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20 Responses to WATCHING THE WORLD- With Henry

  1. Henry says:

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to notify and remind you about the much talked about and long awaited program concerning Leah Remini’s expose’ about Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    If you watch it please give me some feedback on what you thought were the positives and negatives about what you saw. I would really appreciate it.
    I posted below the A&E schedule for tonight. It has eastern time zone listed but if you go to the upper right hand of the page and click next to ET you will get the other time zone’s showing.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Updated Panel Participants on Leah Remini program on A&E this evening:
    John Cedars/Lloyd Evans
    Nathan Quarry – ExJW apostate ZombieCageFighter
    ExJW Fifth – Great Youtuber , ex-bethelite.
    Cynthia Hampton – exjw from Downey, CA
    “Shana Banana” (Shana Rubio?)
    Shannon Rowland –
    Mat Schmalz, Professor of Theology –
    Jerry Minor-
    Richard Follis
    Sharon Follis
    Cliff Henderson (AKA “Ex-JW Fifth”)-
    Mikaysha Soto
    Here are their faces matched up with their names:

  2. Henry says:

    ‘Punished’ for being sexually abused in York County: Jehovah’s Witnesses’ culture of cover-up

  3. jacqueline says:

    Thanks Ted, a royal commission is similar to our grand jury. It will go to court if enough evidence is found. It is a fact finding committee according to an Australian, Ray Charleston.

  4. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    I saw this today!…/government-expands-abuse-inquiry-…
    A new Royal Commission in New Zealand!

  5. Rena (aka Just Stay Sweet And Good) Luecking says:

    Shakespeare said “only dying men tell the truth” Of course, without our redeemtion we are all dying in Adam, so therefore, an true act of faith would be to always tell the truth, as if it was our last day on earth. There is really nothing as dangerous as an honest man. Honest people make most people nervous. Honest people just don’t realize the power they have. “Come with me and I will make you fishers of men” Only with perfect obiedience can he accomplish this through us. Col. 1:27

  6. Henry says:

    Hi Marjo,Nubby Tope,Greg and Jacqueline. Thanks for posting on this page and I have read all of your comments and will be looking forward to engaging you and others in conversations in the near future. I’ve been working behind the scenes to get this page organized and putting my bio together so those who don’t know me will get a clearer picture of whom they are talking to. In the meantime here’s a sad store about two Witness missionaries who worked in Guatemala. Our prayers go up for the survivor and their families.

  7. jacqueline says:

    Nubby I am going to look at this good when I get to my computer. But there have always been JW only schools in New York and other places in the United States. Teachers are all witnesses. We have many home schools here. I homeschooled one of mine as he went to college and High School at the same time. He had to pass the entrance exam for college with at least a 35 but scored 47 – 49. So yes these exist in the United States. The Watchtower society at the time in the 1980’s wanted to not advertise these schools and they had a few problems but now I think many will have private schools to protect their children not only as witnesses but from shooters.

    PS: I just sent this link to my daughter in law a teacher. I looked closer at the info on a big computer and yes these schools exist especially in New York State.

    In my area, a couple of families take turns each weekday and they meet up with other homeschooled for recreation and field trips together.

    Nubby notice we changed the BBB to just a link like the fojw page

  8. Nubby Tope says:

    Hey! Never heard of this before!

  9. Marjo says:

    Hello Henry!
    Sounds like to me that they are preparing for Armageddon. There has been talk that they are having surviving kits some kind too. So in case something major happens I have began to collect my own too. It’s not bad to be prepared. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

  10. Henry says:

    Hey everybody! I just received verification from two sources that the JW’s Governing Body has closed a number of Kingdom Halls in the city of Chicago. One sister told me that a group meets at one Kingdom Hall for field service but they nor anybody else meets there for any other meetings. My sources also tell me they have consolidated the English congregation where she attends with two others with one being a Spanish congregation. This is in a suburb of Chicago. Sounds like things are constantly changing in the Watchtower, isn’t it?

  11. jacqueline says:

    Yes, just tonight I was told that another elders wife said there will be more elders sending letters stating they no longer want to be viewed as a Jehovah Witness. She said it was expected that this elder would do that because he was telling everyone about some of the atrocities being allowed on pedophile victims by the governing body. He has always been an elder you could depend on to act justly. I am sure he is aware of the Leah Remini story coming up on November 11th on A&E network.
    I hope he does not suffer too much, he has been very ill. One family member said they will not shun their brother no matter what the governing body says.

