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Contact for Lee is podcastwithlee@gmail.com


Lee Anthony: Podcast #1 


PWLA: Ep. #2 Interview w/Jacqueline


PWLA: EP. Addictions and Gods word

PWLA: Ep. Interview w/Jacqueline 2

PWLA: Ep. Rant on warfare

PWLA: Ep. Conversation with Dave

PWLA: Ep. Interview w/Jacqueline 3

PWLA: Ep. Memorial, Vs. Passover, study.

PWLA: Ep. Testimony from Ted R.

PWLA: Ep. Interview w/Henry Part 1

PWLA: Ep. Saturday call interview w/Bible Student Bro. David Rice part 1  2 and 3

PWLA: Ep. Interview w/Henry Part 2





36 Responses to Podcasts with Lee Anthony

  1. Lee Anthony says:

    As host of the podcast it has come to my attention that the platform is causing contention for some who have unresolved conflict. I have been privileged with this platform and do not wish to mis use it in any way and going forward I will be ever mindful of what is being discussed, however I cannot control what others might say. Prayer is needed. This site functions in such a way that what I say or feel is not the same as what others may say or feel. We all have freedom to express ourselves here and religion and God is the topic in question most of the time. We are not a special church and my opinions and views are not a reflection of the opinions and views of others on here. We are unique in this, we are of many backgrounds and religious ideals and we don’t always agree but at the end of the day we continue our fellowship without this causing a rift in our group. It is important that all visitors understand who we are by reading the Home who are we page and others about us as individuals. Thanks

  2. Lee Anthony says:

    The 2nd part of our podcast interview with Bro. Henry is now available for a listen on the site.

  3. jacqueline says:

    I got emails asking if the podcasts were up. I have also purchased zoom that will go 24 hours but one administrator so let me text you how to get in back so you can play with this higher version.

  4. Lee Anthony says:

    Funfact for today, in last 7 days worldwide there has been about 110 earthquakes 4.0 and bigger, including Croatia today or yesterday…. I like looking at these charts and since news tends to never share most of this (unless you are in California where small
    quakes are quite normal)


  5. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello All. Our Saturday call interview with a Bible student Brother David Rice Is listed in three parts on our podcast page for all to listen.

  6. Lee Anthony says:

    A new podcast in available to listen to, we have part 1 of our interview with Bro. Henry.

  7. jacqueline says:

    Lee Anthony, Oh how I am enjoying your podcasts!!
    My son has given us this information for our Memorial maybe?? Would you read all of this about these apps and see if you want to make this work with our Memorial?
    https://www.maketecheasier.com/watch-videos-online-with-friends-realtime? Or we can just do free conference call, but I thought I would share this.

  8. Lee Anthony says:

    Whats his emaill? Or have him email me.

  9. jacqueline says:

    Let me drop an email to those friends. Also, have you emailed David Rice for a podcast? I sort of left each one of you with a program to get in touch. Henry asked for the phone number but I think the email address is probably best. I still remember the great kindnesses he and his wife showed me at the convention when I was new understanding how to get to the housing unit at the convention in Johnstown safely. I was in the same building with him and his wife plus Jeff Mezera. His walk with God should be interesting. Just another suggestion.

  10. Lee Anthony says:

    Hello ALL,
    Just posted Ted’s testimony on the podcast. Renee, Henry, or Jeff, anyone interested in being next.

  11. Lee Anthony says:

    A new podcast has been posted on memorial, we will study this a week prior to the memorial this year coming up in a few weeks. All are welcome to join. I will post the link on Bro. Dave’s page as well.

  12. Lee Anthony says:

    Part 3 of interview with Jacqueline is now live on the site.

  13. jacqueline says:

    I just listened to Dave’s story, it helps to hear the journey. It seems more people are being pushed to start very small groups. Here in my city, I have come across a number of people that have had groups in their homes for years now, just using the Bible only.
    They do research before, this allows them to get a sense of what others are thinking also. But as one lady put it, I like hearing what you see and it helps me to have more for the Spirit to use to help me come to a satisfactory conclusion.
    I agree we do have a brain after all.

    Lee keep up the good work, I like to listen to podcasts. So nice that after the first 2 you got the player to work.

  14. Lee Anthony says:

    New episode available today, A conversation with Brother Dave

  15. jacqueline says:

    Wow, Lee, I was just talking to Henry and Renee wrote the same things you are saying in this podcast.
    This is a Spiritual warfare and humans are at the center.
    Satan has demons that helps him attack people that are just minding their own business learning what is really in the Bible.
    We shouldn’t allow persons that feel they have the only truth on the earth stop us. God has been good to us by giving us His Holy Spirit.

    I would expect a restaurant menu to be explaining exactly what is on it. The Jews and Apostles read the Bible by reading it normally, not allegorizing saying well God really meant this or that not actually what he said.
    But if we read the Bible normally like we read any other writings such as a dictionary or road map.
    When the Bible Student elders told me they wouldn’t obey or apply Matt 18. I was done with them among other things.

    I wish them the best in their Studies in the Scriptures, I found out it means a lot to them and I won’t and have not bothered them.

