Pray For Israel Please! Psalm 83 – A Prayer To Frustrate The Conspiracies Against Israel


Prayer to Frustrate Conspiracy Against Israel

A Song. A Psalm of Asaph.

1Do not keep silent, O God!
Do not hold Your peace,
And do not be still, O God!
2For behold, Your enemies make a [a]tumult;
And those who hate You have [b]lifted up their head.
3They have taken crafty counsel against Your people,
And consulted together against Your sheltered ones.
4They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation,
That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.”

5For they have consulted together with one [c]consent;
They [d]form a confederacy against You:
6The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites;
Moab and the Hagrites;
7Gebal, Ammon, and Amalek;
Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre;
8Assyria also has joined with them;
They have helped the children of Lot. Selah

9Deal with them as with Midian,
As with Sisera,
As with Jabin at the Brook Kishon,
10Who perished at En Dor,
Who became as refuse on the earth.
11Make their nobles like Oreb and like Zeeb,
Yes, all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna,
12Who said, “Let us take for ourselves
The pastures of God for a possession.”

13O my God, make them like the whirling dust,
Like the chaff before the wind!
14As the fire burns the woods,
And as the flame sets the mountains on fire,
15So pursue them with Your tempest,
And frighten them with Your storm.
16Fill their faces with shame,
That they may seek Your name, O Lord.
17Let them be [e]confounded and dismayed forever;
Yes, let them be put to shame and perish,
18That they may know that You, whose name alone is the Lord,
Are the Most High over all the earth.





16 Responses to Pray For Israel Please! Psalm 83 – A Prayer To Frustrate The Conspiracies Against Israel

  1. John Stoutenburg says:

    I will welcome any phone calls to encourage The Truth of this ministry of Christ. Ask for my email. Anyone

  2. ted says:

    When Jesus presented himself, from God, as king of the Jews/sons of Israel/God’s people, who represented God’s congregation/ kingdom,,, Israel the nation of Israel or Jesus? Jesus who would insitute a “new nation”.

    The suffering of the people still under the Nation of Israel , and Palestiniane is truly a tragedy, but one of the many tragedies going on in the world now. It certainly is not the greatest. Had the national group composing the government or nation of Israel excepted God’s direction and their new king, things would have played out differently, we can assume. But the congregation of God under their King Jesus is composed of people no longer Jews or Gentiles,,, but still sons of Israel, offspring of Abraham, constituting the temple of God.

    • jacqueline says:

      Hello Ted, let me ask you a question please. Are you using Ted’s account, (the brother that passed month)? If so it is okay. If not, you must be a different Ted.
      Just checking. Thanks.

      • ted says:

        Well I haven’t passed, but beyond that I haven’t a clue. You are right to pray for Israel, and Ukraine, China, and all those suffering. But it’s a hard thing to realize that praying ” let your kingdom come” means the end is near in our desires meaning the world is thrown into turmoil. Those that walk into Jesus’ new world at the Twinkling will have a heavy witness to bear.

        • jacqueline says:

          Ted thanks for clearing that up. Our friend Ted passed from a heart attack so we thought his son was continuing to post using his account.
          I was married to a Jewish brother who escaped along with siblings and his mother to Canada during the holocaust. Because his father was German and had gone ahead of them to Canada the citizen rallied to let the family get off the ship. It took 3 weeks and there was lots of news coverage.
          The ship was prevented from leaving the other Jewish passengers and it is believed they perished as they were sent back to Germany.
          I now understand why he rather his father come to his school rather than his mother and why he held on to his strong German accent. It was difficult being Jewish because of antisemitic attitude of most nations.
          Hosea shows the relationship that Israel has displayed as the wife of Jehovah. Yet she is forgiven by him over and over. I pray they do what they have to do and stop dividing up Jehovah’s land. When they win the Temple Mount. Gaza and the West Bank, they should keep it!
          Every two years they are fighting these enemies that are living on land that Jehovah said was his to the other gods in Psalm 82 and 83.
          He divided up the entire earth among the other gods and warned them not to bother Israel. That was his little strip in the center of the earth!
          According to the meeting of this counsel of Gods in Ps 83, they will be judged for not governing their countries in righteous ways. So they have a common religion that binds them and the god of the muslim religion is against Jehovah and so they fight with Israel so the Messiah won’t have a throne of David to come back to, rule from if Israel disappears.. So Jesus New World will indeed be an awakening time of judgement for the nations.
          Israel will eventually not be able to fight off the Ezekial 38 nations that surround them and Jehovah will intervene supernaturally.

