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HI everyone! Let me tell you about myself.
My name is Henry and I'm 68 years old. I have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren.
I was a Jehovah's Witness from 1971 to 2007(36 yrs.)  I served as a Ministerial Servant and Elder during that time. I also associated with the Bible Students for approximately 5 years. 
I've always been interested in history and current events. (I won the city-wide current events
contest when I was in 6th grade.)*:) happy  As regards this page I'll be scouring the Internet,
documents, and radio for articles relating to history and the current events as it relates
to the Bible and religion. Occasionally I will write some personal articles that I hope you will find engaging.
Feel free to post articles you may have found that you think would be of interest to our
readers. Some of you have posted articles already and I want to thank you for those and 
I'll be looking for many more in the future.
P.S. Oh! Concerning the "Blues" part we'll have to see where that leads us!

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  1. jacqueline says:

    This is informative indeed! About Rutherford and how loyalty to a man does when the man dies an is forgotten but an organization will keep on living . That’s what Rutherford understood about corporations. Russell thought only he was it. And so he had the world ending in 1914!

  2. Ted R. says:

    This last mid-week meeting was almost entirely devoted to requesting more money. They justify much of it for relief efforts. I have never seen an entire meeting so blatantly putting a guilt trip on the publishers. They did the account report and almost sheepishly justified why we had so much money on hand and not forwarding it to the society. It’s sad.

  3. jacqueline says:

    Information gathering changing in door to door.

    Also at the bottom of the page is an interview with Barbara Anderson. Enjoy.

  4. Ted R. Bible Student says:

    A humorous look at the Governing Bodies request for money!

  5. jacqueline says:

    Okay, good Nubby Tope.
    Speaking on the implications, Jesus will have a Bride and a marriage. His having been a man and actually living with women he created is just beyond my brain.
    I am taking the course of going thru the Bible verse by verse rather than by subject. It is just profound!

    I like Khouse because they give you other views to look at, it is like taking a college course. 24 sessions for Genesis took me about 2 weeks to go thru. My outlook on the simplicity of the truth with the help of the Holy Spirit rather than preconceived dogma by an organization or one man, has changed. God is not trying to trip us up.

    The Old Testament reveals all the goings on of the New Testament. You can’t understand Revelation or the gospels unless you see the beginning in the Old Testament (Genesis).
    The Jews probably wondered why Moses was told to make the snake wrapped around a pole and anyone looking to it would get healed from the snake bite. Snake is a symbol of sin and it would be nailed to the torture stake and anyone looking to Jesus would get healed. Now Christians understand something Moses and early ones didn’t. Just an exciting course.
    I am looking forward to tomorrow when the guest arrives and we will have Memorial together and with the friends on the free conference call hook up.
    Will you celebrate with a group large or small in your area?

  6. Nubby Tope says:

    Hi Jacqueline,

    2 other things God can’t do: 1) Make you love Him 2) Can’t embrace a man the way a woman can! A wife can hug physically.

  7. jacqueline says:

    Can anybody think of some things God can not do?
    Such as he cannot lie, can’t be taught, can’t be taken by surprise.

  8. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    An inspiring story:
    Shelly Braieoux who testified in the Australian Royal Commission under the anonymous pseudonym ‘BCG’ has been formally admitted as a lawyer.

  9. jacqueline says:

    TedR, I belong to Voice of the Martyrs. Christians all over the world are being killed and tortured for Christ. Witnesses have huge press releases on their situation in Russia but most of the persecuted Church rely on Jesus. No Christian religion is immune, we are all in this together. No religion has “The Truth” that makes them immune to persecution.
    As God reveals his plans satan follow right behind him to devour Christians like a lion!
    Like tells us to lift our heads up when we see this, for our deliverance is near.
    Pray for our dear sister U___, for Satan is on the attack and causing her harm.

  10. jacqueline says:

    TedR, Thanks for the info. I was in conversation with an ex-witness yesterday on how the stone cut out of the mountain ends rule by the statue. Then Jesus rule will fill the whole earth. Other scriptures let us know it would be 1,000 years.
    One of my problems with Russell’s teaching is he and his followers today believe in overlapping and that the thousand years began in 1874.
    My discussion with. BS elder on Satan being bound during the 1000 years was dismissed.
    I will read this and make sure I alert the other person.

