject for great consideration as he said ”THIS gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all nations then the end will come” that gospel I bet (were I a gambler) was not the same gospel that most of the ”church” has taught for millennia. Will ”that” gospel be preached again by the 144,000, or the 2 witnesses, or the great crowd of Gods marked in the forehead believers during the last part of the last days? Consider that many preacher groups have a different good news and gospel than others, just like any other differences, only 1 can be right or perhaps none are quite right yet?

    Have fun!
    Lee Anthony

  9. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello All who listen,
    On my site bibletalkwithleeanthony.org I have been working on a 4 part podcast on the scriptures definition of Sin, 2 parts have been released thus far. Here is the link for companion notes that go along with the talks so far that I had no time to include in talks. This is a word study so those like Bro. Dave who enjoy this type of study may enjoy though I believe all can benefit.


  10. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello all,
    For those who listen we have been putting out new material every week on bibletalkwithleeanthony.org both podcasts, and a new audio Bible that I am slowly putting together. We now also have a YouTube page you can go on and listen to videos there also, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGGvRvcajeUiKfCWo5-tBUQ/videos
    Thanks Lee

  11. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello ALL,
    To those who listen, Podcast on Babylon The Great is finally up and posted on https://bibletalkwithleeanthony.org/ This one has been an ongoing project going back many months. I plan to post it on both sites but at the moment the podcast on askjacqueline is down.

  12. Lee Anthony says:

    For Jacqueline, Jeff, and all who were on the call,

    I have been looking into history to see if a woman was ever on the throne in the Bible in book of Daniel prophecy regarding antichrist and kings of north and south.
    This is because the question arose in one of our meetings if the antichrist could be a woman?
    History shows that in Daniel Chap 11 verses 6-7 has this alliance made with Antiochus 2 (not Epiphanies) marries a daughter of Ptolemy, These are kings of North and South. Antiochus already had a wife, Berenice, her father later dies which does away with the need for this short alliance, he divorced Berenice after her fathers death. Laodice left the only wife then poisons her husband and also had Berenice and her infant son murdered leaving her on the throne of king of the North. Verse 7 shows that someone of Berenices ancestry would gain power which was her brother Ptolemy Euergetes. He marches on the North and takes revenge and kills Laodice the King (Queen) of the north.

    So history shows that a woman sat on the throne for a period of time as the king of the north, the Anti Christ in the 1st fulfillment Antiochus Epiphanies was the king of the North and in the future will be again the king of the North So the possibility is their that although the Bible says man and king, that there has been a woman in this position once so we cannot state for sure it will not be so again.

    See, History can be interesting ?

  13. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello all,
    A new podcast on my site is available, its on the 2nd part of the 4 seals of revelation, seals 3 and 4.

  14. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello All,
    Each weekend there is a portion of the Torah, and the prophets that is read worldwide in synagogue, and in many churches this is also done but includes a New Testament section to go along with the readings. I have set up a new page on my site that will list each of these new readings every Friday prior to the Sabbath which will include a short audio clip of something of interest I found in the reading myself. This can be found on https://bibletalkwithleeanthony.org/weekly-torah-portion/


  15. Lee Anthony says:

    For those who listen a new podcast is available on bibletalkwithleeanthony.org, this one is on the 4 horseman, and the seals of revelation chapter 6, seal 1 and 2.

  16. Lee Anthony says:

    I have been trying to get everything back in order on the podcast for this site, I noticed a bunch of code in the text portion that did not belong, I had to erase it all and repost the media player along with the media to get it all to play again. Not sure what that was all about, never saw that before. As for the sound, I have amplified some of the audio for a few of them, for those who have trouble hearing, I have found that not all devices are created equal.

    On my site I have completely switched my whole program, I have a new media player which allows downloads and seems to play louder as well. I have gone through and amplified all of the audio on my site as well so it will hopefully play better for those who cannot hear as good or just don’t have a good speaker on their devices.

    For everyone who listens,

    If you could give me feedback on my site and let me know how the new podcast media player works and sounds and if it is something that everyone thinks works better then perhaps we could even switch the program on this site to the same and maybe things will work better than the stock media player.


    • jacqueline says:

      Lee Anthony, we thank you so much for your hard work! We and others enjoy your podcasts.
      We will give you feedback!
      To see your confidence is pressing forward with what God has called you to do is so refreshing and blessing! Keep going, my brother.
      Like you said at the testimony meeting, I too think it is finally later than we think. !948, Israel became a nation but still has to get the gentiles off her back which seems to be happening now.
      More than ever we are looking at Matthew 24, like 21 and Peter’s account at Mark 13.
      I imagine Noah and his family weren’t sure of what was happening when the Ark began to rise and ride the waves. But they waited patiently on God to steady the waves and tell them when to come out. A year must have felt like a lifetime but it came as he said.
      We know, Christ is coming and the 1,000 years will be the first wave before we enter into eternity.