          If this is the war of Zephaniah then it mentions they will get their captives back, the hostages. I am so glad they got some back although I believe they have caused the death of some of the others. Israel must be courageous and fight to remove enemies from their borders. Christians everywhere are praying as college students, news sources and some governments turn against them.
          He will bless those that blesses Israel and curse those that curse Israel. Jehovah never tells a lie or speak anything that he doesn’t mean. He is a God that reveals himself only to those that will love him, otherwise he is a GOD that hides.

          I for one am going to take cover when HE decides enough is enough and come after the surrounding nations that seeks to eradicate Israel.

          • ted says:

            “He is a God that reveals himself only to those that will love him, otherwise he is a GOD that hides.”

            The nation, Israel, still does not believe in God’s son and thus him, they are blinded. The sons of Israel by frame of mind/believers in God, remain the bride class, as you point out.

            • jacqueline says:

              I agree the Jews have not accepted Christ as their Messiah. Their salvation is because of a promise to Abraham and then a Covenant to them as a Nation.
              They have had blindness imparted to them by Jehovah. Once he lifts the blindness. “they will look upon him they pierced and weep”.
              Some religions believe in the doctrine “Replacement Theology”, that God has replaced Israel with the Church. When actually Israel is the root and the Gentiles are drafted in. Israel was “born as a nation” in 1948 in a day and the “valley of dry bones” of Ezekiel was fulfilled, quite a few religions disposed of this doctrine.
              As a nation they are Jehovah’s wife and he has promised to forgive them tho their sins are as red as scarlet. He cannot lie nor go back on his word. They will be delivered because of God’s faithfulness and name, not because they are so good and holy.

              If Jehovah does not keep his promises, which are thousands, then we are to be pitied because He can’t be trusted to keep all the promises to us the grafted in ones. The Ezekial 38 war will be a testament to the Power of Jehovah on that day that He saves Israel by supernatural power.

              Now with Israel back in the home land the Bible makes sense about the wars mentioned of Isaiah, 17, Obadiah 1, Ezekial 38 and Psalm 82-83. Without there being an Israel we would have to spiritualize almost the entire Torah or Old Testament.

              Now we can see how Jesus, Yeshua, will return to earth and actually sit on the throne of David and run with an iron rod for 1,000 years. The Saints will return with him to rule, those alive when he began to come back with the dead resurrected Saints will meet him in the air in the clouds as he descends.

              In Revelation 21: and 22 Jehovah God has created a New Heavens and a New Earth where righteousness is to dwell. All that didn’t go into the lake of fire in Revelation 20:14 to the end of chapter 20, are to live with Jehovah and Jesus as Heaven comes down and joins earth. The Temple will be almost as big as the Moon and some way the gates are open and wew will go in and out.

              • ted says:

                Abraham and his offspring which constitue the sons of Israel were before the nation that was put over them. While many things physical represented the spiritual, Israel was a person of significance mentally and spiritually
                as was Abraham. The temple was rebuilt in three days, the nation did not get this. There is no replacement of God’s people, the children of God. And there is no theory of replacement when talking of the government of the people. Jesus settled that in one sentence. So he left you the statement and the direction you can follow sister, and I believe you are trying. You can hang on to the very thing that is blinding the nation down to this very day, or respect the Jews who stood against the nation and died for it, our brothers and sisters. I believe you are trying. Stop saying Israel like it was constituted by a national political system of government. Remember the nation was formed, for God’s people, not to constitute the thing itself. Again Jesus your lord didn’t leave this for us to work out, ” those saying they are Jews, are not” , ” this nation will be replace with a new nation bearing its fruit” . I agree with a good deal of where you’ve gone with connecting the dots, but not where you want the physical nation to take over the connection of the people/ us of God. All the things of prophesy you are referencing will happen just as the temple was rebuilt. So you have the pieces, that you’ve demonstrated impressively. Now the connective statements that Jesus gave can relate tent, house, mansion, temple, to brother, sister, stone, cornerstone, new administration, city, New Jerusalem, New nation.