  11. jacqueline says:

    Henry this is the page you requested while we were on Testimony meeting Saturday night.

    Watchtower Child Abuse Settlements
    Watchtower is facing and losing a rising number of court cases, due to its policies and protection of pedophiles within its congregations. This article discusses some prominent cases and the reasoning courts give for judgments against Watchtower.

    For detail regarding how Jehovah’s Witnesses are instructed to deal with child abusers see Watchtower Pedophile Policy, which discusses how these policies have facilitated the operation of pedophiles within congregations.

    The ongoing settlement of cases by the Watchtower Society is highly condemning. Most of these are settled out of court with “gag” clauses so that the public is unable to obtain full details. More recently, some victims have decided to pursue their cases through the courts, so that people are able to become aware of what is happening within the Watchtower Organization and understand how dangerous their policies on child abuse have been. See more here:

  12. jacqueline says:

    Commentary: Has the Catholic Church committed the worst crime in American history?
    “Horseplay,” a term used to denote child rape, is, says Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, part of a sinister glossary of euphemisms by which the Catholic Church’s bureaucracy obfuscates in documents the church’s “pattern of abuse” and conspiracy of silence “that goes all the way to the Vatican.” “Benevolent bishops” are those who allow predatory priests, shuffled from other dioceses, to continue as priests.

    The fuse for the national explosion of fury about sexual abuse by Catholic clergy was lit in Boston — the excellent 2015 movie “Spotlight” recounts The Boston Globe’s victory over the stonewalling Catholic hierarchy in 2001-2002. But the still-reverberating detonation occurred last August in a Pittsburgh grand jury’s report on the sexual abuse by approximately 300 priests of at least 1,000 victims in six Pennsylvania dioceses…… see more at the link above

  13. jacqueline says:

    TedR this paragraph says it all, Christians are being beheaded in Muslim countries! Pray for the persecuted Church of all Christians.

    “Christians are the most widely persecuted religious believers around the globe. They are the most numerous people of faith worldwide. They also tend to evangelize, threatening established religions. Moreover, especially in some Muslim nations, local Christians are assumed to be strong supporters of Israel and agents of America and U.S. foreign policy. The result is an increasingly tenuous existence for Christians in many lands.”

  14. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    This is a well written article highlighting the persecution of not only the JW’s but also other Christians worldwide.

  15. jacqueline says:

    I wanted to add to the comment of persecution of Christians and others.
    The Jewish people had control of the printing presses after the holocaust and I was amazed that with that power they only told of their deaths. Others had to bring attention to the other atrocities many years afterward. The witness organization releases to the world presses the atrocities that are happening in Russia as regards them but Baptist and some of the other religions that aren’t as organized are being treated worse or equally as bad.
    It seems the old quote is true; “He who controls the press controls the world” and the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Not to diminish the fact that freedom to worship God is a fundamental right of humans but sometimes we don’t reach back and pray for All Christians.
    I have been following closely for over 2 years now the situation in Russia and the owning and building if so many Kingdom halls and a branch office in the den of this former persecutor was to me a poke at this giant bear of communism. I wondered why they did this after the iron curtain went down. The Bible prophecies should have had them maintain their quiet presence in Russia. They were still growing under persecution. I have seen articles where the brothers defy the authority by insisting on door to door on homes and neighbothoods where they complained. Also 2 xjw filed suits over the breakup of their families by the governing body. This is how they first came to the forefront. They seized all of the tons of property and asked them to change their policies on shunning.
    I and other websites (fojw) were contacted by a representative of the watchtower to say publishing the testimonies of Disfellowshipped ones and those who are being shunned was doing the organization great harm.
    My response was then why don’t you change your policies and stop encouraging people to shunn their parents and children. Stop persecuting other Christians because they worship and believe differently than you!
    We actually did see Russia on the site in the early days and it was only 2 address that were governmental. So in the beginning 4 years ago it was only about breaking up families. I followed closely with some other brothers. So their fighting back brought them to the forefront which has always been the tactic of the organization to prove they are the Jews today and only they are his Christians. Persecution has to be invoked to keep this going so witnesses feel special and singled out.
    Just a thought on early start of this crackdown.