      So keep on podcasting Lee.

    • Lee Anthony says:


      I have changed how the podcast looks and sounds on the site using a new plugin that I use on my site. While making changes I have found something of interest, things are being duplicated when I go in to edit the page. When I completely redo the page it works fine, but when I go in to try and edit and add another podcast for example the code is duplicated and the way the page shows up is all messed up and no longer works correctly. This was the same issue I had with the original setup, that being said I think there is perhaps a virus or something or other that is causing issues with the site. At this point I will likely continue to do all new podcasts on my site until this is figured out.


      • jacqueline says:

        Okay and maybe we can have a list of all the life stories and podcast then show the link to your page where they are.

        I will be doing a total revamp of the site but need to back it up first this coming weekend. Thanks

        • Lee Anthony says:

          Most everything, all the interviews and the like are still on the page and will play but adding anything new at the moment requires doing the whole page over so will wait and see what happens, the backup will keep all that’s there now intact and I have most everything on my cpu as well so that wont be an issue.

  17. Lee Anthony says:

    The prophecy of the popes by St. Malachy from roughly 900 years ago is quite interesting. I’m not exactly a believer in the succession from Peter but this was still quite a read. Either way it go’s because of the times we are now living in the big # 112 fits the current picture, of interest to me is a view I have considered that the pope will be not the Antichrist but the False prophet aka the leader of the last days confusing mix of religions which said leader will sponsor and alongside the beast cause all on earth to worship the beast and take the mark. According to this view the pope would still be a beast and that the break up of the church would have to be part of the story as this would definitely cause all faithful followers of Messiah to leave the church systems if it is being driven in such a direction.
    Just a thought, keeping in mind that there will be many prophecies, and likely prophets speaking of such things coming to light in these last days, it is in our best interest to always be careful of what we choose to follow, remember Ha-satan knows the scriptures well himself and will certainly have his own prophets, he does have his own church that is quite the resemblance to what we feel is the real thing. That being said, keep in mind the Holy scriptures on all matters, keep what we hear only if it lines up, toss the rest in the garbage pit.

  18. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello all who listen to the podcast, another new one is available on my site https://bibletalkwithleeanthony.org
    It’s part 6 of the ongoing eschatology study, Seals, Trumpets, and the great tribulation/persecution.

  19. Lee Anthony says:


    Have you or anyone else noticed the site seems a bit sluggish? It’s not all the time but I have had it jump, like while typing the screen would move back up to the top both on my phone and CPU.
    Also, I cannot get any podcasts to play from this site either. I have been editing some of the bible study topic podcasts so that I have them on my site as well and noticed nothing would play on this site but it plays fine on mine and from my CPU. I haven’t been able to figure that out yet.


  20. Lee Anthony says:

    A new podcast on bibletalkwithleeanthony.org is posted and available. This is a continuation of the subject on the Son of God

  21. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello All,
    I am currently working on putting together as much information as possible in relation to being on the watch and current world events and any help I can get would be appreciated. We are in the last generation and it is Time to wake up and let it be known.

    For example: if you live in the western world it’s likely you are not aware of reality. In 2020 so far there have been 25 or so named storms, (double the average) in the last 24 hours alone there have been 132 earthquakes worldwide, fires burn not just in the U.S. But across South America, Africa, Asia, Mid East, Australia and so on, famines, pestilence, and plaques continue, covid just happens to be the headline) dengue, ebola, yellow fever, monkey pox, and more are seldom mentioned but are in the outbreak category…. over 40 countries currently have an ongoing conflict with someone else if not themselves, child sacrifice is on the rise and this happens currently more in the U.S. than the average of 100,000 a year killed for their Christian faith in the Eastern world, just wait cause soon the U.S. will join since Yeshua said ALL nations will hate you cause of my name. There is so much more yet seldom do we get to see it being in the comfort of our homes with all the distractions of daily life to keep us numb and blind to what’s going on everywhere else. Ha-Satan carries on doing his job so well that even a majority of the “church” are lost and blind to reality…..

    Let’s all do our part, research, pray, share what we can with those who will listen, be on the watch and be prepared.

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee Anthony, we have been checking other new sources around the world and realize the western world is caught up in the antics of one man dominated anti g the news.
      All the things and many more are happening and many Bible searchers are aware and awake.
      We have to keep watching and not be deterred by ones saying we are alarmist.
      Jesus said keep on the watch! His day won’t catch millions maybe billions off guard.
      No matter how bad it gets people still keep in their wicked ways but millions are leaving huge organizations and turning to just the Bible, which isnt hard to understand now that things are unfolding.

  22. Lee Anthony says:

    The site looks WAY different from my CPU and I pad, new theme?

