Another Scriptural Viewpoint on Armageddon-Bill Salus


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  1. John Stoutenburg says:

    Amen that is more important —-the family tragedy Jacqueline

    Having just come out from a 3 month mission trying to help a small Baptist church learn the truth a quickly engage in the subject of spiritual Israel as this church was encouraging its membership to support Israel in efforts to exterminate the Arabs. Personally I understand Ishmael is the ancient patriarch of the Arab tribes and God did say there would be great nations evolving from both Isaac and Ishmael( he promised Hagar)
    So it looks like these nations: Israeli and Arabic will hate each other until Christs return. I think we shouldn’t take sides in this war of hate and bloodshed.

  2. John Stoutenburg says:

    I agree Ted that is what ding “in Christ .. and having his spiritin addition to Yahweh’s Spirit causing us to become ‘One’ with Them(Romans 8) as the adoption is a physical bodily experience of flesh and blood receiving a new life in our hearts and minds…. A direct connection to Them. ( the Vine’ John 15
    This is what happened to me in 2004-5 and I fought with the WT Society anf my wife and relatives for two years : we all are to be obeying Jesus simply stated instructions:”you must be born again of the water(true knowledge. From Christ and the Apostles) and the Holy Spirit coming into your physical body with all the amenities and aid and blessings that Han be garnered from it ….aside from the future rewards of heaven

  3. jacqueline says:

    This link explains how I understand Israel today in the plan of God. The Nation of Israel is visible and prophecies are fulfilled on the actual land.
    Many Jews will perish in the different wars but a remnant of Israel will be saved when they ask for Jesus to come and help them when they flee possibly to Pella as Jesus told them. Many Jews have never accepted or read what Jesus told them to do and there you will see a separation if they don’t flee like in the first Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD.

    Those Jews who accepted Christ fled when the Roman armies surrounded the city and then left. ( “Christians”) Those who accepted Christ and listened to him were saved and scattered worldwide. They survive today because of obedience. They were a remnant saved in contrast to all the others who stayed in the surrounded city because they weren’t accepting of Jesus as Messiah.

    A similar thing will happen eventually, but the Jews will survive. “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

    Bill Salus gives an in-depth discussion on this and I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, {:} He does a great Job. Plus right now my family is preparing for a funeral,
    Take Care

    Genesis 12:3 was speaking to the people called the Jews: “

    • John Stoutenburg says:

      Yes Jacqueline the Jews as a nation up until Jesus died and’ nailed the law’ on the torture stake…. WERE …. In a covenant sealed with the blood of animals sprinkled o them by the Jewish High Priest annually. Christ is the “end of the Law, so that everyone exercising faith in him may have everlasting life”.
      The Jews alive today are no longer in a covenant relationship with Yahweh and especially not brief either unless they individually come to Christ and God’s word to receive the water of life which is the true words of Christ and the Apostles… and receive the rebirth of the Holy Spirit of God and Christ.

      This is why since christ was murdered by the Jews they lost their covenant with Yahweh and their protection and guidance and their temple and religion…. It’s all GONE

      • ted says:

        You have the basic idea John, in my opinion. Remember those that killed Jesus were not Jews as Jesus pointed out. You cannot be born a Jew, only a citizen of the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” nation\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” of Israel. Everything that makes a Jew is based on frame of mind. After offering to guide the lost nation of Israel and his rejection, Jesus said he, the king of the Jews, would give those under God\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s influence, the kingdom, Jews, to a new nation. As the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”nation\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” of Israel ended as God\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s institution, so too did the Title Jew fade with the congregation, imbracing any with the right frame of mind. At this point the destinction of Jew, or Gentile, was given up to the description of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”footstep follower\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” of Jesus. By the king revealing God\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s will in logically connected steps the remnant of Jews left to God in the nation of Israel, were saved, as they accepted Jesus as king, which you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ve pointed out. Those inhabiting holy ground/bodies/ now new creations, together holy land , will be reestablished in the new Jerusalem constituting the new administration over \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”earth\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”. Our new bodies, a new creation as we enter alive into our Father\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s reality for the first time, being made of clay constitute holy ground you see. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s easy to see that those misled wanted to remain fixed on the physical, the nation of Israel, rather than on the spiritual frame of mind, constituting \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”Israel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”. Israel, as all are becoming as we take \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”up\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” the effort to be of one mind with Christ, are in this \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”Way\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” of consideration, the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”offspring of Abraham\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”, the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” sons of Israel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”. This is even though the title Jew does not continue. God\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s people did not remain as a limited population, but is growing in all saved people. All saved become children of God as they cross from dead to living, recieving the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” token\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” of adoptive spirit. Israel in this \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”Way\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” is being reestablished, in \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”the Way\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” and its Temple renewed. All who have \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”eyes\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” to see and\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”ears\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” to hear, which the Bible says can only be given by Yahweh, will see Jesus return to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” earth\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” every eye\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”.
        How clever \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”the Way\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\” in which the truth is hidden from the unbeliever.

    • ted says:

      Again sorry for your loss. This subject isn’t going to be settled soon and you need to attend your family. Our prayers are with you. The formating problem is evidently on my phone not your site, so no worries.

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