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HI everyone! Let me tell you about myself.
My name is Henry and I'm 68 years old. I have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren.
I was a Jehovah's Witness from 1971 to 2007(36 yrs.)  I served as a Ministerial Servant and Elder during that time. I also associated with the Bible Students for approximately 5 years. 
I've always been interested in history and current events. (I won the city-wide current events
contest when I was in 6th grade.)*:) happy  As regards this page I'll be scouring the Internet,
documents, and radio for articles relating to history and the current events as it relates
to the Bible and religion. Occasionally I will write some personal articles that I hope you will find engaging.
Feel free to post articles you may have found that you think would be of interest to our
readers. Some of you have posted articles already and I want to thank you for those and 
I'll be looking for many more in the future.
P.S. Oh! Concerning the "Blues" part we'll have to see where that leads us!

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  1. jacqueline says:

    Bombing at Kingdom Hall in India. This is the work of a coward. Why didn’t he just not go back to the meetings, instead of harming innocent people? If they want to worship under the organization of the governing body they have the right to do so, just as he has the right to go without losing his family.
    He is trying to force his views on others or they will be punished. It seems to me he learned to punish just like those he is accusing.
    He is not Judge but Jesus has been given that position for the future and Jehovah at the Great Throne judgment of Revelation 20. Violence is why the flood came and just as in those days so it is in these days. This is a violent murderer!! His videos should be taken down from YouTube! Large gatherings are not the way to go. Small groups like the former book study arrangement abolished to add control of discussions is a safer and more conducive learning environment.

    This is more comprehensive:

  2. Henry says:

    We’re probably going to hear all the newscasters later today about how these hailstones are Apocalyptic. Well, I would have to agree with them. When I get up in the morning I’m going to closely examine REVELATION and the rest of the BIBLE to see what I can find. I will post it then. If you the reader find something feel free to post it. Night to all.

  3. Henry says:


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