    To everyone,
    My wife and I are making major changes with our going into full time ministry. I have a short podcast on the support our ministry page to explain it all on our site https://bibletalkwithleeanthony.org and another link to a different site as well which We are using as a fundraiser. I’m not asking ya’ll for anything just wanting the fellowship to see and hear our plans and where we are being led. Thanks

    • jacqueline says:

      Let me go look at the site on a computer Lee. It should be the same only menu changes.
      Lee thank you for the heads up! I have gone to the site and don’t know what has happened!
      I will try to straighten this out. It seems whole pages have been deleted, hmmm.

      • Lee Anthony says:

        Was checking my monster analytics and I have visitors from China and they come off of a referral called Baidu and that is a Chinese browser so they are seemingly searching for me directly, I remember you having some on yours and I think they are seeing us somewhere over there where they are censored. Thought that was interesting.

        • jacqueline says:

          Yes Lee, the website is actually duplicated by another site word for word and I emailed them a welcome and invited them to duplicate every word.
          I will be working on the hosted videos on the site this week and put new ones so they can access them. I will remove some of the organization stuff as there are many YouTube videos out there now. Covid-19 has freed many to be able to search for God themselves now with the organization being held down by Covid-19. They are free in their homes to make their own decisions on worshipping God and Jesus only and leave the books alone that push the laws and doctrines of men.
          You will see some changes on the site with new refreshed content.
          A link Page for sites will go up on the Bible fellowship site to keep it streamlined and simpler.

  23. Lee Anthony says:

    To everyone who listens, a new podcast, part 2 of The scripture on the only begotten son of God is available on the other podcast page found at https://bibletalkwithleeanthony.org

  24. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello All,
    A new podcast is available on https://bibletalkwithleeanthony.org I will be doing shorter bible lessons each week along with our normal podcasts as well so if you like to listen please check in on each site for podcasts with lee as we will be posting different episodes on different sites depending on the topic of the episode. etc

  25. Lee Anthony says:

    Hey All this evening I sat down and did an interview with a local pastor and I have posted it now on the podcast page. Check it out!

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee, I will be sure to listen to the podcast. I have been out of town for a few days and now have visitors but should get around to it tonight.

      I am trying to pivot to other views entirely now to get to know my others brothers in Christ around the globe.

  26. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello Everyone,
    A new podcast has been posted on The False Prophet, a follow up from the beast and the mark of the beast.

    Lee Anthony

  27. Lee Anthony says:

    An interesting take from a Messianic Rabbi on the CoronaVirus.


  28. Lee Anthony says:

    For anybody interested I have posted a new podcast and article associated with it on the bibletalk site, it is our introductory podcast for our new site and ministry. Here os the link


  29. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello All,
    I have posted my Introductory podcast on the site https://bibletalkwithleeanthony.org
    Just click on the podcast page and scroll down, it works exactly the same as our podcast page here.
    Feel free to check it out. Thanks

  30. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello All, My new site is now up and live though still under construction. There will be an ongoing podcast there as well only the topics will be specifically bible study. There will also be interactive comment sections as on this site, yet it will be geared more toward differing views on scripture and study topics. I invite all to read and comment as well as contribute articles and links that are for the purpose of building one another up on our most holy faith and of teaching and learning from one another and views from different perspectives. Specific denominational views and organizational leanings hopefully will be left behind and a berean like attitude is encouraged just as our berean bible fellowship on thursdays. Thank you



  31. Lee Anthony says:

    A new podcast is posted, listen to a talk by brother Dave on Why a Borean Bible “fellowship”. This can be found on the Borean bible fellowship page as well as podcast page, a link to the scripture notes will be included

  32. Bro Dave says:


    Scriptures and words from the podcast:

    BIAS G4346 and ERROR H7944 H7952
    Gen_3:3; Gen_3:6
    Joh_20:29 KJV

    believed G4100

    Joh_17:17; Psa_33:4; 1Th_2:13
    Rev_2:4-6; Rev_2:14-15
    Gen_3:1-6; Luk_4:3-13; Luk_4:1
    Pro_30:6; Rev_22:18-19

    liar H3576

    Eph_4:15; 2Ti_2:24-26
    Pro_18:13; Tit_1:9; 1Co_3:18-20
    Deu_18:22; Mat_5:18; Luk_24:44
    Joh_14:26; Joh_16:13; 2Co_1:13
    Deu_12:32; Pro_30:5-6; Ecc_12:11-12; 1Co_4:5-6; Rev_22:18-19
    Num_23:19; Psa_119:160; Mat_4:4; Act_20:27
    Act_17:11; 2Co_11:4; 1Th_5:21; 1Jn_4:1
    Pro_16:18 ; Pro_14:3; Psa_59:12