  16. jacqueline says:

    TedR I agree the persecuted Church and Christians should be in our prayers. I pray for the Witnesses, the Baptists and some other groups that the iron fisted Russia is persecuting. Some other nations are beheading Christians. Most religions don’t have press releases to just put their name at the top but we Pray for the Persecuted Church!
    I once told my relative that in the United States and other nations that have freedom of religions that Jehovah witnesses were the biggest persecutors of Christians.
    I see irony in this interaction. Small study groups without infringing on the rights of others seems to be the way to go. Huge Churches and kingdom halls are a thing left best to Commerce. Now the heart and a personal relationship with God can flourish during persecution. Dependence has to be on God and Christ.

  17. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    Regardless of a persons feelings regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses or any other religion, this is wrong! Please pray for these brothers and sisters.

  18. jacqueline says:

    TedR one of the big scandals of the Baptist Church is located in Henry, Jeff and my area. They admitted and started dealing with it.
    The witnesses in this same area were actually criminal intheir treatment of some victims here. If they challenge me on this it would be a pleasure to have these victims cases come to light publicly so they can be compensated.
    Chinita was a child in my congregation when her elder great Uncle and her Uncle plus other elders molested her and other girls. I found out about it over a decade later and was told if I spoke of it I would ruin the men’s reputations.
    That is when my exit mentally and emotionally began. We had at least 5 known men and 2 women pedophiles it is alledged. Chinita’S father went into Circuit and District work and it is alledged he donated her settlement as a vow of poverty was required. She was treated of no worth and these men are spread all over the states without people knowing what they are. I tell friends when I know they have moved in their congregation. So many stories from a religion that says they are the only ones on this earth God deals with. Now there is more help out there for these victims. I for a while was fighting alone until I heard of Barbara Anderson and we met. Still the governing body lives in absolute luxury in Warwick, many never birthing a child, like their founder they think only of their reputation and power.

  19. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    An interesting article on child abuse among Southern Baptists. Yes it happens in all religions, but notice the response:
    “The SBC presents no governing policies to churches because the SBC is not a governing organization; it is a service organization. Each church is self-governing,” said Sing Oldham, a spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention.
    “However, the Convention has consistently called on churches to report immediately to law enforcement any known or suspected instance of sexual abuse in a church context and has provided resources to inform churches of ways to help protect their congregants,” Oldham added.
    With about 15 million members, the Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States.
    In 2013, Southern Baptist leaders passed a non-binding resolution on child sexual abuse.
    “We remind all Southern Baptists of their legal and moral responsibility to report any accusations of child abuse to authorities in addition to implementing any appropriate church discipline or internal restoration processes,” “We likewise call upon all Southern Baptists to cooperate fully with law enforcement officials in exposing and bringing to justice all perpetrators, sexual or otherwise, who criminally harm children placed in our trust.”
    While the JW’s have put out a seemingly good response in their new Shepherding book it falls well short. They have not done away with the two witness rule so the matter continues to be placed in Jehovah’s hands within the congregation. They council the elders to first call the branch, rather than the authorities, to see if there is a mandatory reporting law in that area. I take this to mean that if it is not mandatory then they will probably keep it in house. They refuse to admit openly that there is a problem but continue to refer to it as apostate lies and misrepresentation to the rank and file.

  20. jacqueline says:

    Sometimes you feel like going on talk shows and pound into witnesses head to just walk away from the religion smoothly instead of the way it was done here.
    Those elders and their governing body are worse than Hitler in their reign of terror. Only cults elders come after you when you leave.

  21. Greg says:

    Laughter can really help a person heal. And seeing the absurdity in something can help you get clear and break free.

    In this episode… we learn how easy it is for the Governing Body to draw away followers for themselves.

    And Kevin McFree has a new video exposing Jehovah’s Witness Dogma.

