Racism in an American Religion

34 Best Harriet Tubman images | Harriet tubman, Abolitionist ...Harriet Tubman was asked, "how many slaves did you rescue?" Thousands, but I could have rescued thousands  more but they weren't aware they were slaves."

This is the case with most of the black elders and circuit overseers. They are given a "little power" to subjugate, keep in line, and control the black congregations with threats like those implemented in slavery. They follow the rules and use an iron fist. They don't know they are slaves, they just take the insults from the organization instead of speaking out and stopping the behaviors.

I grew up under segregation and "Jim Crowe laws" so I know racism when I see it. 

Since the kingdom halls are closed, now is the time for those held in slavery to search the internet in the privacy of their home without interference from the elders and the organization. The link below is a helping start for you. This is done in love to help the next generation get free mentally even if it is too late for my generation.  Now you can check every fact against the Bible itself. You can read the Bible and listen to other thoughts on the scriptures to help you understand this marvelous conversation Jehovah God is sharing and having with His earthly children. Pray and He answers, you can understand the Bible if you let other voices in. If you find it says what your religion teaches then good. But also be ready to see the doctrines are not in line with the Bible from the very beginning of the religion. They are based on if the average Church teaches this we will go the opposite, to be seen as different and that makes it right. Take you time. God is patient.

 Now is an excellent time to review the systemic Racism in the religion I was brought up in.

The entire model of the Watchtower society is based on the dominance of its members. You must totally submit your will to the organization from its inception in the 1800s or risk dismissal as it is rumored Rutherford had been dismissed for disagreeing. This same model progressed down to the present-day organization.

Women no matter their race are second class citizens and Black women are third class or less in the eyes of the organization. Only good to raise subservient black boys and girls to view them as their savior and to completely obey them instead of the Bible.

These young people with families have had it drilled in them that they and their young children will die at Armageddon.

There is one token black man on the governing body to appease the black congregants who have exclaimed "we have a black man on the governing body"!

Instead of exclaiming "why haven't we had a black man, Mexican or other nationalities on the governing body"?

Because older women especially black women will lose their families if they leave or speak out, many have remained silent.

Afraid that their black sons and daughters would abandon them even if they are ill. White sons and daughters and other races within this organization will do the same, so they too keep quiet. Speak out and you will be shunned and hunted down relentlessly by visits from their "Gestapo" elders.

Barbara Anderson and I were almost the first women to actively speak out. 

I am almost sure I was one of, if not the first black woman to openly speak out against this systemic racism, doing so in a court of law.

I don't really have to say much but I will put this link to the page by Cedars that got his information from jwstruggles who got some of his info from jwfacts. It speaks for itself.

It is built on the SLAVE MODEL




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  1. jacqueline says:

    Genesis 9: 20-27 has been used by some to prove God cursed the African people to be slaves.

    This is actually Noah who cursed his grandson Canaan who is the son of Ham. This wasn’t God talking at all.

    But HERE IS JEHOVAH GOD TALKING! Please read Exodus 21:16 and also the entire chapter.
    We know that the Africans were kidnapped so this scripture applies to them.

    Enjoy .
    Exodus 21:16 “Kidnappers must be put to death, whether they are caught in possession of their victims or have already sold them as slaves.

  2. jacqueline says:

    Last night I broke down, turned off my phone, got in my bed which has a zip-up tent around it and I lost it!

    I literally could not function! I cried dry tears, prayed and listened to Abide scriptural station all night.

    I have never felt such a weight lifted when I heard the outcome of the George Floyd murder trial.

    Being Black and experiencing Racism was bad but I grew up in a Racist Religion and suffered badly at the hands of Circuit Overseers sent into the black kingdom halls to treat us like slaves and whip us into subjection to the
    The RACIST governing body of the witnesses.

    The verdict of guilty brought the entire life experience down on me from being raised under segregation to experiencing it recently in the Bible Student movement and living in it all my life.

    I cried because I raised my boys in SLAVERY! I didn’t know and I humbly apologize to them and my grandchildren. I voluntarily put them in slavery.

    I hope they will forgive me when they wake up. I might be dead but I am truly sorry, living in terror every day and in a Racist religion, how horrible for them!

  3. Lee Anthony says:

    Interesting on the gold statue. This is an unfortunate issue that while not all agree on what image or idols mean, it is of interest to note, like you pointed out, the new testament certainly includes fleeing idols. I like to note Deut. 4:15-20) is very specific on how it states not to make anything in heaven, on earth, or under the sea, it says not to make them then it says not to worship them or so that you wont bow down to them. It even mentions to take heed and not worship the luminaries as it seems humans tend to do just that. In our society most think this means literally bow to the knee or praise and pray to these images, But, and butts usually stink, worship is to show honor too, venerate or pay homage too, adoration, and so on. Statues of men and other things in our world as well as images posters and similar things stand in the place of God and have these definitions applied to them in many cases. Humans tend to appreciate, honor and pay homage to famous humans and the like. (Example Mt. Rushmore) Deut 27:15) is of interest to me as it says to have an image in secret, no worship required here, just hiding it away was offensive to God. We all have our views on these things, BUT, if we know God hates idols and idolatry, then fleeing is indeed the best option no matter how our conscience leads us to feel. Great subject!