    searched G350 G303 & G2919 or, examined
    (1) examine: Act_4:9; Act_12:19; Act_24:8; Act_28:18, Luk_23:14, 1Co_9:3,
    (2) judge: 1Co_2:15; 1Co_2:15; 1Co_4:3; 1Co_4:3-4; 1Co_14:24,
    (3) ask question: 1Co_10:25; 1Co_10:27,
    (4) search: Act_17:11,
    (5) discern: 1Co_2:14
    Compare “search” at Joh_5:39, the same English but a different Greek word (*S# G2045).
    Lev_11:3, 1Ch_28:8, Psa_1:2; Psa_1:3; Psa_119:18; Psa_119:97-100; Psa_119:148, Pro_2:2; Pro_8:9; Pro_15:14, Isa_8:20; Isa_34:16, Luk_16:29; Luk_24:44, Joh_3:21; Joh_5:39 , Joh_5:40, 1Co_2:14 . 1Ti_4:13, 2Ti_3:15-16, 1Pe_1:10-12, 2Pe_1:19-21, 1Jn_4:5; 1Jn_4:6.

    fellowship H8667 & G2842 G2844

    Pro_3:5; Col_2:8; Mar_7:13
    Deu_4:2 Deu_12:32; Pro_30:5-6; Rev_22:18

  33. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello everyone, Been quiet lately. We have all been busy and hope all Are well too. A new podcast is available Continuing on the topic Of eschatology, The Beast. Hopefully it is understandable, it was quite an intense and extremely interesting study just for 2 differing views.

    Our time is coming sooner rather than later where we may be unable to speak about Gods word in the way we do, being open about Gods moral code is already taboo and in some places illegal, it is now where we must take a stand for what the faith of our Messiah Yeshua and give a witness to all who oppose Gods ways that soon the world and all its desires will pass away with fire and an intense burning heat as once it passed away with a Flood and a wave of destruction. Let us stand together in the spirit of unity and in following the scriptures instead standing against one another in the spirit of opposition and in following the doctrines of demons and of men.

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee. I agree that living together now without the benefit of marriage is not considered against the will of what the creator said was best. Then all other deviant acts come out in the open homosexuality, bestiality, pedophilia, liars, covetousness, stealing, rape, and men, women murdering little unborn babies.
      Marriage is sacred and meant only between a man and a woman.

      He says all of it is why Jesus will come again to put things in order, to subject all things to the will of God.
      This time he will have people he can put in government on this earth to bring it in compliance with the laws and Divine Will of his Father, Jehovah. Will he find the Faith when he returns? Yes, not everyone is flaunting his laws.

      He does not come riding on an ass of peace, but on a horse of war and does not fight but speaks with the sword of his mouth.
      All of mankind will comply or he will put his foot on their neck until they do or die an early death.
      Many of mankind will welcome a King that rules in righteousness and lets us live in peace.
      He will not be afraid nor prohibited from speaking out against all sins.

      Although it seems to be near a lot of evil and the wrath of God has to happen.

  34. Lee Anthony says:

    After receiving feedback on the volume level of the Mark podcast I went and edited the original and reposted the podcast with amplified volume, hopefully it sounds better and that no interference occurs with the extra amplification. Any issues with other talks or feedback to make changes to quality is appreciated.

  35. Lee Anthony says:

    Another podcast is posted and available, consideration of different views on the mark of the beast. Fun and interesting subject!

  36. Lee Anthony says:

    Our next topic on podcast will be continuing on the topic of differing views of eschatology. We will next cover the mark of the beast and follow that up with the beast and false prophet. A statement was made on our study regarding these symbols in revelation and that their are no groups as a whole that hold to the futurist view and where the symbols are interpreted as literal. I have spoken on these before and will use them again, I have a published study bible with commentary from many popular teachers that hold this prevalent viewpoint. I imagine this now, after having considered it that the comment was stated as being “no published christian” or at least anyone of any merit holds said view and I know see that it would seem that only those who are part of the particular group are considered to truly be christian and therefore said comment would be correct in that no known teacher of the “truth movement” does hold view since it is obvious the view is WIDELY held and even published in book “NY times bestsellers” and movie forms. Understandably alternate views are discouraged and trouble ensues if one seeks writings of merit outside of the group or the groups founder, this is exactly the issue this site deals with and this eerie hold on the minds of men is one that cannot be missed when fellowshipping with them. Part of the body but a part that does not accept the rest of the body as valid….. Is there such a part?

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee Anthony, thank you so much for catching the “no published Christian” I didn’t hear that. My countenance fell when I know for a fact and any Elder or Minister should know that the respected ministers I mentioned believe in part or all of what we believe. Chuck Missler, David Pawson, Torah Class, Dr. Tony Evans, Charles Stanley, Dave Hunt, David Jeremiah and I can go on and on. Bible Students and Witnesses’ beliefs are not typical.
      I don’t have to agree with everything a minister says to listen to him if he stays with the Bible. They are doing everything they can to teach their flock.