    I liked that he pointed out that the Governing Body tells Witnesses that the Governing Body is the Slave, and the congregants are the Publishers, when in fact the exact opposite is true: The Governing Body are the Publishers, and everyone else are Slaves to ideas–not even bananas, just empty shiny buckets.

    Hope you enjoy the videos. Oh, and be sure to click “Like” and “Subscribe”. I don’t usually encourage that kind of thing, but so many of these former JW’s work so hard to help so many, and they walk such a fine line between the hurt and the potential to hate, that it’s important for them to get lots of encouraging feedback and support.

  22. Ted R says:

    I will see what I can do

  23. Greg says:

    Hmmm… I’m interested in this, but I don’t have a facebook account. I wonder how I might be able to obtain a copy of this ebook?

  24. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    Here is a link to an E-Book I thought the friends would appreciate and find enlightening. The file is too large so I am attaching the link to the Facebook page where I found it along with the commentary from Kim and Mikey. This is a must have for your e-library. It goes in depth of the false prophecies and “new light”.

  25. jacqueline says:

    This witness husband wanted his wife to live and disobeyed the governing body that believes in human sacrifice of women and children. Something God never commanded.

  26. jacqueline says:

    Henry, I found this. Religions are being revealed for having their own laws on data keeping on people. I remember I knew everything about people from the house to house record. Glad they are doing more to protect the householders.

  27. jacqueline says:

    That guy is an idiot! I didn’t listen to all of it, I normally read comments to get the jist of what is said if it will anger me.
    I guess the poor will be least affected by the financial crunch.
    Today I went to attend a funeral that was yesterday, don’t know how that happened. But I went to visit my niece where she was staying. (it was her mother deceased) Now we both know it was orchestrated for me to get mixed up. I took her out for lunch and a witness met us but I wasn’t aware she was a witness. It turned out to be a marvelous witness for all of us as she was able to get things straight about the Bible students, Australian Royal Commission on Child sexual abuse, evil slave, shunning, Leah Remini show and so much more. She actually took notes to share and do research. We all knew it was Holy Spirit that said no go tomorrow!
    PS: I arrived at the Seventh-day Adventist church and it was nice to see a little of their service. They were nice and helped me see I looked at the date incorrectly. They had a female teaching in one section and a male teaching in another and I noticed she didn’t have a head covering. I took in a lot in the few minutes I sat there.

  28. Greg says:

    A couple of items I came across today:

    First up:
    Are You Ready for the Financial Crisis of 2019?

    The Second link comes with a huge WARNING!!
    **I found this highly triggering, alarming, and incredibly difficult to listen to. Beyond that, I’ll refrain from passing judgement.**
    Mirrored – JW Says Candace Conti Is Lying, Mocks Child Sex Abuse Victim

  29. jacqueline says:

    Henry, thanks for posting these links. Now maybe people understand our site. We try to present articles of encouragement to help calm the xjw that have been destroyed by this governing body and the Jehovah witness organization.
    These persons that have set these fires were pressed beyond escape so they reacted!
    Hopefully we won’t become a site to push unreasonable doctrines on them that makes them think they have to make it into an elite group to be saved to benefit from the simple hope held out of salvation for “All” once Jesus returns and resurrects All loved ones.
    I wish we could talk to them on the BBB before they resort to this acting out.
    I am so glad there were no people inside either of these buildings. Killing children, the molestation,shunning,breaking up families and the insane doctrines and teachings that are made up and not clearly stated in the Bible are creating chaos.
    Hopefully we don’t add to it but offer a platform for them to talk and say what is in their hearts and mind without fear of being shut up.
    May Jesus let the friends find us, we are willing to help.

  30. Greg says:

    Hi Henry.
    Events like this suggest to me just how desperate some people are to “tell their story” and to talk about their pain in connection with the treatment they’ve received by Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s tragic that they resort to yelling this loudly and in this manner. I’m not encouraging acts like this, yet at the same time, I totally understand how all previous cries have probably fallen on deaf ears and cold, stony, self-righteous hearts.
    Perhaps I’m confusing MY story for someone else’s story? Even if I am, things like this are tragic but not the least bit surprising. What’s worse is the mentality of Jehovah’s Witnesses who refuse to acknowledge how they themselves played a significant role in escalating things to this level. Instead they go off feeling righteous and justified in themselves by pointing at the actions of another as though that person is simply the sole source and contributing factor in aggressive acts. By their haughty arrogance and holier-than-thou attitudes and actions, Jehovah’s Witnesses create for themselves their own self-fulfilling prophecies and then take that as evidential proof that God is on their side. It was precisely that despicable kind of self-righteous behaviour I constantly saw at the Kingdom Halls that disgusted and disturbed me sufficiently that I woke up and decided I’d never again be party to provoking such pain in others.
    So tell me, what are your reactions to stories like these?

