STRESSBUSTERSINC is a 501c(3) Foundation. (1999- Present)

We call ourselves 4th responders, we appear in the AFTERMATH of a tragedy. Weeks after a tragic event PTSD will present but all the responders are gone on to the next situation.  Touch therapy and hope through talk, blogging and conference calls are where we come in to help. 

We approach counseling on stress reduction holistically. 

What this means is we treat the entire person, we listen, talk and let you express your thoughts as well as “touch therapy” through trigger pointing, neuro-muscular re-education or craniosacral and massage therapy to release the meridians in the body. We can call in a reflexologist.

We will come to your place of business to perform these stress management therapy sessions for PTSD or we will set up a comfort center at your major event.

We accept sponsorship from local businesses to set up in the community where a tragedy has occurred. We live in stressful times and PTSD has to be addressed. Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome is real and has a physical proponent that massage therapy and talk therapy will address. 

Massage therapists with their equipment for table or chair massage are a part of the package.

Call: 219.963-2956, Ask for Jacqueline or leave a message and we will call you back.

Veterans, victims of Spiritual Abuse and others suffering from PTSD often benefit from talk therapy along with touch therapies that release the meridians in the body.

We cater to Women’s, shelters and support groups.

The purpose of adding it to the site is INFORMATIONAL ONLY, for the benefit of sponsors or potential grants.         

Our company has been in business since Massage Therapy was gaining attention as a modality for health professionals.  Our Whole Body, Mind, Music approach has been proven to help you deal with the tough times and stresses of our modern world.


ABOUT THE CEO: Jacqueline Fowler HAPP, LMT

American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness- 2008
Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner (HAPP)
Member – International M.I.N.D.S. Association
(Enlightening the world, one person at a time.)
American Certified Massage School – 1998 (LMT)
ABMP Certified Massage Therapist
Merrillville Beauty College – 1987
ICS School of Nutrition & Fitness – 1996
Jacqueline’s Beauty Salon, 1974-Present
Personal Trainer- Sports Massage- Graduate
Apprentice training: Broadwest Algology Clinic under Dr. Simon Trueblood, (anesthesiologist)
Research participation: Purdue University Study on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
St. Luke Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago, IL. Nerve disorders and their effect on Baldness
Volunteer Participation: American Cancer Society’s “Look Good Feel Good program for Women”, Stress Management Council for Victims of Abuse,
Stress management workshops for groups large and small.
Member Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Member National Cosmetologist Association of Indiana
Member Gary Chamber of Commerce.
Internet blogger/ phone- in facilitator, for Teenies to Adults with PTSD symptoms from life changes.
Recipient of Medallion Award for Community Health, Wellness, Advocacy, and Volunteerism.
Northwest Indiana office for Chicago Music Awards & World Music and Reggae Awards Show
Notary State of Indiana – Insured- Bonded-Licensed EVENTS:
​Stress management Seminars:
The city of Gary Indiana yearly Employee Health Fair (Sponsor: Cigna Health, AIM, United Healthcare) Annual event to date
Total you Pantene Tour, Ebony Black Family Reunion Tour – (Sponsor: Proctor Gamble) 2000-2008
Trade show for Partners in Contracting with the U.S. Defense Dept. (comfort center) Hammond and Merrillville, In.
Large multi-day Hotel events:
United States Postal Service Career Awareness Workshop. Facilitator, Teaching Stress Management classes. We had 3 large rooms with full body and chair massages for postal workers after shootings incidences at some offices.
Women’s Conference-Full Gospel Christian Church Assemblies International. Stress seminar for Women’s Abuse Awareness.
Ice Design Company stress and massage workshop
Sheraton Hotel Chicago, IL: Four Day (4) Black Data Computer and Processing Association convention. Set up a comfort center for Stress Management.
IUN University: Back to School Jamboree for State Representative Vernon Smith.
IUN University: First Annual Health Fair. Chair massages, Stress seminar; coping with exams and being on your own.
Southlake Mall: Hobart, IN. Methodist Hospital Northlake & Southlake Health Fair.
Grand opening – Gary Community Health Center.
Seminars for various school BUS Driver companies. Sponsored by PTA or Townships

Annual Events

⦁ “Totally You”  Pantene Tour
⦁ V-103’s Expo for TODAY’S BLACK WOMAN
⦁ World Travel- Ocho Rios, Jamaica
⦁ World Music and Reggae Awards (Atlanta Ga.- New York, N.Y.)                                                       
⦁ Ebony Magazine Black Family Reunion Tour
⦁ Chicago Music Awards
⦁ African Caribbean Festival of life
⦁ African Festival of the Arts
⦁ Employee Appreciation Day Pamper Parties (various companies) 
⦁ Trade show for Partners in Contracting with the U.S. Defense Dept. (comfort center)


Personality Clientele:

Mayor City of Gary, In. Rudy Clay
Dr. Donita Johnson-Hughes (Edgewater Mental Health Director)
Chuck Hughes-President, Gary Chamber of Commerce
Music producer: H.B. Barnum
Aretha Franklin and entourage
Playwright: Jerry Jones, Los Angeles CA.
Comic: Ms. Jeda “Dupree” Jones
Actor: Antonio Fargas, Los Angeles CA.
Singer: Babyface
Singer: Marshall Thompson (Member Chi-Lites) and Back-up singer.
The Dells: Marvin Junior
Radio Personality: Ladonna Tittle
Singer: Ngouma Lokito, Paris France:
Soukas Stars, Congo Africa: The Manhattans:
Singer- Tinga Stewart, Jamaica;
Music awards Producer, Ephraim Martin,
Producer: MC Lyte
Comedian: A.J. Jamal
And many more.