      They don’t act as if they have all truth. Not arrogant or smug and will accept what the Bible says without feeling they have to spin it differently. They respect the Bible and will say I don’t know if not clearly stated instead of making up something.
      They fearfully won’t add or take away from Revelation, I like that.

      They can go book by book and verse by verse in the Bible. They don’t skip around and read one verse out of context to prove a point.

      So Thanks for catching that phrase because I could not believe what I was hearing. But, the Studies In The Scriptures a “published author”(symbolism) does not teach that so my brother was correct in his statement.
      I still don’t appreciate the attempt to hide exactly who was meant but fair play. We are a hard group that listens and scrutinizes every word so as not to be deceived again.

      I don’t believe in arguing unrelentingly. That was a bad trait I saw with the Bible Students and would mention it and they call it “freedom and liberty in Christ”. I called it bickering and arguing until one person just gives up.

      But it teaches us all patience, tolerance, charity, and love. It doesn’t matter if one little group does not accept the entire body of Christ.
      The mind control and indoctrination is sort of hard to escape. Mormonism, Seventh-day Adventist, and other fringe groups are like that. Whenever I hear someone said we have the “Truth” I just walk away without engaging if I am tired. With witnesses lately, I have been asking what do you mean when you say “The Truth?”.
      Things said by others like that made me think when I was in. Maybe some Bible Students are watching and wondering how to get out.

  37. Lee Anthony says:

    A new podcast has been posted, it is on the Son of God and a different perspective based on scripture

  38. Lee Anthony says:

    Our Thursday study group with guest Brother David Rice giving his view on the 70 weeks of Daniel has been posted to the site and ready for all to hear.

    • jacqueline says:

      I will also listen to your thoughts on the seventy weeks Lee. Thanks.
      Most readers of this site know about the 69 weeks and since Jesus has been crucified and Ressurected already that info was a great reminder.
      I was looking for more discussion on Daniel 9:27, the 70th week. There is a lot of thoughts that makes sense to me that it is future because as I see it the “he” is not Christ. But maybe I can pray, dig and listen to others from our YouTube ministers.

  39. Ted R (Bible Student) says:

    Here is a video I came across related to this topic I thought might be of interest.

    • Lee Anthony says:

      Ted, Thanks that is an excellent video and I am glad you found it as I found very little out there that seems to see this very straight forward easy to understand and certainly not a mysterious thought from the bible. This is a wonderful thing that after all this time this thinking which I think the early Apostles from their Hebrew mindset would have most certainly understood and incorporated into discussions among friends and family and elsewhere.

  40. Lee Anthony says:

    I am working on a study podcast dealing with 3 different views of God and His Son our Messiah Jesus. It is of course not to present One doctrine or condemn another but to show what our scriptures speak themselves without having to decide on the matter in a council or as a matter of creating a new theological view. I think the view is one that is not widely held or spoken of asI found little from the mouth of others save for mine and yours. The Only begotten Son. I have found that many verses speak this same thing yet has been translated and even had a new word created to explain the thought. One such word I will deal with is Godhead, NOT in the Bible, at least not in the Greek, and it was not known prior to the 12-13th century. I had never considered this but had to start somewhere and trinity has been beat to death, and though I will discuss it, I will not go into it deeply as the Bible don’t speak on it so why should I? With new eyes I have found a refreshing clear and easy to understand way of knowing God and his Son and need to share it. I know you share my view on The begetting of our Saviour, and if you have any info that will come of use in the podcast please let me know, I am moved to talk on this subject.

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee, I have no problem understanding that Jehovah God would beget another God. Jehovah God’s begotten(birthed) child would be God of the same material or substance, and Jesus is Divine to me. Like a human begets another human the flesh is human. A fish begets the flesh of a fish. There are different creations out there by Jesus and Jehovah. Probably some we don’t know about.

      1 Cor. 15:39 “All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.”

      The trinity doctrine has a definite beginning as a teaching so I don’t argue this manmade doctrine at all. But I do listen to Trinitarians when they talk because most don’t actually when you listen carefully believe they are the same person. I dont believe most of what some non trinity say but I can still listen learn and discuss.

      Jesus created Angels, he is not an angel. Hebrews discusses that very fact.

      The Son Superior to Angels
      Heb 1:5 For to which of the angels did God ever say, “You are my Son; today I have become your Father”[fn]? Or again, “I will be his Father, and he will be my Son”[fn]?

      Heb 1:6 And again, when God brings his firstborn into the world, he says, “Let all God’s angels worship him.”[fn]

  41. Lee Anthony says:

    Our newest podcast is posted from our Saturday call from a presentation called the unchurched. Our Thursday study this week will also be posted on a different topic of interest.