    Hopefully, they will realize we are okay and they can stop worrying and trying to include us in their worship of Russell and his works.

    God got this. My heart is just broken over the last few days events.

    Thanks for your podcast, It is uplifting for me today.

  16. jacqueline says:

    Okay Lee Thanks for the heads up

  17. Lee Anthony says:

    New Episode on Podcast with Lee Anthony available now.

  18. Lee Anthony says:

    Hey, yep I have you on my list and I do have your number. My email for anyone to ask questions is podcastwithlee@gmail.com

  19. Ted R (Bible Student) says:

    Hi Lee
    Did you want me to do an interview? We would have to arrange a time when I can be away from my wife but I would be glad to tell my story. I think you have my phone number.
    Take it easy

  20. Lee Anthony says:

    I believe it was religious or spiritual trauma, abuse is covered on the other podcast I had found. It’s out there but not much as of yet.

  21. jacqueline says:

    Lee Anthony, thank you for this link. http://debbieglander.com/glandermft2018_005.htm

    It is so nice to see more people helping but did you say she was religious abuse? I do know a couple of people that got in touch with me after we set up our site but I have never gone out to find their sites.

  22. Lee Anthony says:

    Our interview part 2 with Jacqueline is now live and ready to be heard on the site.

  23. Lee Anthony says:

    I have found a podcast out there called Recovering from Religion podcast and I came across this on a podcast app I use for research. There are a few out there that focus on the issue but I found one interesting on an Ex Jw who is now a counselor who has a group called healing from religious and spiritual trauma. Her site is debbieglander.com, anyone in California area Near Sacramento area may find this of interest. Jacqueline, there are many links on her site for different types of helpful alternative therapy as well. Not sure if you had heard of her, thought it would be of interest for many.

  24. jacqueline says:

    Lee Anthony, it works with pressing the player, congrata!

  25. jacqueline says:

    Lee I saw the duplication. Those are called modules. How that is happening is a mystery to me you actually have to add another module manually. We will wait to hear what you have. I need to check what Blurrberry requires

  26. Lee Anthony says:

    It should be easier to identify with new link, am putting together a short episode to go onto site that is on the overcoming addictions topic. I want to test if it will upload better using smaller episodes. Also trying out a new microphone. I am seeing a duplicate again on page today.

  27. jacqueline says:

    Lee I added the contact email to your page. Are you going to identify each link so they know what they are listening too or if they might want to skip to another if there is identity.

  28. Lee Anthony says:

    This looks and sounds good. Im goin to save files to a different place for links to go on site that will actually show the name and not say onedrive, hoping it will look better and be easier to see. Hope everyone is enjoying things so far. Im going to try out a 30 minute episode and see if it being shorter will help with upload issue. My email for all podcast related issues is podcastwithlee@gmail.com

  29. jacqueline says:

    Lee Anthony Sunday is fine at 11 am. Rene and I had a productive meeting today. Henry came over to get a computer and catch up on our postings and view some of the videos I felt were appropriate.
    He feels also that Eric is fulfilling a much-needed source to help those just coming out understand the problem with the theology of the entire concept that holds so many.
    So by creating a page those that can’t access youtube directly from other countries can do so from a page hosted on here.
    This way our site can just discuss the actual text of the Bible.
    I like the way all of the sites are recognizing each can address different issues and we can post it. Holy Spirit sent from God works, Jesus promised to send a helper into the world once he left.
    We thank him.

  30. Lee Anthony says:

    Sunday at about anytime is gonna have to work on our interview. Im thinkin about 11 a.m.? Or what would be best for you?

  31. Lee Anthony says:

    Great! I have tried using iPad to upload but it is same as computer. We may need to get the people over the site to help if they do that for free. As long as it sounds good, maybe we should just get it to looking good there on the page until we figure out the rest.

  32. jacqueline says:

    Lee Anthony, wow, I listened to your 1st podcast and it is loud and clear.
    I open mine with Google Music player.
    Others will choose the players they have on their phone or computer. Hopefully, we will get some feedback.

  33. jacqueline says:

    Lee I will get with you with both of us in the back and we will figure this out. Regrouping and recuperating today. Plus Marjo from Sweden and Jeff have some comments that a few of us are analyzing.
    I will have face to face therapy sessions today but back tomorrow.

  34. Lee Anthony says:

    I tried uploading the mp3 media to site. Said it did but its not on there. I dont know the issue, its not a huge file now that its mp3, shouldn\’t have to link ro listen it should go directly on site just like other talks that are posted. I dont get the issue

  35. Lee Anthony says:

    There must be a way to play it on site through media player. The mp3 file (2nd) I sent is small as it can be done as a compressed file. May need to just find a way to integrate it from itunes as It can be played that way also

  36. jacqueline says:

    Lee I tried putting it in the player but the file exceeded the limit.
    When I press this link I open it with Google drive to play it.
    That makes it play on phones and tablets.
    Let’s see the feedback and see what everyone says. Meanwhile, you can get in the back and we will see if there is another player.

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