  4. jacqueline says:

    Hello, Wesley from Africa. If you see this then hit reply and we can begin a conversation. Also, others may talk to you.

    It is after 11 Pm here so I might not see your comment until tomorrow.
    Wow, Wesley I just went to your youtube page and it is jam-packed.

    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=xjw+africa I love how you have it arranged.

    • Henry says:

      Prominent Evangelical Warns Christians Against Trumpism.

      I remember when Trump first became president. I saw a magazine cover that showed a number of evangelical ministers \”laying hands on him.\” I remember wondering. \”How would they tell their members that Trump was compatible with Bible standards?\” I however choose to take a neutral position on politics. It\’s way too divisive and caustic these days. ( 2 Timothy 3:1-5)
      After viewing the video look below it and read some of the comments. I found them interesting.

      • Henry Henson says:

        A Golden Statue of Trump! Could this be idolatry?
        God gave the Ten Commandments to the Israelites and one of them said. \”You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness
        of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.\” (Exodus 20:4) Perhaps no one is going to bow down before it, but they could find themselves enticed by the image to whom it represents. That\’s why the Bible says at 1 Cor. 10,14. \”Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry.\”
        One final question. Why did artist paint the statue gold? It reminded me of the golden calf that some of the Israelites used to replace Jehovah God in their worship. (Exodus 20:1-5) Why are these situations similar. There\’s one common denominator, Satan the Devil and the demons!

  5. Jacqueline says:

    What an interesting piece on the Color of the skin of the Israelites, Egyptians, etc.

    I often wondered why the Egyptian princess would accept this baby Moses. It would be evident that he was Jewish or was it?
    Magog is mentioned in the Bible also they are the Skifians.
    They settled in Russia. Enjoy


  6. jacqueline says:

    Billie Graham was popular in my childhood but we were taught against him. Why?? This is an excellent Servant.


  7. jacqueline says:

    This an experiment by a teacher to show how test scores and such improved when racial profiling was prohibited on a group of children.
    Growing up under segregation meant I went to all black schools with all black teachers, men and women. Black principals, nurse was black, girls and boys advisors were black everybody was black and we got pep talks all day long. Our grades were through the roof and everybody had high self esteem.
    I was around doctors, lawyers, beautician and morticians, every business in my community was owned by black persons. Dr Martin Luther King based himself in Birmingham because of this rich backdrop .
    So I was taught that I was, somebody, a force to be reckoned with. Positive things said all the time.
    Editor In Chief of our school paper etc. No hint of racism in our space at children.
    That shaped me and might explain why I am intolerant when I see abuse of the helpless and racism in a religion.
    The Bible clearly states that man is a descendant of one man and woman.
    So if so called “Truth” religions dont know this then why are we there?
    Maybe to teach them and bring them to Christ.
    So I always try to look at religious antagonists as needing to learn from the encounters also.

  8. jacqueline says:

    I can hardly get through the funeral of Mr. Floyd!
    Now they are singing every praise is to our God, and it is helping . I wish I could be there.
    I have been invited to attend a session on Friday by a company to talk about Racism since I grew up under segregation and “Jim Crowe Laws”.
    I will shock them when I let them know I was also in a racist religion and it has shaped my whole life until I die!

    I am so sorry to be pouring out my heart on here but it is the story of
    Black people in the United States and a Racist religion.
    I am overwhelmed right now! I cannot stop the tears, but I can be with everyone on TV at least. We need Jesus heading the Kingdom of God, so Black men don’t have to be afraid of a traffic stop or when you see a police car behind you or your son calls to ask what to do, a police car is just following them.
    I along with others just need to pray right now.

    I hear the watchtower society is telling the black brothers not to get involved in the Racial issues here, but they asked them to write to Russia and get involved in their government affairs with men who wouldn’t stop disturbing people on the street corners and breaking up families with their shunning.

    My good witness friends are acting as if nothing is going on, and that hurts my heart.No acknowledgment at all.
    So deep is their mind control that I have to just isolate myself from such callous attitudes and comments of well it just proves we are in the end.

    I am ranting I know but, this is what this website is about. Pouring your heart out. Take Care

    God will help but Man can start it right now! That is in harmony with his will to help those that can’t help themselves. Jesus did it all the time. He even told them to leave the lady alone that was performing him for his burial.

  9. jacqueline says:

    A person should be able to just walk away from a racist religion but if you are born in it and think it would be going against God, it’s not easy.
    So hopefully people can judge for themselves by clicking the link and see if you are in slavery.
    One person has called to say they have quotes prior to the 1900.
    I am ashamed to tell the racist things I have endured, especially while in the very last congregation and the last association. I was very vocal however so it didn’t stick because I confronted the elders of both religions.

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