  42. Lee Anthony says:

    To everyone,
    I will be preparing to do podcasts in the future on bible study topics. Different topics of interest will be discussed, I will for example take 2-3 common views on one subject such as the mark or the resurrection etc. and present them using the scriptures and viewpoint of each group or individual in order for listeners to take these topics and study them for themselves and attempt to get the audience into deeper bible study and perhaps gain a better understanding of the scriptures. I would like to have any who are interested get involved and give us a study or viewpoint to consider, along with the consideration of the reason for your view and faith in this matter.
    This will not be a battle of doctrinal supremacy or a platform for argument but a place to share, contemplate, and practice love, patience, and work on being able to reason together and fellowship together in unity and not carry on in the divisions of doctrines that are prevalent in the world that divide the body and have taken captive so many in the congregations of so called true Christians. There is no set of secret doctrinal understandings that we state or feel you must believe in order to be accepted by us in fellowship, there are of course some who are very strong in their convictions and this is to be expected as we are to always be ready to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and respect…. I recommend a reading of 1 Pet. 3:8-4:19. This is a good reflection of what Is being said with a bit more than I can write myself. Thanks all for your help in the podcasts and I hope to continue to have your support in the future.

  43. Lee Anthony says:

    A discussion on the different views of resurrection, especially the one in revelation 20. Many teach that this happens during the day of judgement aka the 1000 year reign, the resurrection and then judgement that is. Others feel this will happen after the 1000 reign. My thought is that the latter is the case and that there will be more than just 2 resurrections. My proof is this, 1st is Satan an enemy? Yes… Is death an enemy? Yes…. Satan is cast into the lake after the 1000 years after the little season test. According to Corinthians Yeshua hands over the kingdom to his God and father at the end and that death is the last enemy to be destroyed. According to Rev 20 the resurrection and judgements where those not found in the book of life are thrown into the lake, then death and hades is cast into the lake afterword. If the last enemy is death then the fact that death is not done away with until after this point proves that this resurrection and judgement does not happen during the 1000 years but after since death is thrown in lake after this occurs. Death is the last enemy….. This proves the timeline of revelation 20 and that it should be read as it is written. Scripture is clear when interpreting itself. Of course this doesn’t mean there won’t be resurrection during the 1000 years it just won’t be the one spoken of in Rev 20 is all. We have other resurrections than what most consider.. Hopefully this is clear enough, I have more on another subject, we will have a podcast perhaps on the trumpets that sound at the Lords return and what all these trumpets mentioned are and what they still might mean to us in these last days.

  44. jacqueline says:

    I am just overwhelmed and inspired by these PODCASTS! I got to get my thinking cap on.

    Rene, I am going to share something with you that I think I should. I will probably embarrass a member of our team but.

    I was told Saturday I wish we could have gotten on Rick’s program and talked because he wanted to show off Rene. I wanted her to talk! The Moderator wanted to show you off. You are articulate and encouraging.

    Now I know what he means. This is just so uplifting to hear what you have to say.
    Covid-19 has instituted a reset on the whole world but we can come out od this with hope. Thank you so much for your interview now my old brain is on fire. We can be used now in a bigger better way.

  45. Lee Anthony says:

    For everyone,
    A new podcast, a conversation with Rene, has been posted.

  46. Ted R (Bible Student) says:

    A good article regarding pets and the virus from webmd.


  47. Lee Anthony says:

    I would agree on the pets, it came from animals in the 1st place, mutated and jumped to us so why not? Majority will likely get it cause we just dont know where it even is, its like spiritual warfare. We cant see our enemy! As for the reset, oh YES. The world is no different than the many times God pronounced judgement for gross sin and idolatry and so on. The languages were confused for a tower, How big? Look at our huge cities and idols everywhere now. The stench of it all has reached the heavens and the world will be purified. Last time it was washed real good, this time it gets a good refining in a nice hot fire. “We look to a new heavens and a new earth where righteousness is to dwell.”

  48. Lee Anthony says:

    Famine is but one side effect of plaque, war, etc only now its not a result of a lack of food or valuable goods but the rules and regulations of men and its governments leading to so much waste, something not new but now is occuring much more frequently. Paper money, silver and gold will one day be thrown in the streets as it will do no good for the hungry, food feeds not dollar bills or stimulus checks. Ezekiel 7 may not apply to us but it paints a picture of things that cannot be ignored. The day children starve in the “richest parts of the world” is a sad day indeed as the workers plow under their fields instead of giving to those in need. Give to your neighbor today for tomorrow you may be in need yourself. Thank YHVH for our daily bread and pray our neighbor has part of the loaf especially if they are of the body as we all partake of the same loaf. It is a time of anticipation if we count the days until pentecost, even if we do not we can remember the giving of the comforter, the firstfruits of the harvest and the writing of the law on our hearts and look to the heavens as we wait for our deliverance. Always there is a reason to rejoice, even in the darkest of times for “when I sit in darkness I will rise up and YHVH will be a light to me”.

