“Let Thy Will be Done”- What actually is God’s Will?

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Will we still have free will in the ages to come?

“Will of God”- Matt. 26:39 Jesus said,

39 And He went a little beyond them, and fell on His face and prayed, saying, “My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will.”

Jesus presented perhaps another alternative to his situation, so he had a will and could talk about it to his father.

In the ages to come, Revelation 21: and beyond is not described in detail or even at all but it makes us wonder and think about it.

Please, comment below if you have some thoughts you would like to share.

What are your thoughts on Revelation 22:15? This is after all things are subjected and Heaven and Earth seemed to Have Merged! (My thoughts only).

Let’s talk about it, I know you have something to say.


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  1. jacqueline says:

    What an interesting Podcast on Cult vs Christianity. They explore 5 different Christian Communities with the view of understanding and how to engage and understand their thinking.

    Enjoy: Wait for Number 5!


  2. jacqueline says:

    I figured there is someone out there that needs encouragement today. This website will lift you up!


  3. jacqueline says:

    Sometimes we don’t realize something is a problem until we hear a question maybe during a sermon.
    From the desk of Dr. Stanley:

    Thoughts patterns causing difficulty are hard to see for ourselves. But looking at the patterns, with the discernment of the Holy Spirit, can show us areas where we are struggling.

    Do you feel overwhelmed by the stress of impossible goals? Burdened with guilt over falling short of others’ expectations? What about your own unreasonable demands? Answering yes to these questions could reveal a form of false thinking that leads to feeling trapped.

    Whether you are trying to satisfy a spouse, Parent, child, sibling, friend, being a people pleaser can lead to a defeated and unhappy life.
    To make matters worse, sometimes the person we are trying to please is OURSELVES.
    When we fail to live up to our own expectations, we berate ourselves or fall into a pattern of self condemnation and feeling of worthlessness.
    This is not what God wants for us!

    As Christians we have only one Master, and that’s the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the one we are to please.

    When we let others including ourselves dictate the course of our lives, we are seeking to please two masters, and that never works, (Matt 6:24) In fact double mindness leads to instability in all our ways. (James 1:8)

    to be continued…..

    • traveler says:

      As Christians we have only one Master, and that’s the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the one we are to please.

      I like your thoughts for consideration. I’d just point out, there is only one “Good Teacher”. When referring to our brother Jesus who is as you point out lord, remember that capitalization denotes position of authority, so in cases related to Jesus’ authority it’s no capitalization, savior, lord, teacher, king, god. Yahweh would be Savior, Lord, Teacher, King, God. Remember Jesus was sent to lead us to his Father under who he serves and on whose throne he sets by appointment. Yahweh will again soon be all things to everyone.

      (1 Corinthians 15:24-28) . . .Next, the end, when he hands over the kingdom to his God and Father, when he has brought to nothing all government and all authority and power. 25 For he must rule as king until [God] has put all enemies under his feet. 26 As the last enemy, death is to be brought to nothing. 27 For [God] “subjected all things under his feet.” But when he says that ‘all things have been subjected,’ it is evident that it is with the exception of the one who subjected all things to him. 28 But when all things will have been subjected to him, then the Son himself will also subject himself to the One who subjected all things to him, that God may be all things to everyone.

      (Mark 10:17, 18) . . .And as he was going out on his way, a certain man ran up and fell upon his knees before him and put the question to him: “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit everlasting life?” 18 Jesus said to him: “Why do you call me good? Nobody is good, except one, God.

  4. jacqueline says:

    During these stressful times followers of Christ and Worshipers of Yahweh,
    If God doesn’t stop something, He says no flesh would be saved. But for the sake of the holy ones He will step in. Keep hope alive.
    Some are burying their loved one this week and we pray for your heart to be stilled, in Jesus Name.
    We love you.

  5. Tamekaa Anderson says:

    John 4:23

    But the time is coming—indeed it’s here now—when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way.

