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Our Mission

 NOTE: We have writers from different countries, so articles make reflect experiences of that country but not another. Enjoy!



You can speak freely here without being hushed up. We push only the Bible, not any religion. We are just following what the "two or Three" (meaning apostles who wrote the Bible) have decided.  So commenters will measure it against the Bible but have latitude to think through what is being said and discuss also. The Apostles thru Holy Spirit have left us clear paths on what the Christian congregation should look like. House Churches with no Nicolaitanism. (Clergy-laity) We are all brothers here.

Matthew 18: 18-20  18 “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be[a] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be[b] loosed in heaven.

19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

by jacqueline--the next section of the mission is written by Greg. Welcome, everybody.


It is not our desire to indoctrinate, recruit, convert, or “save” anyone. We recognize that everyone is on an individual journey, and so their paths from their various points of origin onward to their personally envisioned destinations are going to be somewhat varied.


Quite understandably, some persons who have been adversely impacted by spiritual abuse at the hands of “Bible-Thumpers” and “Religious Terrorists” may want nothing more to do with God, the Bible, or religion. For others, it is equally understandable that their personal convictions or their worries and anxieties may compel them to try to find a new way to move through and beyond spiritual abuse while not completely abandoning their God or religious beliefs.


No matter who you are, where you’ve come from, what you’ve once believed, or what you now believe, it is our resolve to help you feel safe, welcome, and at ease here. We want everyone to find the support they need and want—nothing more, nothing less. Think of this as a buffet: pick only what you want or are willing to try; eat only as much or as little of whatever it is you want; leave what you don’t want; come back for second and third helpings of the things you like.


We believe that no matter where we currently are on our journey towards healing and recovery, we are ALL seriously interested in finding relief while we struggle to reclaim our lives and to move forward in a way that is uniquely and personally meaningful. Mourning and coming to understand the traumatic things we’ve experienced is an essential part of the healing process and so it is our desire to support and encourage as many as possible in that very personal endeavor.


Some persons may want support and assistance in letting go of many strongly programmed fears connected with religion and spirituality. Others may be hoping to pursue new and healthier spiritual avenues while allowing themselves to discover how they can free themselves from old programmed fears. We offer many kinds of resources and support along whichever route you personally find most comfortable and appealing. We hold an unconditional positive regard for everyone.


One last thought: In English, the word spirituality can cause great confusion. For several centuries it has been used and misused and carries at least two distinctly separate meanings. The way in which we use the word isn’t about spirit beings, God, or religion. We use it to mean caring for one’s OWN INNER spirit of calmness, hopefulness, compassion, joy, and peace. That’s why we’ve made it our resolve to never again allow religion to get in the way of our spirituality.

Contributed by Greg Williamson, Canada- Now you have met Greg.

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7 Responses to Home: Our Mission- Who Are We?

  1. jacqueline says:

    Hello!!!! Nice to hear from you.
    If I recall you had some things you wanted to share. I was moderator but not the owner of the other site. Here we can discuss what we have found as individual Christians. You may share here if you like. It can be lengthy in a comment or you might want to let it be a contributed article, that way it gets its own comments on your subject. Let me know or you can comment. Thanks and take care.

  2. traveler says:

    Good to see you are still at it Jacqueline.


  3. Rena Luecking aka Just Stay Sweet and Good says:

    Miss Rena’s thoughts: It only stands to reason that all of the people in the Jewish communities in Israel already were believers in YHVH. Going from one house to the next house would have always resulted in a warm welcome. The first century Christians were preaching and teaching the Messiah and his kingdom in the world to come. It is not at unreasonable to conclude they would have done it in any way that worked. Paul even hired an auditorium for his discourses with his own money. Remember that they we not just to baptize and make disciples, they were also suppose to be teachers. Matt 28:20 Acts 28:30 How many of those who claim to be anointed are taking the lead in the spirit of this example today? The faithful and discrete slave will not be designated until the end, AFTER they have been faithful and discreet.

  4. jacqueline says:

    Hi Ariella tell us what you got and welcome. Tell us how you want to present it and let us set it up.
    Do you want it to be a recording or will you have listeners on BBB. You will be given your own page with your bio. Then copy and paste on sites for people to come over when you do a show or whatever you tell us is your format. With your own page it will list your show on the paste on Facebook.

  5. Ariella says:

    Hi this is Ariella, i hope i can contribute to having daily reading either audio or reading. to help others be in the word of God daily in this busy life schedule.

  6. jacqueline says:

    Hello Brandon, thank you for commenting. This is a site for all of us. You may submit an article to publish and it will have a comment section. Kent would like to open the discussion on 607 or 587, so if you want to start it by adding what you think, go for it.
    I think it would fall under deep subject blog. Talk about things that are on your mind. Also tell pharnisha to make up a name and let’s talk. Whatever is bothering her or a subject that she wishes to discuss. We can be open on here. How is the baby doing?
    Take Care

  7. Lee Anthony (Brandon) says:

    Hi Everyone I am thrilled to see this site. Awesome Jacqueline! Will have to join the thursday study when I get tha chance soon.
    Lee Anthony (Brandon)

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