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee Anthony, there is a callout about keeping a check on the grain and the fields this planting season. I wonder if the COVID is in the soil? A stoppage of the Entire World can be a way for people to realize they have crossed all kinds of boundaries in allowing anyone to marry and buying into a lifestyle that Jehovah has shown He won’t tolerate. I can hardly look at TV anymore without seeing same-sex kissing. This world needs a reset.
      I didn’t walk my dog for nearly 2 months now because the yard is big enough for him. I think the streets and grass will transfer to his fur. They don’t know how long it stays on their fur.
      Yesterday I gave him to another family because I shouldn’t be cleaning the yard behind him with my immune system.
      I advised them to take precautions as in a few countries they are abandoning their dogs and cats and some dogs have had it in their noses. If it came from a bat to other animals then humans, I think personally that animals can still transmit it. There is not study completed yet but they are looking at it.

  49. Lee Anthony says:

    As host of the podcast it has come to my attention that the platform is causing contention for some who have unresolved conflict. I have been privileged with this platform and do not wish to mis use it in any way and going forward I will be ever mindful of what is being discussed, however I cannot control what others might say. Prayer is needed. This site functions in such a way that what I say or feel is not the same as what others may say or feel. We all have freedom to express ourselves here and religion and God is the topic in question most of the time. We are not a special church and my opinions and views are not a reflection of the opinions and views of others on here. We are unique in this, we are of many backgrounds and religious ideals and we don’t always agree but at the end of the day we continue our fellowship without this causing a rift in our group. It is important that all visitors understand who we are by reading the Home who are we page and others about us as individuals. Thanks

  50. Lee Anthony says:

    The 2nd part of our podcast interview with Bro. Henry is now available for a listen on the site.

  51. Lee Anthony says:

    Funfact for today, in last 7 days worldwide there has been about 110 earthquakes 4.0 and bigger, including Croatia today or yesterday…. I like looking at these charts and since news tends to never share most of this (unless you are in California where small
    quakes are quite normal)


  52. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello All. Our Saturday call interview with a Bible student Brother David Rice Is listed in three parts on our podcast page for all to listen.

    • jacqueline says:

      I got emails asking if the podcasts were up. I have also purchased zoom that will go 24 hours but one administrator so let me text you how to get in back so you can play with this higher version.

  53. Lee Anthony says:

    A new podcast in available to listen to, we have part 1 of our interview with Bro. Henry.

  54. jacqueline says:

    Lee Anthony, Oh how I am enjoying your podcasts!!
    My son has given us this information for our Memorial maybe?? Would you read all of this about these apps and see if you want to make this work with our Memorial?
    https://www.maketecheasier.com/watch-videos-online-with-friends-realtime? Or we can just do free conference call, but I thought I would share this.

  55. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello ALL,
    Just posted Ted’s testimony on the podcast. Renee, Henry, or Jeff, anyone interested in being next.

    • jacqueline says:

      Let me drop an email to those friends. Also, have you emailed David Rice for a podcast? I sort of left each one of you with a program to get in touch. Henry asked for the phone number but I think the email address is probably best. I still remember the great kindnesses he and his wife showed me at the convention when I was new understanding how to get to the housing unit at the convention in Johnstown safely. I was in the same building with him and his wife plus Jeff Mezera. His walk with God should be interesting. Just another suggestion.

  56. Lee Anthony says:

    A new podcast has been posted on memorial, we will study this a week prior to the memorial this year coming up in a few weeks. All are welcome to join. I will post the link on Bro. Dave’s page as well.

  57. Lee Anthony says:

    Part 3 of interview with Jacqueline is now live on the site.

  58. jacqueline says:

    I just listened to Dave’s story, it helps to hear the journey. It seems more people are being pushed to start very small groups. Here in my city, I have come across a number of people that have had groups in their homes for years now, just using the Bible only.
    They do research before, this allows them to get a sense of what others are thinking also. But as one lady put it, I like hearing what you see and it helps me to have more for the Spirit to use to help me come to a satisfactory conclusion.
    I agree we do have a brain after all.

    Lee keep up the good work, I like to listen to podcasts. So nice that after the first 2 you got the player to work.

  59. Lee Anthony says:

    New episode available today, A conversation with Brother Dave

  60. jacqueline says:

    Wow, Lee, I was just talking to Henry and Renee wrote the same things you are saying in this podcast.
    This is a Spiritual warfare and humans are at the center.
    Satan has demons that helps him attack people that are just minding their own business learning what is really in the Bible.
    We shouldn’t allow persons that feel they have the only truth on the earth stop us. God has been good to us by giving us His Holy Spirit.

    I would expect a restaurant menu to be explaining exactly what is on it. The Jews and Apostles read the Bible by reading it normally, not allegorizing saying well God really meant this or that not actually what he said.
    But if we read the Bible normally like we read any other writings such as a dictionary or road map.
    When the Bible Student elders told me they wouldn’t obey or apply Matt 18. I was done with them among other things.