  31. jacqueline says:

    Greg my grandchildren were talking about Armageddon and I overheard them asking why would God just tear down all of this? I was opening the back of my car. I was hurt that I couldn’t tell them that the governing body and the watchtower society are lying and using the same scare tactics they used on us in the 1950s then the 1960s when they predicted the end of the world. I am so glad to see this nation do something to send a message that this is unacceptable. At least the kids can think about this not being true. Will it change them? No, this religion will only yield to God and Christ putting their foot on their neck.
    I used to be so afraid as a child. What an awful bunch of men in Warwick, New York.

  32. Greg says:

    Here are a few more links about yesterday’s News reports coming out of Sweden & Netherlands. The authorities are raiding various buildings in an effort to seize records before Jehovah’s Witnesses destroy them. Also, in Sweden there are charges are being laid against an individual held as responsible rather than the nameless, faceless, entity of Watchtower corporation due to the unlawful showing of films that were not approved for viewing by children.

    Kim and Mikey’s Channel:

    The original articles:

  33. Greg says:

    I really enjoyed this video from “Watchtower Examination” (Youtube channel)
    359 – Questions for this Week’s Watchtower Study | Speaking the Truth
    I highly applaud Winston’s excellent work to expose Watchtower’s Lies. See for yourself.

  34. Greg says:

    Dutch Police Raid Jehovah’s Witnesses HeadQuarters for Child Abuse Evidence.

    Apparently this occurred on November 19, 2018. See the following links for more info:

    JW Suicide’s Channel:

    The Original News Article Pages (both articles are dated December 06, 2018):

  35. Ted R. (spy) :) says:

    An update on the JW.Borg: We had our year end request for more money this week. A whole 15 minute part with video to convince the sheeple to donate to the worldwide work. Of course they don’t mention that those donations go for paying lawsuits due to their faulty handling of child abuse.
    Also a part on increased security at the Kingdom Hall. Doors locked as soon as meeting starts with additional attendants in the lobby and inside monitoring the security cameras.
    The circuit overseer gave a public talk on young people, urging them toward baptism and staying away from the Internet unless it is from the Borg. The final talk was on helping those who have poor health, of course with the added pressure of “even those who have serious health issues are able to serve Jehovah” pushing to be regular in service by writing letters. Of course we know that this means turning in time so that we don’t become inactive publishers and risk losing our lives at Armageddon.
    So it’s the same old thing, loyalty to the Borg, more service, more money, and very little true Christian encouragement!

  36. Greg says:

    On Saturday evening we were talking about “overlapping” this, and “overlapping” that. (Shudder)
    Anyway, Kevin McFree poked fun at the “overlapping” this and that in his latest video: Dubtown S02E03 – The Naked Truth
    Kevin’s videos deal with all-too-true absurdities of life in Dubtown, Witnessville, and so this one cracked me up like usual with all it’s in-jokes and references that make sense to few outside of those who have been Jehovah’s Witnesses. I found it hilarious, even though it was inspired by the not-so-funny real-life news story from Alberta, Canada that happened in Nov. 2017.
    Original News Story:

    And this link is to a video depicting the Lauren Stuart tragedy from last year.
    JW Deadly Women video:

  37. Henry says:

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to notify and remind you about the much talked about and long awaited program concerning Leah Remini’s expose’ about Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    If you watch it please give me some feedback on what you thought were the positives and negatives about what you saw. I would really appreciate it.
    I posted below the A&E schedule for tonight. It has eastern time zone listed but if you go to the upper right hand of the page and click next to ET you will get the other time zone’s showing.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Updated Panel Participants on Leah Remini program on A&E this evening:
    John Cedars/Lloyd Evans
    Nathan Quarry – ExJW apostate ZombieCageFighter
    ExJW Fifth – Great Youtuber , ex-bethelite.
    Cynthia Hampton – exjw from Downey, CA
    “Shana Banana” (Shana Rubio?)
    Shannon Rowland –
    Mat Schmalz, Professor of Theology –
    Jerry Minor-
    Richard Follis
    Sharon Follis
    Cliff Henderson (AKA “Ex-JW Fifth”)-
    Mikaysha Soto
    Here are their faces matched up with their names:

  38. Henry says:

    ‘Punished’ for being sexually abused in York County: Jehovah’s Witnesses’ culture of cover-up

  39. jacqueline says:

    Thanks Ted, a royal commission is similar to our grand jury. It will go to court if enough evidence is found. It is a fact finding committee according to an Australian, Ray Charleston.

  40. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    I saw this today!…/government-expands-abuse-inquiry-…
    A new Royal Commission in New Zealand!

  41. Rena (aka Just Stay Sweet And Good) Luecking says:

    Shakespeare said “only dying men tell the truth” Of course, without our redeemtion we are all dying in Adam, so therefore, an true act of faith would be to always tell the truth, as if it was our last day on earth. There is really nothing as dangerous as an honest man. Honest people make most people nervous. Honest people just don’t realize the power they have. “Come with me and I will make you fishers of men” Only with perfect obiedience can he accomplish this through us. Col. 1:27

  42. Henry says:

    Hi Marjo,Nubby Tope,Greg and Jacqueline. Thanks for posting on this page and I have read all of your comments and will be looking forward to engaging you and others in conversations in the near future. I’ve been working behind the scenes to get this page organized and putting my bio together so those who don’t know me will get a clearer picture of whom they are talking to. In the meantime here’s a sad store about two Witness missionaries who worked in Guatemala. Our prayers go up for the survivor and their families.

  43. jacqueline says:

    Nubby I am going to look at this good when I get to my computer. But there have always been JW only schools in New York and other places in the United States. Teachers are all witnesses. We have many home schools here. I homeschooled one of mine as he went to college and High School at the same time. He had to pass the entrance exam for college with at least a 35 but scored 47 – 49. So yes these exist in the United States. The Watchtower society at the time in the 1980’s wanted to not advertise these schools and they had a few problems but now I think many will have private schools to protect their children not only as witnesses but from shooters.

    PS: I just sent this link to my daughter in law a teacher. I looked closer at the info on a big computer and yes these schools exist especially in New York State.

    In my area, a couple of families take turns each weekday and they meet up with other homeschooled for recreation and field trips together.

    Nubby notice we changed the BBB to just a link like the fojw page

  44. Nubby Tope says:

    Hey! Never heard of this before!

  45. Marjo says:

    Hello Henry!
    Sounds like to me that they are preparing for Armageddon. There has been talk that they are having surviving kits some kind too. So in case something major happens I have began to collect my own too. It’s not bad to be prepared. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

  46. Henry says:

    Hey everybody! I just received verification from two sources that the JW’s Governing Body has closed a number of Kingdom Halls in the city of Chicago. One sister told me that a group meets at one Kingdom Hall for field service but they nor anybody else meets there for any other meetings. My sources also tell me they have consolidated the English congregation where she attends with two others with one being a Spanish congregation. This is in a suburb of Chicago. Sounds like things are constantly changing in the Watchtower, isn’t it?

  47. jacqueline says:

    Yes, just tonight I was told that another elders wife said there will be more elders sending letters stating they no longer want to be viewed as a Jehovah Witness. She said it was expected that this elder would do that because he was telling everyone about some of the atrocities being allowed on pedophile victims by the governing body. He has always been an elder you could depend on to act justly. I am sure he is aware of the Leah Remini story coming up on November 11th on A&E network.
    I hope he does not suffer too much, he has been very ill. One family member said they will not shun their brother no matter what the governing body says.

  48. Henry says:

    Jacqueline. I find the story about the elder that left the Witnesses quite fascinating. Do you have an update on his story?