                • jacqueline says:

                  Ted I attended my first Hanukah lighting celebration at Temple Israel in my small neighborhood. Jesus also celebrated Hanukah, it is mentioned once when he went up to Jerusalem. I try not to give every scripture reference because people need to find it themselves so they have to read the surrounding text and not just the cited scripture. I digress.

                  Back to my Hanukah experience.

                  The Temple was on heightened alert, first time I have ever seen a police car parked at that door. The Rabbi there is not the one that I knew many years ago when I attended a couple of services so she didn’t know me and rose up to protect her congregation. I commended her for being aware.
                  I came a little too early and they were in their small discussion before the meal. But finally others began arriving with the food and many knew me and some are my patients. (By the way, I am Black so I stood out, you couldn’t miss me among all of our Jewish brothers, LOL).
                  There was food galore. They are all family and it made me cry to see they are apprehensive.
                  As the evening went on more persons that knew me as a business person active in the community came in and the Rabbi just hugged me because they are a small congregation and have a visiting Rabbi twice a month on Shabbat (Sabbath).

                  I felt so welcomed and had so much spiritual rejuvenation as we lite the candles. Afterward at 7:30 we had a sing festival and all of the children pass out papers and are on the platform and just involved.

                  My purpose also was to see if they needed mental or emotional support and there were many doctors there and we had open discussions.
                  I had attended an event at the University a week earlier where a Holocaust survivor’s daughter told her parents story. They are trying to inform the students of who the Jews are.

                  I went there to support her.

                  Ted, we have thousands of persons reading this site so can you tell us a little about your journey. Do you identify with a particular religion?

                  And, I do know a lot about the Jewish experience having been married to a Jew. I stand firmly with Jehovah’s people, the sons of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob. I do indeed understand that this is a spiritual unseen fight going on here for no one in their humanness could not be revolted at what was done on October 7, 2023.
                  Thanks for your comments and your assurance that my thoughts including others among our group is on the right track.

                  Because of what is going on I haven’t gone into the New Jerusalem because I can see from the audience that what is going on now in simple language is needed. The Holy Spirit did not move me to write anything for a while until we saw what was going on.
                  Jehovah has foretold with his foreknowledge and prophecy how everything will ultimately turn out. It is this in between as you where we are on the prophetic calendar that is bouncy.

                  I am still careful as there are Christians in other parts of the world that can be affected by what is said. Sometimes Jesus said never said a word.
                  Thanks for your contributions. Shalom

                  • ted says:

                    You cause me to catch myself off balance with your honesty sister. I see that the depth of our minds is often more incredible and establishing of the Devine nature of our creation than the grasp of our understanding.
                    I once considered the expression of fine Art as a directional goal until I read in a Art history book of the renaissance that the only way art could be considered fine is if it raised the human spirit, drawing attention to God.
                    I saw in that expression that if man’s mind could achieve anything fine it had to be the cultivation of a frame of mind based on the UPward path that allowed for the approach of immortality with the resulting condition of becoming a new creation in God’s reality anything else was just busy work.
                    Do you think once the law of condemnation was fulfilled the brothers and sisters were obligated to follow the old ways? The path in logic of Jesus footsteps ,is progressive inlightenment. At some point its obvious that you will out distance, doctrine, a fixed expression and be set free, joining the one congregation. You now belong to no separation/denomination from Jesus’ congregation. You are no longer Jew, or gentile, simply a footstep follower. I struggle with not being judgemental since contemplating the verses on meat and vegetable eaters, realizing only heart condition and the honest struggle to advance UP the path are the defining traits of a brother or sister. I lack patience when confronted with a desire to hang onto the things of the world that are leading mankind, the nation of Israel included towards destruction. Do we really believe that God’s connection to us, a God responsible for creating the universe, boils down to a piece of ground. Well it’s 3 AM here so no spell check. Peace be with you.

