An Extraterrestrial Message From God- Chuck Missler

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  1. ted says:

    Oh I meant the Berean Bible net

    • jacqueline says:

      Ted, I just set up the site tonight! I am going to go over and make sure the link works. I have had to learn how to set up 2 sites. All of my sites expired and I have combined them on one Bill. I can now host my business nonprofit site off of the Ask Jacqueline site, thus reducing the cost.

      On the new Berean Bible you may make Contributed articles and I will post it as your contribution and put a comment section with it.
      Please go check it out and let me know what you think.
      I have been the busiest person this winter because we had 2 deaths and the time it took for my brother in law to pass was hard on everyone as we fought to save him.
      My dear cousin that I named my son after passed weeks after that. But for now things have slowed and I can check the website every day and begin building Berean Bible by putting a podcast link and recording just regular Bible conversations that I often have with Henry, Bishop and Jeff by phone or on zoom.
      I thank everyone for being patient with me during this emotional hard winter.

      • ted says:

        Sorry for your lose. We experience how unexceptable death is with the absence of loved ones and how valued hope is.

      • Lee Anthony says:

        Hey Jacqueline,
        I see you got bereanbible up again! Do ya’ll have meetings every week now as well?


        • jacqueline says:

          Hi Lee, I just saw this. Well each of jus are meeting with little groups in our community or an online group. Una and her children are doing well in a little community non-denominational. I meet with a Jewish group during special Holy seasons and days. I also meet with an online group and give motivational speeches from a Biblical and holistic approach.
          I will post articles to the Berean Bible from others. I have had a busy season doing events on Post Covid and Cancer Events. So I haven’t been able to work on the Berean Bile although I have a lot to say. LOL How is the whole family doing? I am going to totality area for the eclipse on April 8th.
          Check out my new work website also.

          • Lee Anthony says:

            We are all doing well for the moment. I am still busy with school. Dave and I study every Wednesday now. I revamped my website. It is now
            I also study with another Jewish group as well. I didn’t know if Henry, Jeff, you and others still met or not.
            We are close to the area of totality, actually my hometown originally is right in it.
            On another note, do you watch that show the Chosen? Was curious because the season 4 is available to ministries and churches only at the moment and I was thinking of signing up for an account to watch but only if there were enough interested people who liked the show.
            Me and Dave probably are not enough but we might be… I will check out your new site later on. Lee

            • jacqueline says:

              Hi Lee, I have not watched the show Chosen, I read reviews etc from time to time. I have been busier than ever. I do inspirational speaking now with a massage therapy crew. It is Mental Health and I have to tailor each power point to a specific group. So it is a lot of work. The new site for is where they come to book me.

              There are so many new and relevant friends on the internet now helping those that have left the witnesses that I am focusing my attention to Mental Health help for all. Since the war in Israel has begun I have focused on making sure persons are aware of the issues and that this is a spiritual WAR of Jehovah and the other gods of those nations. Perhaps we will witness Israel ask for Messiah to come help them when they are pressed against the wall a little more.
              This weekend was a marvelous display of the work of Jesus as the nations had the capabilities to blast those rockets from the sky.
              Iran and their proxies don’t realize their god allah is preparing them to come head on with Christ! How foolish to fight someone that can raise the dead and create worlds.
              Tell Dave hello and your family. I am so glad to see you guys are studying every week together.
              My job as a facilitator is to get persons into the closest small group to them as all will need community when things get tough. The Internet might be down. Talk later and take care.

          • ted says:

            Just passing through. Hope all are well.

            Killing a little, time, while waiting for our post on time related to Chuck Missler’s video to come up on the Berean site.

            Another Way of “Seeing”

            I recently read an article on Google News on research that examined the way people experience words, or “see” words. Some, it explained, see visions or pictures when they experience words in realization, language, conceptual images. Others may see numbers, connections, or the face value of the word.

            The article pointed out that some have no voice inside and don’t get stuck hearing the lyrics over and over of a catchy song. It goes on to say that the people who see numbers or other connections usually go into jobs requiring great organization such as data, science related research. Those who see visions are often artists or into science related to more abstract pursuits. Now I’m paraphrasing here, but this made me start thinking.

            “Don’t try to figure out all about it.”

            (2 Timothy 3:7) . . .always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth. . .

            “Try to figure out what it’s all about.”

            (“peer into the deep things”)

            This may seem just an attempt to be clever, but it’s not.

            Each word is like a paned window that you walk up to that is somewhat opaque at first glance. It is a little hazy at first because you don’t have a lot of connective “language”, conceptual imagery, to use when you attempt to “peer” through the glass.

            An Artist will use a range of language, or conceptual information that becomes more as he matures to “see” ever more clearly where he’s going with his expression. The same is true of anyone that starts UP the Path of logic following Jesus’ efforts to draw closer to his Father. Each step of logic gives you language of connective information and or conceptual imagery. As this happens, your mind is lifted to a “greater” understanding of the inspiration behind the use of words. In going up, if the image you’re trying to use doesn’t connect to the rest of the “truth”, doesn’t “ring right”, then you need to ponder on it a bit more because all truth connects.

