Three Authors with Verse by Verse Study of the Bible

This is a huge playlist for those getting started in getting some verse by verse not doctrines of the Bible.

There are Other are other Verse by Verse from another -Chuck Missler learn the Bible in 24 hours Here.

Torah Studies from a Jewish perspective is Good also:

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  1. Lee Anthony says:

    🙄 Well said, I cannot put God in a box, I dare not add to his word nor take away (Deut 12:32)(Rev. 22:18-19) Allegory, spiritualizing, and turning all these things into symbols when they are many times not implied and where there is only the thought of keeping ones tradition or doctrine in place is a danger. There are places we cannot say for sure, interpretation is needed but to TEACH it as TRUTH is a danger (Jas 3:1) The body of Messiah is for the work of serving and for the building up of the body not the tearing down of the body. Our world is getting darker and soon we will have the need ever more to reach out and help one another, will we when the time comes? (Heb 13:1-3) for it will come, (Matt 10:40-42) Or will we turn away a member of the body cause of disagreement over times and seasons? Perhaps he Has come already and all these things that have been written and sealed until the time of the end have been fulfilled then why wait at all? Why study his word and look for him in the clouds since he is invisible we would not see him? Will the angels that said that we will see him return the same way that he was seen going be found a liar? (Acts 1:9-11) Will not the Lord himself be found wanting when his words that all the earth will mourn when they see the son of man coming on the clouds with power and glory are found to be untrue and perhaps changed by the Father at the last minute and done away with like all his other words? (Matt 24-30-31). Even in his revealing, the uncovering that Yeshua received from his Father to show his servants he has repeated these same things that he himself said before and that the angels said as well that He will come with the clouds and every eye will see him .(Rev. 1:7) What about that loud trumpet sound? I had not meant to even speak of this but it could not be helped as it is one of the very things that divides many in the body, the interpretation of scriptures that are stated clearly by our Lord but are twisted and changed to be something of ones own understanding and taught to be true and if ignored then so will the one who ignores be ignored themselves by the rest and likely even by the master also, or so it is taught….It is God himself who divides and sets apart his people and it is this thought that seems to indicate who will stand in that day, Lord willing we will see it as hard as it may be, it is “those who keep the mitzvot of God and the faith of Yeshua” (Rev 14:12) My prayer and my Lamentation for this Day.

  2. jacqueline says:

    When reading and studying the Bible words and context are everything, who he is talking too and why.

    I have learned to read complete books of the Bible not jump all over to prove a point. Russell said if we studied just the Bible without the Studies in the Scriptures we would go into darkness in two years. But you could study the SITS without the Bible and understand God’s plan, What arrogance! Sept 15, 1910 page 298
    “It’s important to remember that WE are not in the Bible. The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself and His unfolding, eternal plan to redeem mankind. When we read Scripture, we are reading God’s story of His interaction with real people who have lived over thousands of years. He is sharing, especially in Revelation, how things are going to turn out. He is sovereign and says what he means and means what he says. We might not agree with how he will deal with Satan, the beast, false prophet, or judgment of those that absolutely refuse to submit to him. But it is his sharing what he has already seen.
    He is not waiting for us to approve his methods, He is Sovereign God. He reveals His authority, grace, mercy, justice, and eternal power. This almighty, eternal God has called us to Him, and He has revealed His will, His love, and His faithfulness in His living word.

    For us to say a God of love wouldn’t do this or that when he says definitely that he will, is to put ourselves in the narrative of his lovingly revealing his plans, man has been given plenty of time to straighten things out. He will punish.

    Putting the teachings of a Founder of a religion above God’s word and allegorizing the entire book of Revelation because you don’t agree that a person should suffer harsh judgments for sinning just a few thousand years is really not understanding the righteous Sovereignty of Jehovah God and questioning how He is going to rule His World.

    We are created beings for Jehovah and Jesus to love, tent with, and enjoy.
    The Bible, including Revelation, is his journey with man, His story. It isn’t about us. But he lovingly shares and includes us only if we willingly submit because we love him.

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