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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Marjo and I am married and we have 3 children together.

I am from Finland and my native language is Finnish.

I was baptized in 2002 and I left from Jehovah Witnesses in 2008.

The reason why I left was that I didn't get support from the congregation when it was needed.

My mother was also a Witness, but she left first. I was very alone in those moments.

When the elder told me that my mother is no longer a Witness

I began to cry. That was the only moment when someone was there for me.

No one ever asked me after that how I was, or have I got over this. 

Not even elders didn't come to see me and ask how I was doing after this. 

That is when I began to fade away. Then I met my husband in the same job. 

Then leaving from Witnesses was easy. 

Then I just e-mailed to one elder that I don't want to be a Witness anymore. 

There is little of my history from Witness times. I also couldn't stand that dress code.

Now I follow Yeshua only and read the Bible.

I love different cultures and languages. So it is nice to meet new people from all over the world.

Maybe we can learn something from each other 🙂

180 Responses to Small Talk & Stuff with Marjo

  1. Marjo says:

    Thank you Christopher about that Bible verse. I can be sure that we have now entered to that time what Paul was writing for Timothy. People are actually fulfilling this prophecy in our time. I think Paul knew more about this time what he is writing about.

  2. jacqueline says:

    I agree with you Christopher. I also think about the companies who support the gay parade, Aside from the fact their CEO’ etc are in illicit relationships, they will suffer financial with lawsuits.
    This gay parade thing is in God’s face but to me is hiding or diverting attention away from what is happening in heavenly places.
    People today do not repent anymore. I saw a video that said you can’t tell us what to do! Only the Bible tells them what to do.
    Noah day no one repented although they knew from Methuselah birth that when he died the flood would come.
    We know Christ will come again and have signs like Methuselah getting old but no one repents anymore.
    People have been living openly without the benefit of marriage yet no parade or insistence on special recognition.
    Pedophilia and gay sex are deviant acts and this makes me think of the deviance in Noah’s day and in Sodom, unnatural co-mingling. In other words, I think the demonic activity is involved. Both preceded the wrath of God in a big way. Sodom is owed an apology if God doesn’t address this.

  3. Christopher Johns says:

    When I think of Gay affirming churches I think of the filling scriptures.

    2 Tim 4:3
    “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

  4. Marjo says:

    Yes there is difficult times on horizon, but as Jesus said His road is not easy way to walk. When that is over we can joy all of the blessings what Jehovah is offering for us. Eternal life, healthy body, no more suffering, no more fear, no more hunger, no more death and no more tears. No more greedy politicans.

  5. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, Christians are the most persecuted people on the earth today. Many are being killed.
    But gay rights people are clouding this out, saying they are persecuted everywhere, when really the average person has never wondered about them and their sexual activity.
    I see this as an act is satan to obscure the diabolical things that are happening to Christians everywhere.
    This is something that is being fought in the heavenly places. I could believe now that Michael has fought and won the war in heaven and inhabitants like when Jesus was on the earth is happening.
    The bible speaks against the effiemanent ones that allow themselves to be used for the sexual perversions of this demonic acts.
    Even some Holy ones are being deceived. Gay pride day is coming up so maybe after that your country and the world might calm down.
    In Sodom it says the whole city came out to watch the raping of the angels, So it is just as the days of Sodom.
    Take Care it will blow over.
    1 Thessalonians 4:1-5

  6. Marjo says:

    Hello Jacqueline

    This gay talk in my country is getting really tense. Long before Christians said that it is not ok to be gay, now things has turned upside down.

    Same sex people are now saying everywhere in the media that we who do not accept their behavior we are sick, mental violence having people.

    Today my mother heard on the radio when they ask a question from a priest that is there a Bible verse that denies homosexuality? This priest said… NO. It is only a matter of a time when Lutheran church abandon Bible or remove those verses away.

