Why does the Jews as a Nation not accept Christ?

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  1. jacqueline says:

    From the desk of Barbara Anderson: A Rare glimpse into the life of JW in Israel, enjoy.


    Kaplan elaborates: “In the past, we were more stringent with regard to blood transfusions. Today we understand that in some cases, this is a life-or-death matter, so we will not take formal action [such as expulsion from the community] against someone who has chosen to accept a transfusion. Medicine is progressing and is now capable of offering treatment without transfusions. It is important for us to point out that, contrary to all kinds of myths that are spread about us we, do not object to medical procedures, only to receiving blood.”


    Jehovah’s Witnesses

    I associated with JWs for many years. I must say the article gives a very veneered depiction of the organisation and JWs. One concern with the article, which mentioned JW’s abstinence from blood. They claim that JWs were more stringent in the past about blood transfusions. The fact is JW’s still die today by refusing this life-saving treatment. The question is does the bible really teach that’s what God wants? Jesus taught the principle that you could break a law to save a life. Matthew 12:11He replied, “If one of you has a sheep and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will he not take hold of it and lift it out? 12How much more valuable is a man than a sheep! Therefore it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath.” The principle here is very clear, that life is precious to God, even animal life. If eating blood is less serious than breaking the sabbath law.How much more certain is having a blood transfusion to save a life! Not one JW should have lost their lives because of refusing a blood transfusion if they took to heart the teachings of Jesus in this instance. JWs are generally very nice people but we should have concern for them. They are like many religious groups today who blindly follow a hierarchy of men without question.

    On funding:

    The budgets come from donations. Each assembly room has a donation box, and people can give as much as they like. Communities also donate to one another. Thus, in Europe and the United States, where most such groups are self-supporting, money is also transferred to less solvent areas, such as Africa and Israel. Not surprisingly, this practice, too, is based on a biblical verse.


  2. traveler says:

    Simple, Jesus taught that his “way” of thinking was the only way to draw closer to God. So he removed power from the nation of Israel and their claim to be God’s representatives. Paul points this out in Romans when he asks and considers “who really is a Jew”, within which he establishes that you cannot be born a “Jew” as the term or title is used, it’s an acquired frame of mind. To accept Jesus meant accepting that the nation of Israel does not constitute “God’s people”. The national group has always understood this statement from Jesus and his footstep/frame of mind/way of thinking followers. What I find hard to believe is that those claiming to be “Christians” still give significance to the nation of Israel even though it abused and killed Jesus and continues as a nation and people in general to deny him. The sons of Israel, the offspring of Abraham, are no longer part of that “nation”, they are now you, brothers and sisters, even though you are now part of the twelve tribes and are not called Jews any longer. How much longer will we support the idea that those like the Nazi’s and others who kill to establish their view will eventually come around. Remember that the Nation of Israel killed thousands upon thousands of your brothers and sisters, oh yah and Jesus. Those of the national group were only brothers in the flesh to the “real Jews” of Paul’s time. It wasn’t up to Paul to judge who would leave the nation and thus hoped for the nation as a whole in his long standing pride. We can guess he probably eventually remembered that the nation rejected the corner stone of a new hope, a “new” nation. This new nation does not need to take land by force, God already promised that Abraham and his offspring would inherit the earth as a whole and that this hope is assured for the “field under cultivation”. Christ will descend and ownership will be established by Abraham’s offspring, Jesus. Sorry if mentioning the Nazi’s agitated anyone, but if we are truly in touch with the the significance of what the Nation of Israel did in respect to Jesus and his followers, we’d let them be part of the world they wish to be part of , the one that is coming to it’s end trying ,to own .

  3. jacqueline says:

    I have often wondered why exactly the Jews today don’t accept Jesus Christ, from a Jewish perspective.

    This is a Jewish group discussion that explains it to my satisfaction. Just a FYI

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