Prophecies That Have Been Fulfilled to Date!



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This is a page to use to put prophecies that have been fulfilled from the Bible. From the Beasts of  Daniel to the predictions of the End Times of our day.

Eve felt the birth of her boys was a fulfillment of the prophecy of a woman's seed crushing the seed of satan .

So from the beginning of our world man looked at prophecy spoken by Yahweh our God to get hope and release from suffering.

In Jesus' day, the astronomers and all of Israel were waiting, looking, and hoping that he had been born on the earth. Daniel was over the astronomers for years in Babylon through more than one ruler. He would have taught the when to expect Jesus and the sign of the Child was seen in the sky from God leading them to him.

So this page is here for comments on prophecies you see already fulfilled.

Contribute if you like or read others' comments but most of all enjoy the journey.

7 Responses to Prophecies That Have Been Fulfilled to Date!

  1. jacqueline says:

    This is an amazing explanation of Daniel and the Giant Statue and the Beasts.

    One very interesting one is the little HORN! I am still looking at this but I will take a guess that it is the Papal system and the Vatican City! I might be wrong.
    Now I will go finish listening to it. Enjoy

  2. jacqueline says:

    How do we know we are near the door to the Kingdom being established. This minister gives food for thought.

    • The travelers says:

      Jesus as our king, the king of the kingdom of earth, left, ascended to heaven to establish our citizenship. Jesus took up his inheritance as king over heaven and earth and our citizenship was assured. Jesus was aware of his spiritual need and thus inherited power over both heaven and earth. Heaven now in order with Satin cast out does God’s will. With the new ability to be poured out on those of the kingdom of earth, the “spirit of understanding/truth” Jesus was able to help us draw closer to doing God’s will as we began to “see” more clearly. So we pray “let your kingdom come.” or in other words draw closer to your will. Note the kingdom of earth was already on earth while Jesus was alive.

      (Matthew 21:42, 43) . . .Jesus said to them: “Did YOU never read in the Scriptures, ‘The stone that the builders rejected is the one that has become the chief cornerstone. From Jehovah this has come to be, and it is marvelous in our eyes’? 43 This is why I say to YOU, The kingdom of God will be taken from YOU and be given to a nation producing its fruits.

  3. The travelers says:

    When you cross from death to life you are a new creation. Since Adam and Eve were created you are the first living creation through God’s Son to be created in the space God exists in.

  4. jacqueline says:

    This is an amazing page to listen to about the Bible foretelling 9/11 and about Mark Twain and Trump(et).

    This is the full page but hit the 2nd one first to get right into the meat.
    Please don’t judge the narrator because it is his guest that is speaking.
    Frankly, I love the narrators of these programs because they listen.

    Pray and be amazed at the power of God. May Yahweh bless you!

  5. jacqueline says:

    The only way to understand Revelation is to get very familiar with the things happening in Genesis. They sort of fold over into each other.

    In the first two chapters of Genesis There is no sin.
    In the last two chapters of Revelation, there is no sin.

    In the first two chapters of Genesis, there is no satan.
    In the last two chapters of Revelations, there is no satan.

    In the first two chapters of Genesis order is brought to the Chaos on the earth and a new creation appears.
    In the last two chapters of Revelation order is brought to the chaos of earth and a new creation appears.

  6. jacqueline says:

    This is my contribution from Dr. David Jeremiah who explains it as I see the Book of Daniel and a set of the beast mentioned. Enjoy

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