    Jesus indeed shows that it is his Father’s desire to have whole hearted sincere communion with mankind. This form of worship can only be attained when someone has a close intimate relationship with God. Jesus said and did only the will of Jehovah.

    • jacqueline says:

      Tamekaa, I like how you mention Jesus did only the will of Jehovah.
      He says to follow in our footsteps closely.

      I was just thinking about the fact he created us free agents and if we understand that we are created beings, we know there are manufacturer instructions that come with it.
      By created being, I mean made by a maker or creator that only knows how we function perfectly if we follow what his will for us is.

    • traveler says:

      reply to Tamekaa Anderson

      I agree, Spirit of Adoption, allows us to “see” truth revealed by Jesus.

      I agree the “language” the conceptual image behind the words is what is inspired and the spirit/force received at adoption allows us to “see” and have “ears” to hear this by allowing us to peer into the words. So the same words used in the Bible to hide the truth from the intellectuals, are the same ones that allow us to “see” behind the words, the image of reality that is becoming clearer all the time.

      (Romans 12:1, 2) . . .Consequently I entreat you by the compassion’s of God, brothers, to present your bodies a sacrifice living, holy, acceptable to God, a sacred service with YOUR power of reason. 2 And quit being fashioned after this system of things, but be transformed by making YOUR mind over, that YOU may prove to yourselves the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

      (1 John 5:20) . . .But we know that the Son of God has come, and he has given us intellectual capacity (Lit., “mental perception.”) that we may gain the knowledge of the true one. And we are in union with the true one, by means of his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and life everlasting.

      (Colossians 1:9) That is also why we, from the day we heard [of it], have not ceased praying for YOU and asking that YOU may be filled with the accurate knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual comprehension,
      (2 Timothy 2:7) Give constant thought to what I am saying; the lord will really give you discernment in all things.

      (1 Corinthians 2:11-3:4) 11 For who among men knows the things of a man except the spirit of man that is in him? So, too, no one has come to know the things of God, except the spirit (Inheritance from) of God. 12 Now we received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is from God, that we might Know the things that have been kindly given us by God. 13 These things we also speak, not with words taught by human wisdom, but with those taught by [the] spirit, as we combine spiritual [matters] with spiritual [words]. 14 But a physical man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot get to know [them], because they are examined spiritually. 15 However, the spiritual man examines indeed all things, but he himself is not examined by any man. 16 For “who has come to know the mind of Yahweh, that he may instruct him?” But we do have the mind of Christ. 3 And so, brothers, I was not able to speak to YOU as to spiritual men, but as to fleshly men, as to babes in Christ. 2 I fed YOU milk, not something to eat, for YOU were not yet strong enough. In fact, neither are YOU strong enough now, 3 for YOU are yet fleshly. For whereas there are jealousy and strife among YOU, are YOU not fleshly and are YOU not walking as men do? 4 For when one says: “I belong to Paul,” but another says: “I to A•pol′los,” I am Catholic, Presbyterian, are YOU not simply men?

      Not adding to the scriptures just making a point.

  6. jacqueline says:

    This is a very nice youtube by a Jewish minister that is speaking on the problem that a great number of Jews are coping with.

    Jews in Israel are following the law code to try and prove they are Jewish or more Jewish than some that have moved there.

    Amazing they are like some of us here in the United States and other Nations, reverting to the scrupulous following of the feast days and limitations of the law instead of realizing Jesus fulfilled all those things and released the Jews from those laws. Enjoy


    This discussion is about giving away the authority that Jesus has over you now to others. Enjoy

  7. Jacqueline says:

    It is Gods will that we be free to worship and praise him in a personal relationship. He can have a personal relationship with trillion at one time with personal attention to each at one time.
    Jesus can too. He is God, not Jehovah but borne of God as a human is borne of humans. So their offspring are human. Jehovah God’s offspring are Gods.

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