    I wish them the best in their Studies in the Scriptures, I found out it means a lot to them and I won’t and have not bothered them.

    Hopefully, they will realize we are okay and they can stop worrying and trying to include us in their worship of Russell and his works.

    God got this. My heart is just broken over the last few days events.

    Thanks for your podcast, It is uplifting for me today.

  61. Lee Anthony says:

    New Episode on Podcast with Lee Anthony available now.

  62. Lee Anthony says:

    Hey, yep I have you on my list and I do have your number. My email for anyone to ask questions is podcastwithlee@gmail.com

  63. Ted R (Bible Student) says:

    Hi Lee
    Did you want me to do an interview? We would have to arrange a time when I can be away from my wife but I would be glad to tell my story. I think you have my phone number.
    Take it easy

  64. Lee Anthony says:

    I believe it was religious or spiritual trauma, abuse is covered on the other podcast I had found. It’s out there but not much as of yet.

  65. Lee Anthony says:

    Our interview part 2 with Jacqueline is now live and ready to be heard on the site.

  66. Lee Anthony says:

    I have found a podcast out there called Recovering from Religion podcast and I came across this on a podcast app I use for research. There are a few out there that focus on the issue but I found one interesting on an Ex Jw who is now a counselor who has a group called healing from religious and spiritual trauma. Her site is debbieglander.com, anyone in California area Near Sacramento area may find this of interest. Jacqueline, there are many links on her site for different types of helpful alternative therapy as well. Not sure if you had heard of her, thought it would be of interest for many.

  67. jacqueline says:

    Lee Anthony, it works with pressing the player, congrata!

  68. Lee Anthony says:

    It should be easier to identify with new link, am putting together a short episode to go onto site that is on the overcoming addictions topic. I want to test if it will upload better using smaller episodes. Also trying out a new microphone. I am seeing a duplicate again on page today.

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee I saw the duplication. Those are called modules. How that is happening is a mystery to me you actually have to add another module manually. We will wait to hear what you have. I need to check what Blurrberry requires

  69. Lee Anthony says:

    This looks and sounds good. Im goin to save files to a different place for links to go on site that will actually show the name and not say onedrive, hoping it will look better and be easier to see. Hope everyone is enjoying things so far. Im going to try out a 30 minute episode and see if it being shorter will help with upload issue. My email for all podcast related issues is podcastwithlee@gmail.com

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee I added the contact email to your page. Are you going to identify each link so they know what they are listening too or if they might want to skip to another if there is identity.

  70. Lee Anthony says:

    Sunday at about anytime is gonna have to work on our interview. Im thinkin about 11 a.m.? Or what would be best for you?

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee Anthony Sunday is fine at 11 am. Rene and I had a productive meeting today. Henry came over to get a computer and catch up on our postings and view some of the videos I felt were appropriate.
      He feels also that Eric is fulfilling a much-needed source to help those just coming out understand the problem with the theology of the entire concept that holds so many.
      So by creating a page those that can’t access youtube directly from other countries can do so from a page hosted on here.
      This way our site can just discuss the actual text of the Bible.
      I like the way all of the sites are recognizing each can address different issues and we can post it. Holy Spirit sent from God works, Jesus promised to send a helper into the world once he left.
      We thank him.

  71. jacqueline says:

    Lee Anthony, wow, I listened to your 1st podcast and it is loud and clear.
    I open mine with Google Music player.
    Others will choose the players they have on their phone or computer. Hopefully, we will get some feedback.

    • Lee Anthony says:

      Great! I have tried using iPad to upload but it is same as computer. We may need to get the people over the site to help if they do that for free. As long as it sounds good, maybe we should just get it to looking good there on the page until we figure out the rest.

  72. Lee Anthony says:

    I tried uploading the mp3 media to site. Said it did but its not on there. I dont know the issue, its not a huge file now that its mp3, shouldn\’t have to link ro listen it should go directly on site just like other talks that are posted. I dont get the issue

    • jacqueline says:

      Lee I will get with you with both of us in the back and we will figure this out. Regrouping and recuperating today. Plus Marjo from Sweden and Jeff have some comments that a few of us are analyzing.
      I will have face to face therapy sessions today but back tomorrow.

  73. Lee Anthony says:

    There must be a way to play it on site through media player. The mp3 file (2nd) I sent is small as it can be done as a compressed file. May need to just find a way to integrate it from itunes as It can be played that way also

  74. jacqueline says:

    Lee I tried putting it in the player but the file exceeded the limit.
    When I press this link I open it with Google drive to play it.
    That makes it play on phones and tablets.
    Let’s see the feedback and see what everyone says. Meanwhile, you can get in the back and we will see if there is another player.

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