  7. jacqueline says:

    Christopher, I employed lots of individuals. My very best worker was someone I placed my trust in. This Person was a regular pioneer but a practicing Gay person as I found out by being convinced by complaints from the property owners who said it was practiced openly when I toured. I simply asked that no friends, other witnesses, and pioneers, not come to the job unless they were paying customers. Kept on employing them and trusting them with my office.
    I also employed other gay people, adulterers, fornicators, thieves, and liars. One person went to jail for theft. My workers all were good workers and I never cared who or how they slept with. In fact, because we had to put up tents I really needed all my males and females. To me, this was my crazy bunch of workers at huge events of 5,000 to 10,000 all over the United States. Sometimes I hired as many as 240 people per city on tour. Quite a few were obviously gay but worked as hard as my little openly fornicators. They were not all of that persuasion but we never worried about what or who they slept with.
    It was a lifestyle choice for them. In fact, some were married to the opposite sex, but the lesbians, no one could really tell but I knew who they were married too.
    One of the girls I could see how and why she disliked men. I had known her from infancy.
    I guess it is difficult for single people within the witnesses who die without love because the sisters couldn’t find a marriage mate within the religion.
    Because of not just marrying another Christian, a believer in Christ, to be obedient to the Bible, they listen to the dogma of the witnesses and I can name hundreds that never felt the love of a man because of the interpretation that they were only in the Lord. The Bible Students think that way also one told me.
    Now the younger generation of females within the witnesses are resorting to lesbianism. It is becoming common and lots of people know about it. One witness, a female pioneer told me ” don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.”
    My worker contracted a witness girls night out pamper party. ( my worker got sick and I honored the contract) I got there and before long realized I was in a lesbian party of all witness females. Some married.
    The other therapists were known to me as I was their hairstylist from little girls. 4 of them were raped by their father, a brother, a protected by the elders’ pedophile. ( long story). They accepted me staying because they said I knew the pedophile situation in the congregation and wasn’t afraid to speak out and up for them. I tried to start a conversation but they pulled out their watchtowers and studied with one female laying on the other to front me off. I was 40 years their senior or more.
    When the newspaper came out that next Monday after the party, I had to call the police. These girls were robbed and humiliated by men who knew what type of party it was and had slipped in and hidden in the closet. I warned them to lock the doors but was told the doorbell was disturbing. I was afraid of the men outside as I decided to leave while it was light outside. The girls helped me pack my table in the truck. These men visited my business that Monday because my info is on my vehicles but discovered I was older and not gay. The police fingerprinted surfaces I showed them that was touched.
    As a psychotherapist, I know a lot about the reasons and inner soul of witnesses that are gay.
    The police and I sat down to discuss what was going on among the witnesses and I told them about abuse and not finding a mate etc. Yet these girls felt choosing a lifestyle was okay as long as they studied their watchtower.

    I am telling these experiences to let you know you are not alone. I know it is said a fornicator can marry but a gay person can’t in God’s eyes but it isn’t easy for females within the witnesses to have a companion and many die at an older age without such benefit. I have spoken with paralyzed from the neck down persons that moan and groan with all creation, alone without a companion. Mental illness has doomed many to live all alone without the benefit of spouse.
    Christopher, you didn’t know why I drove to Florida to go to the convention with you because in my profession I seem to attract people that have struggles and I just love them. I was so proud of you and felt God was going to train you and use you.

    I love you Christopher and understand and feel so sorry for a young one that has this trial to go through. But Jesus has promised you the world!

    FAITH!! means you trust God to know what is best for us. Thanks for your comments.

    If you want a page to express yourself just let me know and you have it. Read Lee Anthony’s page.

    You have made a tremendous difference in commenting on this subject that only you can really talk about in experience, I can only cite experiences that were public knowledge. You, my Young brother, are living it and I can’t begin to understand but our Father in Heaven can. Jesus has promised by His Blood that it will all be righted.
    We are not sinners but Saints that sin all of us.
    But we fall down and we get back up again.