Media Exposure

⦁ CLTV, Gary Post Tribune, Radio Jamaica, ABC news,
⦁ Hyde Park Newspaper, Chicago, IL. Gary Defender, Channel 56 WYINTV.
⦁ TV Broadcast Show aired monthly on stress management


We are a Massage therapy company that will travel to your event.
Chair or table massage for:
Pamper parties (massage part of it only)
Family reunions,
Corporate employee appreciation day,
PTA Teacher appreciation days.
Comfort center for Large multiple day events (hotel set up or in room)
Company President will travel with a tour (see our events page)
Additional Services:
Massage to support Home bound Physical therapy
Non ambulatory patients
Palliative care and Hospice care if recommended by a Physician
Veteran events ( massages are at a greatly reduced price)
Why Should I get a Massage?
An experienced massage therapist will plan the session to address your needs and concerns. Some of the most common reasons for getting a massage are: General Health and Fitness
General Stress Relief
Relaxation and Revitalization
Relief of sore or tight muscles
Relief of Tension Headache
Recovery from Sports Activity
Improve Circulation Please feel free to discuss your reasons and ask how their approach can help you.
Will my Therapist be Male or Female?

This is a matter of personal preference. Cross-gender massage is very common today. Your Therapist should be someone you are comfortable with and with whom you can relax. Please discuss this with us if you have a preference.

What is the Length of the Massage session?
Chair massage will last generally no longer than15-20 mins. Massage sessions may last from ½ hour to 1 ½ hour. Determining factors are:
1. The purpose of the session,
2. Your time and available resources and
3. The Therapist schedule Are There Any Restrictions?
Yes, there are situations where caution is warranted. If we are in doubt we will refer you out to a health professional. In the presence of uncontrolled high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, phlebitis, fever, and other conditions consult your physician about any restrictions before scheduling a massage. In some cases, there are limited restrictions, and in rare cases, massage should be avoided altogether.
Health Information: You will be asked to fill out a written form on your first visit or if it is a Chair massage verbal questions may be asked. These will be questions about your past and current health. This information will help the Therapist plan the session. Questions will be about major health problems, allergies, recent injuries, pregnancy and medications you are taking. ALL INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT
IN THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE. What takes place during the session?
We want you to be comfortable during your massage. These are some of the most commonly expressed concerns:

Modesty: You may choose to be totally or partially unclothed under a draping of a Sheet or a large Towel. Some persons prefer to wear their underpants some do not. The choice is totally yours, we are comfortable with either. As each part of the body is massaged, it is uncovered. Genitals and women’s breasts will be covered at all times. If your shower is very close to your appointment time it is not necessary to add lotion or oil to your skin, because we will use therapeutic oils to hydrate the skin.

Seated chair massage is done fully clothed on a special ergonomically aligned massage chair. Foot massage and some other forms of massage such as Shiatsu may be performed fully clothed.

Minors will be massaged only with a legal guardian or parent present and their signature giving consent.

Talking: This is a personal preference. Some people prefer silence; others like to interact with the therapist. You may be asked questions concerning comfort and feelings if the therapist is addressing a specific problem or has a prescription from a health professional. Always feel free to indicate if there is any discomfort.

Oil: Please inform the Therapist if you have allergies to oils, lotions or other lubricants. These will be used to help the Therapist’s hands glide smoothly over the skin. You may enquire about the removal of these oils if you desire after the massage.

Hair and Make-up: Since massage will involve the scalp, face, and neck please let the Therapist know if you would like these areas skipped. They can modify their technique or be especially careful.

Pain: Many factors will determine if there will be pain after a massage. They are your overall physical condition, the reason for the massage, your pain tolerance and the Therapist technique and type of massage being performed (Swedish, shiatsu, trigger point, myofascial release, etc). Tense muscles may hurt when being massaged. Sometimes after a massage, there may be some delayed soreness. This is especially true after your first massage. Take a very warm to hot shower or bath and drink plenty of water to remove waste products flushed out during the massage. When your body becomes accustomed to massage post-massage soreness will lessen.



3 Responses to StressbustersInc

  1. jacqueline says:

    I had the most beautiful experience tonight right before It was time for tonight’s testimony meeting.
    I was in Aldi getting some groceries when I got in a conversation with 3 ladies. There was another lady looking and listening and she came in to add to the discussion.
    We got in line and each paid for their groceries. The lady that was listening in apologized to me, saying I shouldn’t have jumped in your conversation. I said no, we were just talking at random like women do. We didn’t even know each other until we figured out that each had indeed crossed paths.

    She said I just wanted to say something, then she sid my husband died and before I could get over to her she hit me with: My daughter died of brain cancer.
    I just ran to her and we hugged tightly. We didn’t care that everyone at the registers was looking at us. I felt her pain.
    I also felt it was not a coincidence either. I gave her my card and asked her to come on the site and say hi.

    She told me about other health problems and I couldn’t believe they were my profession that cared for some of these health issues!
    I told her I open up in January at a local huge healthcare facility and I want her to come on here and I will see her when I open as I am a non=profit for PTSD and Women’s issues if they have lost a child.
    I must confess like the other three ladies I feel I have seen her or crossed her path before.

    I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe the Holy Spirit orchestrates things, so I will wait to see where he leads us.
    Thanks for listening.

  2. Karen Lindsey says:

    Stanley Loper’s “Go Fund Me Page” is below. I (Jacqueline) just talked to Karen and here is the address Also below the link.

    Karen Lindsey 102 Leeswood Circle, Brunswick, Georgia 31525 Use this for cards and letters or donations. (This is Jacqueline guys typing additional info.) Thanks

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