                    • jacqueline says:

                      Ted hello, glad you asked! That land is about the size of Rhode Island, yet it is attached to a Colossal promise that if not kept makes Jehovah a liar.
                      It is like the one little bite from the tree in the Garden of Eden and billions have died, hard to believe. The one little piece of land and a small little band of often disobedient people seems to be the way Jehovah deals with us. It seems Jehovah knows that little things tells you a lot about big things. He care about this little land of promise so it gives us confidence that he will do the big things He has promised us.
                      I am going to write a detailed article with supporting scripture evidence that yes it is about HIS name and a piece of land that sits in the middle of the earth. It is not because of Jews (they abort babies and are mostly atheist). But He made a promise and the Bible book of HOSEA is the story of Jehovah and His relationship with His adulterous wife.
                      Give me a day to write this article.
                      My brother in law died 2 days ago and my sisters have arrived and everything with nieces etc, is painful, so I must attend to them.

                      Read also here to understand that there are other Gods that have territory and were told not to touch Israel.

                  • ted says:

                    Sorry to hear of your loss. I appreciate your effort. When you go through the prophecies please make clear where it is a reference to Israel/sons of Israel/ the offspring of Abraham or the nation Isreal. It would help. Remember the bite of fruit in the garden was not as important as the embraced frame of mind of Eve, the stand that her to act. That’s why it points out that building up a desire for a woman not appropriate is the sin already before the act. God’s people as a group was only one of many things that had to be tried for the question of God’s sovereignty to be answered. Other gods have no power to negotiate with Yahweh, God in this case is simply a title in reference to a very limited authority allowed by our Father. It seems a great many people still believe they are going to heaven so I’d assume land is note an issue. Also it might help if you’d clear up when speaking of earth it is taking about the planet and when it is talking about inhabited earth as when Satan was roaming around in earth. Or us as clay/earth, tent,house,temple and so on. I don’t mean to be difficult but it appears to me that you side easily between God’s people ,the sons of Israel/Israel and the political framework referred to as the nation of Israel or by those who are not Jews as Israel , as Jesuas pointed out. It is in these simple distinctions that much truth of the Bible is hidden. Each reference to the connection of God had and has to do with frame of mind through others of like frame. Abraham had this distinction made about him, even though he did not carry through with the act, bite,. Those after Abraham called his offspring did not have to have a physical connection wit him only a mental stand of the same nature,Like wise the sons of Israel. The connection to God by frame of mind was further demonstrated by the flames indicating that both the Jews and others by frame belong to God’s people, his family ,children of his. The land of Israel, the inhabited earth the children of God will have all prophecies fulfilled towards them.

                    Seems some how we are in a strange format here?

                    • ted says:

                      And editing is impossible this way on my phone. I’ve been trying to get internet here in our new little farm house for over two months with no luck. Thaks for your patience.

                    • jacqueline says:

                      Ted if you want to change a comment rewrite it and tell me to get rid of the original one. Take Care.

  3. jacqueline says:

    Bill Salus and Erick Stakelbeck talk about Psalm 83 war. Is it the war before Gog and Magog War?
    No Hollywood movie producer can beat the daily unfolding of the BIBLE right now!!!
    Every morning you wake up to check for Israel. Why would people mess with the Jews? Do they not read the Bible?? They have the Creator GOD, YAHWEH, JEHOVAH. They have a GOD that does not sleep nor slumber. Jesus is their Saviour and Michael the fighting Arc Angel of Daniel 12 stands up for Israel!
    The GOD WHO HIDES HIMSELF will show up and show out. I will be on my knees when HE does if I am still alive. Enjoy

  4. jacqueline says:

    This is a beautiful Timeline of the history of the Jews. It includes the deadliest day in Jewish history since the holocaust, October 7th, 2023.

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