  49. jacqueline says:

    Henry, I saw this google alert and thought what a testimony to a Christian of a different belief system.
    Jehovah witnesses and Bible students belief system is very similar if not exactly the same coming from one Person, Charles Taze Russell, and Joseph Rutherford.
    This dear lady united people and got the truth from different sources.
    Having been with both the witnesses (62years) and the Bible students (8years) I am amazed at their not being able to clear up a breach that took place over 115 years ago.
    All parties to that fight are dead but neither group will extend or take the Olive branch. This lady has shown everybody up!

  50. jacqueline says:

    I just got a call this morning. One elder in ignorance, said he thinks this elder that left is nearing death so he wants to pay for sins probably. I immediately discussed that you ask for forgiveness for sins from God. It has nothing to do with an organization or some men. I spoke with his relative and it is over things said at the annual meeting and the fear tactics, not sin. The ignorance of the average witness of Jesus ransom is one thing but the profound ignorance of the Elders is totally unacceptable! It took courage for him to walk out, his family base is huge within the organization. His wife is prominent in TV. I grew up with him and he is a leader among the Elders there. Hopefully Leah’s expose will awaken others. I think we will need many more websites and helplines to answer questions and offer comfort.

  51. Nubby Tope says:

    WOW! Jacqueline, what a news item this was! A Bro in his 70’s walked away from WT after giving a talk (if it was a Sunday was that a Public Talk?) and a whole lifetime in the Borg and yet he saw something that made him quit where others would just stay where they are. What courage! I’d love to know why he left, and when he first decided to leave as I can’t believe this a “spur of the moment” decision. This guy intrigues me!

    And what’s the whole story behind the 4 Bethelites? Once again, great courage needed but what drove them to it? I’m pleased they got accomodation with ex-jws, and this shows that us ex-jws can and will show hospitality to people so we aren’t so “mentally diseased” as GB would suggest! I hope God will help them get settled into a normal routine and that things work out for them.

  52. jacqueline says:

    Nubby the news is just circulating around the State where this happenned as people have their meetings this week. He is not an elder that had fear of man but upheld organization protocols without hurting anyone. So it is still filtering out. He was among the thirty elders that met to discuss whether or not I could attend my brother’s funeral and eat with the family, so I know he knows about me as they had to call the watchtower society for and answer. I would like to think he was one of the “in favor”. Oh and the governing body said to let me attend and go to any function I wanted to withour hinderance. The funeral was standing room only and outside on the parking lot because my brother was a civil rights guy of the sixties and had received state and city commendations after there was no threat to his life. I will see if the friend that heard about the four leaving will come on. He was going to suggest my home because I have space but brothers took them in.
    I want to take a few guesses on the 35 million ( ) it says that the local kingdom hall and elders lost also. I can see this being a problem with elders being thrown under the bus by the governing body, thus causing them to step down from these positions. I will update when I hear more. I will also get more info on the link for the four Bethelites that left.

  53. Greg says:

    So this man gave a talk, and then handed in a letter of resignation? Wow! I am full of questions. 🙂
    And regarding the newspaper article about the “homeless man” who was befriended by the journalist, I have heard firsthand from so many abused men this same kind of tragic story. No, the men I’ve heard didn’t end up dead like the man written about in the article, but sometimes I can’t sleep at night for wanting to do more to care and support and heal these hurting souls.
    Worst of all, I can’t shake the echoes of the past out of my skull. Just like the words that the homeless man’s parents expressed, the words of so many self-righteous and compassionless JW’s that I’ve heard over the years keep haunting me, “These people are making a choice.”
    So painful. So tragic. So much unnecessary suffering.

  54. jacqueline says:

    We heard about an elder in Alabama that gave a talk on Sunday, then gave the elders a letter saying “He no longer wants to be recognized as a Jehovah witness.”
    I know this elder well and he is in his seventies. His son has left Bethel but he has a huge family within the organization.
    The only info I have is it is probably on organization matters coming from the annual meeting 2018.
    Rick’s sixscreen show has 4 people leaving Bethel that need accomodations and now an older couple are leaving because of the annual meeting.

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