  12. Henry says:

    Jacqueline. I find the story about the elder that left the Witnesses quite fascinating. Do you have an update on his story?

  13. jacqueline says:

    Henry, I saw this google alert and thought what a testimony to a Christian of a different belief system.
    Jehovah witnesses and Bible students belief system is very similar if not exactly the same coming from one Person, Charles Taze Russell, and Joseph Rutherford.
    This dear lady united people and got the truth from different sources.
    Having been with both the witnesses (62years) and the Bible students (8years) I am amazed at their not being able to clear up a breach that took place over 115 years ago.
    All parties to that fight are dead but neither group will extend or take the Olive branch. This lady has shown everybody up!

  14. jacqueline says:

    I just got a call this morning. One elder in ignorance, said he thinks this elder that left is nearing death so he wants to pay for sins probably. I immediately discussed that you ask for forgiveness for sins from God. It has nothing to do with an organization or some men. I spoke with his relative and it is over things said at the annual meeting and the fear tactics, not sin. The ignorance of the average witness of Jesus ransom is one thing but the profound ignorance of the Elders is totally unacceptable! It took courage for him to walk out, his family base is huge within the organization. His wife is prominent in TV. I grew up with him and he is a leader among the Elders there. Hopefully Leah’s expose will awaken others. I think we will need many more websites and helplines to answer questions and offer comfort.

  15. Nubby Tope says:

    WOW! Jacqueline, what a news item this was! A Bro in his 70’s walked away from WT after giving a talk (if it was a Sunday was that a Public Talk?) and a whole lifetime in the Borg and yet he saw something that made him quit where others would just stay where they are. What courage! I’d love to know why he left, and when he first decided to leave as I can’t believe this a “spur of the moment” decision. This guy intrigues me!

    And what’s the whole story behind the 4 Bethelites? Once again, great courage needed but what drove them to it? I’m pleased they got accomodation with ex-jws, and this shows that us ex-jws can and will show hospitality to people so we aren’t so “mentally diseased” as GB would suggest! I hope God will help them get settled into a normal routine and that things work out for them.

  16. jacqueline says:

    Nubby the news is just circulating around the State where this happenned as people have their meetings this week. He is not an elder that had fear of man but upheld organization protocols without hurting anyone. So it is still filtering out. He was among the thirty elders that met to discuss whether or not I could attend my brother’s funeral and eat with the family, so I know he knows about me as they had to call the watchtower society for and answer. I would like to think he was one of the “in favor”. Oh and the governing body said to let me attend and go to any function I wanted to withour hinderance. The funeral was standing room only and outside on the parking lot because my brother was a civil rights guy of the sixties and had received state and city commendations after there was no threat to his life. I will see if the friend that heard about the four leaving will come on. He was going to suggest my home because I have space but brothers took them in.
    I want to take a few guesses on the 35 million ( ) it says that the local kingdom hall and elders lost also. I can see this being a problem with elders being thrown under the bus by the governing body, thus causing them to step down from these positions. I will update when I hear more. I will also get more info on the link for the four Bethelites that left.

  17. Greg says:

    So this man gave a talk, and then handed in a letter of resignation? Wow! I am full of questions. 🙂
    And regarding the newspaper article about the “homeless man” who was befriended by the journalist, I have heard firsthand from so many abused men this same kind of tragic story. No, the men I’ve heard didn’t end up dead like the man written about in the article, but sometimes I can’t sleep at night for wanting to do more to care and support and heal these hurting souls.
    Worst of all, I can’t shake the echoes of the past out of my skull. Just like the words that the homeless man’s parents expressed, the words of so many self-righteous and compassionless JW’s that I’ve heard over the years keep haunting me, “These people are making a choice.”
    So painful. So tragic. So much unnecessary suffering.

  18. jacqueline says:

    We heard about an elder in Alabama that gave a talk on Sunday, then gave the elders a letter saying “He no longer wants to be recognized as a Jehovah witness.”
    I know this elder well and he is in his seventies. His son has left Bethel but he has a huge family within the organization.
    The only info I have is it is probably on organization matters coming from the annual meeting 2018.
    Rick’s sixscreen show has 4 people leaving Bethel that need accomodations and now an older couple are leaving because of the annual meeting.

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