            Ego/pride needs to be an abstract idea that you are not feeling, unless it grasps that you are unique, but stand beside your brothers, including Jesus. No one arrives first. Whatever it is that’s realized, was already realized, and stated by our Father, and now we have also covered this distance. Although new to us, we must take a stand, under-stand. So not everyone lives a profound life, but those in Christ’s congregation certainly have the option laid out in front of them, or more accurately, laid UP for them. See what I mean: the Father, the Son, and the congregation are to be of one frame of mind.

            Use your windows often and “see the doors” opened by our brother, Jesus. Whatever you think, however you experience thinking, it must, add UP.

            So to sum up, often we don’t “see” eye to eye, but this does not mean we cannot be fitly united in our pursuit, realizing that no matter how you see, if it makes “sense” it adds UP.

            Sense: the mind’s first hint of direction.

            Meditate: To think on casually, collecting information that suggests a “sense” of direction or directions.

            Ponder/peer; having meditated and collected enough information that you believe you can, after deep consideration, arrive at a conclusion. You peer through the window of the mind’s eye.

            Never forget that this ability to peer into the deep things of God is a ability given by first our “token” of inheritance, which gives increased mental capacity, combined with the last gift of the “spirit of understanding”, what sort of [season] the spirit in them was indicating.

            (1 Peter 1:10-12) 10 Concerning this very salvation a diligent inquiry and a careful search were made by the prophets who prophesied about the undeserved kindness meant for YOU. 11 They kept on investigating what particular season or what sort of [season] the spirit in them was indicating concerning Christ when it was bearing witness beforehand about the sufferings for Christ and about the glories to follow these. 12 It was revealed to them that, not to themselves, but to YOU, they were ministering the things that have now been announced to YOU through those who have declared the good news to YOU with holy spirit sent forth from heaven. Into these very things angels are desiring to peer.

            (1 Peter 1: 13) 13 Hence brace up YOUR minds for activity, keep YOUR senses completely; set YOUR hope upon the undeserved kindness that is to be brought to YOU at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

            All of this depends on you training your perceptive power, to listen for the “ring of truth”.

            • ted says:

              Really some body out there must understand about the inheritance that we of the children of God recieve, the ” token” and why that is significant related to understanding, when the rest of the world is blind. It’s a simple place to start brothers and sisters, which I have pointed out I think very likely, sisters were a stronger gift as partners, and that’s why it’s fitting they bearing the greater responsibility for the fall of humanity, are under headship now. It’s also fitting to their greT glory that it says a great army of sisters are promoting salvation. Really let’s shake off the centuries of blindness bogged down in the “theory of the trinity” and the divisions from the only true congregation, the denominations, and return to a discussion free from the world. I see many strong minds searching here. But going over and over trains of thought that for generation have lead nowhere but away. Is not the chance to go in through the narrow gate. The main stream is by default in this consideration explains by the Bible, or christ and our Father a lost.direction leading to death. Be the least among us think. You have our love, the travelers.

              • ted says:

                Sorry about all the typos. My editor partner was asleep and we are both tired from the road, as we’re trying to finish moving. I’m sure you got the idea anyway. Thanks for understanding

  2. ted says:

    Well finally waded through chuck missions video. Some of it interesting but much just made me sad as he stumbles around with Bible facts never able to make them fit the broken frame work of the theory of a trinity, ie. God sending himself down to die. It seems the theory is accepted as a great mystery rather than thought about using one’s power of reason. This because I assume people think so many professing this theory can’t be wrong. You would think that the Bibles statement that few find the right path would be a clue. Hope your blog machines are starting to make sense to you Jacqueline.

    • jacqueline says:

      I have been at this for over 20 years operating blogs, so I am fine. I do not believe in the trinity doctrine but I do believe Jehovah is not like any other GOD or god in existence. I do believe that as the only begotten son of God of God, that He is God also. I am a human and all of my children are humans not a human but of the human kind like me.
      Jesus is of the God kind just like his Father, because he is begotten. When human beget and when the Bible mentions begat it is in not the manner of creating a child but birthing a child.

      How Jehovah GOD does his begetting, I do not know or understand or question. I submit to his word as stated by John that Jesus is God and was here in the beginning or creation with GOD Jehovah.

      In addition I believe the Holy Spirit to be a person and that He can indwell, teach and lead us in understanding and remembering what we have learned when we need it. But that they are one person, NO they are 3 distinct ELOHIMS. Jehovah has no equal.

