Decoding the Book of Revelation from the Jewish Perspective

The Book of Revelation refers back to the other 65 books of the Bible! This dear brother will give you the references. Enjoy!

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  1. jacqueline says:

    When Revelation was written what did the Jews understand from the wordings of this Divine Revelation of Jesus Christ? Enjoy a different approach.

  2. jacqueline says:

    The book of Revelation has a code and the Jews of John’s day would have known what he was talking about although not understanding its complete fulfillment.
    If you don’t understand or know Genesis or the Torah, it will be difficult to understand John’s language. Candlestick and other words mentioned are all known by the Jews of his day.
    I am listening to the Jewish perspective from El Shaddai Ministries. Torah Class is another website that gives you what a Jew hears and Chuck Missler gives a more Gentile
    accent for us today. Enjoy. the series will take a year if you do it once a week but months if you go one after the other every day.

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