The Memorial of the Death of Christ, April 7, 2020

April 7, 2020: 7 pm Central Time, 8 pm Eastern Time, 6 pm Mountain Time, 5 pm Pacific Standard Time.


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REMINDER: SPECIAL – on April 2, our group will study Bro. Lee’s podcast about the importance of the Passover Feast, focusing on its history (Exo_12:11-51) and the deep meaning of Jesus’ fulfillment (1Co_5:7; Heb_11:28).


The Jewish calendar in use today is termed “modern” to distinguish it from the “ancient” calendar, which goes back to early Old Testament times. But the “modern” Jewish calendar was already in use in the early centuries of the Christian era. Originally the rules governing its calculation were kept secret to maintain the dependency of scattered tribes upon the ruling hierarchy. But in 359 A.D. the rules were finally published by Rabbi Hillel II and made available to all Jews in the dispersion. This made it possible for the calendar to be calculated centuries in advance, and it eliminated all confusion regarding occurrences of the holy days.

This is precisely why we believe it is still useful for Christians today to base the calculation of the Memorial date upon the Jewish calendar. It comes closest to approximating the ancient Jewish custom. Its use is certainly advantageous in arriving at a uniform date and eliminates the need for independent calculations. And it is universally available. But all this leads to one important question: Is it proper for us as Christians to accept Jewish authority and the Jewish calendar in fixing our Memorial dates?

In seeking guidance in any matter, it is always well to look to the example and teaching of our Lord. In this instance, we believe his words and actions provide a direct answer to our query. Jesus made it quite clear that he was willing to accept the interpretations of those who sat in Moses’ seat when such did not conflict with truth or principle. Of the scribes and Pharisees, he specifically said, “Whatsoever, therefore, they bid you observe, that observe and do” (Matthew 23:2,3). His followers were not, however, to follow their example in hypocrisy and religious show.

The arrangements and adjustments of the Jewish calendar, particularly as they governed the religious festivities of the people, properly fell under the jurisdiction of these leaders. Jesus was quite content to accept their rulings on such matters. Hence it would seem reasonable that acceptance of the dates produced by the Jewish calendar for the Passover-Memorial service in our day would be expressing an attitude similar to that of our Lord: not one of subservience, but of recognition of the convenience and utility of the arrangement, all under the providences of our God.

According to the Jewish calendar, Nisan 14 will be the eve of Tuesday the 7th in April for us and this is agreed on by dawn Bible and I think JW’s too. So we can all agree I guess on somethings.

Nisan 13 is our calendar day on which the Memorial is held, but At 6:00 p.m. on this calendar day Nisan 14 begins, and shortly after our Memorial service should take place.

researched by Lee Anthony


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  1. Ted R (Bible Student) says:

    The Easter Story Part 2
    This video is Part 2 of a video I posted on April 2nd. This video begins with the resurrection of Christ and event surrounding the event and shortly thereafter. An excellent presentation showing the importance of the resurrection.

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