      When I post articles I don’t answer for their doctrine it has to be defended by them. I know quite a few Witness doctrine that I know are not Biblical but I just got the things that was and had my thinking on things I didn’t agree with. I learned a lot of the simple things of the Bible under the witnesses but like you see with Chuck Missler not everything a person teaches is acceptable.
      I went through the entire Bible with a Jewish rabbi (Torah Class) and a main stream Teacher Chuck Smith and learned a lot because they don’t use BOOKS, they use the Bible. The don’t do topical study of the Bible, they go verse by verse. I thought it might help others learn critical thinking.

      I am learning to read Hebrew now with our neighborhood Jewish Temple every Monday. There are lots of Greek text with English right below it but not to many Hebrew from the Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures.
      Youtube is doing such an excellent job with Bible teachers that I can lay back now and let them take over. I am one of the old timers before women spoke out.

      Thank you for commenting Ted and take care.

      • ted says:

        Jesus was the only begotten by the Father. We are then begotten through Jesus as the son of our Father. Jesus as the son only created what has been created. As a transferred life force into Mary the Bible gives a clear picture of Jesus as “in every respect as his brothers”, human kind. It is true that as Adam did, Jesus had his full complement of inheritance, Holy Spirit, and because of this his flesh did not “see” corruption. If God could die in any way, there would be no hope. Jesus as God’s son was a god as Satan also was described, beings of lesser power than Yahweh, gods limited power, not God, almighty power. Jesus had to be brought back to life from the grave. Jesus also faced the test with no more awareness than Adam had.

        The basic logic of God’s reality and the order of its characters must be maintained in their basic nature or the Bible only makes sense, scripture by scripture, read with whatever biases are used and applied with limited result to logical progress. This is why the Bible says, “They go on learning and learning, but are unable to come to an understanding”. The truth is hidden from the intellectuals and those, as the Bible says, who are searching the scriptures believing that life can be found among them. The framework of reality is God over all, his son, the angels, and humanity. The Bible is only words reflecting the reality that we exist in. The only way to “see” is to look past the words to what inspired the writing of the words.

        The angels and mankind lost “The Way”, their approved frame of mind. The Family arrangement is clearly laid out with the redeemer being the head, our Father, the Savior. Jesus being the ransom price to be delivered. Jesus from “among us” then becomes “our savior” to step , take the logical step, step UPward to present himself from among us to deliver the ransom price, paid by the Father….

        Then reconciled to Yahweh, the path upward to rejoin the Family arrangement by adoption is opened. No other logical order of events in our reality has ever been presented as more than a theory, the Holy Spirit as a person included.

        I read in your post that you had a struggle to get the hang of the pod equipment, sorry. I was just trying to encourage. I also see the use of avenues like You Tube proclaiming Jesus as helpful, but as you point out critical thinking should be encouraged.

        GOD can not die, the Holy Spirit to be sent on Jesus return to heaven, was to be “poured out” on us.
        I applaud your efforts to inspire, or facilitate critical thinking, that’s why I’m here, trying to do the same often with your help. Some need to have milk, and some vegetables, some meat, you’re helping them to do this, I get it.
        But with “few finding the narrow gate” it also means that the many helpful thoughts out there, are most often mixed, logical with the illogical, as is always the sign of Satan’s influence. So if we can instill an operating system of frame work, just the bare minimum, then deliberate progress is possible for the individual pursuer, which is how we “stand” before God. First Jesus walked the steps of logic, following the path that was there before him, Showing, revealing the “Way” to us. Only the true Jew followed at first. Now as one congregation of Gods people there is no Jew, only the son’s of Israel, Abrahams offspring. Those that followed first are now our brothers, and fellow inheritors as adopted children. Jesus showed us how to walk and stand erect. Until we also can walk as one with God our Father, next to Jesus, our brother.

        I get it, “be fitly united in one direction of thought”. Being of different progress on the “upward path” we don’t think exactly alike, but can be fitly united in the same upward direction. Only that which logically connects is UPward, God’s higher awareness. We remain unfit for life, and are not judges of our brother’s short-comings. So as the say it’s only advice do with it as you will. In this case it’s only offered help from the awareness God has allowed us this far. So not there yet or don’t get it, or don’t buy it, that’s ok its offered with the same spirit of helpfulness all children of God have.

        • jacqueline says:

          Ted thank you so much for your comment. We are presently trying to get Bereans back up and running. On there we will upload our new weekly Bible Study meeting. We no longer need a Support Group as all of our people have healed and been able to go on with life. They have a lot of people to talk to now. When I started out on another website with the Bible Students people were getting depressed and lonely over shunning practices by the organization and family members. We helped thousands to get on their feet and go on. Now we will stick to the Bible discussions and let those on YOUTUBE step in and help the young people. It has been a Blessing indeed. Our meeting will be about prophecies happening today. Take Care

  3. jacqueline says:

    Chuck Missler gives a very interesting talk on just how precise the Bible is with hidden messages. This young gathering is enjoying it. It is from the Hidden Gems series that is published on this site toward the top. I enjoyed the young people singing at the end. Enjoy

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