The Shaking of Our World

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  1. jacqueline says:

    This is an interesting discussion on the Harbingers mentioned in scripture. Just information to listen to.

  2. jacqueline says:

    August has been an earth-changing series of events. Raw- footage !

  3. jacqueline says:

    If not for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, man would not have a chance.
    All my life I was taught to concentrate only on the Memorial but never on the fact that if he had not risen all was lost.
    We will welcome back our dead as they will welcome us because Jesus rose.
    A pandemic and now peaceful protest. A deadly mixture, some of us won’t see next month unless Jehovah and Jesus sees fit to halt the virus. We pray They will have mercy, we need their help. They can do anything. Amen

  4. jacqueline says:

    Haggi 2:6 “For thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Once more in a little while, I am going to shake the heavens and the earth, the sea also and the dry land.”

    Isaiah 13:13
    Verse Concepts
    Therefore I will make the heavens tremble,
    And the earth will be shaken from its place
    At the fury of the Lord of hosts
    In the day of His burning anger.

    Luke 21:26
    Verse Concepts
    men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

    Hebrews 12:26
    Verse Concepts
    And His voice shook the earth then, but now He has promised, saying, “Yet once more I will shake not only the earth, but also the heaven.”

    Haggai 2:7
    Verse Concepts
    I will shake all the nations; and they will come with the wealth of all nations, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the Lord of hosts.

    Habakkuk 3:6
    Verse Concepts
    He stood and surveyed the earth;
    He looked and startled the nations.
    Yes, the perpetual mountains were shattered,
    The ancient hills collapsed.
    His ways are everlasting.

    Amos 9:9
    Verse Concepts
    “For behold, I am commanding,
    And I will shake the house of Israel among all nations
    As grain is shaken in a sieve,
    But not a kernel will fall to the ground.”

  5. Lee Anthony says:

    A careful reading of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and others will show that YHVH is a God who is just and judges things according to HIS ways and causing death upon humanity as a result of them living in opposition to his law and ways is something that many can not grasp since they have created a new God, a God of love only, who does nothing “calamitous”… Wake up! YHVH is still God and he has not changed, yet according to most he has changed and men have put him in a box and say what he can or cannot do… Prayer and repentance is what has always been needed so please pray but also please let us repent and return to him and his ways and abandon our own. This generation, since the fig tree has began its growth is soon to pass away, let’s read what Jesus really said here, he was talking about a specific time and a careful reading will show the time was not 2000 years ago since Israel had not even been judged, they have since returned as a nation and a convergence of prophetic events are unfolding and will continue to unfold before our very eyes. Are we ready? Do we keep on the watch? The U.S. dollar still says “In God we trust” The God is money and old dead men not the true and living God that those who print such hypocrisy put their trust in. Soon we will throw our gold in the streets and I can think of other uses for paper money that will be far from buying food since food comes from God grown from the earth and not from the store given of men. What good is paper when my child is hungry?

  6. jacqueline says:

    Many are wondering is Covid-19 directly from God as his judgment?
    I can see it being a part of the signs that Jesus predicted that would let us know His second arrival is very near.

    But man is as in the past epidemics of diphtheria, polio, cancer, tuberculosis, and flu getting it under control.

    Revelation does not indicate we will be able to stop or get the judgment seals etc under control.
    Jehovah told Jesus to tell us what was coming from HIM to get us to repent and take notice that you can’t do without worshiping Him and violating all the covenants he gave Adam. One is to produce children to protect this arrangement. It is an everlasting covenant and reiterated with Noah not the opposite.

    I don’t think we will be able to fight His woes, He just stops it and goes on to another because as He says men curse God after each one.

    One thing left out of this current approach to COVID-19 is men aren’t openly asking God to help them and science. He can just let an angel whisper in a scientist’s ear how to proceed.

    Hopefully, prayer warriors and all are asking Him to help us, please.

    That’s how I see it from reading Revelation, Jehovah controls the woe. Time will tell on this one because it is a monster.

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