    Rom. 8:20 “For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope” ESV
    Rom 8:20 “Against its will, all creation was subjected to God’s curse. But with eager hope, (NLT)

  8. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, I saw the picture on Facebook with Jesus in Rainbow robe. Thanks for sending it by email
    The fact is fornication is fornication, whether it is a male with a female or fornicating with the same sex or an animal. Pedophilia is also a crime and pedophiles need to receive the death penalty. Gays having sex is not such a big deal or special knowledge that is being imparted. We all know what goes on even with the effeminate ones. I just ignore like I ignore people I know are cheating on their mates and sleeping with everyone. I don’t discriminate, sin is sin.
    They are all sins against God’s laws. Lying, stealing, gossiping and slander plus much more disobedience to Gods laws.
    Why gay people have to parade their sexual preferences has baffled me. We all know it exists. One athlete said he had 3,000 women in his lifetime, we all know women sleep around, so just why the need to display themselves as immoral, perplexes me.
    It is a sexual choice.
    Christopher has made some valid points on God’s right to dictate law even if it causes great pain.
    If you violate a child before the age of three you can flip the switch in their brain, because sexuality is not fully established. There are children born with diseases also of every nature and have to live with it.
    All Creation suffers together. Sex is not the only demon plaguing us. If a gay or heterosexual person gets ill and incapacitated they both have to exercise restraint.
    Many Christians are persecuted and jailed for years away from any sexual partner and they endure and often die.
    Sex is not the topic that humanity should be focusing on. But Genesis 6: and Sodom Gomorrah shows us it is demonic to focus on sex all the time by the world at large. This is Satan’s world now
    I just turned away from the TV show the “bachelorette”. That is a nasty sexually perverted show as is the “bachelor”.
    Soaps and other shows are also sexually perverted because they sleep around like animals.
    So practicing Gay persons are no different than the rest of society alienated from obedience to GOD’S Laws.
    He makes the rules.

  9. Marjo says:

    Yes forcing doesnt help anyone. It must leave from their own hearts and own will.

  10. Christopher Johns says:

    My belief is if they don’t want to leave that sin then I’m not going to force the issue. They’ll have the millennium to learn it. But I do see where I was coming from when coming out of that lifestyle. I was thinking that being alone for the rest of my life. Now they don’t have to choose because we have these Christendom churches are affirming them and redefining these 6 passages to make them seem like they aren’t talking about “loving committed relationships.” Hollywood is portraying them as being from completely normal families and great dads but it’s usually not that way. We usually come from diary thinks families.

  11. Marjo says:

    There has been so much misinformation about this that I will look out for more information. It is easier to help them when you know where they come from. I have heard many times from a priest on tv whom talk with gay or trans people that God create you like that. That is such a big lie from a priest, but it is not a surprise because they left God’s commandments long long time ago.

    It is easy to fight against wrong behavior when you “see” Christ front of you and say “I can do this, I can fight.” I think we were meant to have this conversation if there is someone out there battling with these things so they can read our comments.

  12. Chris Johns says:

    Yes. If you watch the video she explains it. If you ever want more info on this YouTube Dr.Joseph Nicolosi. He was the head of this. Basically gay men are looking to fill that missing piece of them. This is why there’s so much promiscuity in the gay community. Also, the lesbian divorce rate and domestic violence is through the roof. God wouldn’t make us gay and then ask us to not do it. Plus just from a biological standpoint two men aren’t designed to go together. Their bodies and reproductive system is designed to fertilize a female. Not another male. Jehovah has made it easy for me to stay celibate for now 10 years. The world says accept myself and follow my heart and Jesus said deny yourself and follow me. That’s what I intend on doing. If I suffer with him then I’ll reign with him.

  13. Marjo says:

    It is important to speak about this subject, because I had no idea how people become gay. I always thought that they were born to be one but that was false.

  14. Jacqueline says:

    Christopher, may i call you on Sunday evening when I get home. But first let us enter into prayer. I think it is time time to discuss difficult subjects, only if God and Jesus wills it.

  15. jacqueline says:

    Thanks Christopher for the actual link.
    I just attended a dance recital. The studio is owned by witness and some of the students are also. They did a Disney theme with tinkerbell and all. It was phenomenal. Only one guy however and he was a witness. It was such a hot to see they will compete in Orlando in July and another place later, it is a huge production. They are not your typical witnesses. I saw people from all walks of life. Some had on their American rifle society hard and proud trump supporter shirts. ( rural area). The young man accepts that Jehovah is the one that dictates what is right or wrong, not man’s laws or standards. But he loves to dance and he did it. It was a boy to see him.
    Now I really feel I need to set aside time to research and listen to what you sent. As Marjo mentioned it is pervasive in Finland and every major country except Islam major countries. When I tried to address the issue of a person being non practicing Gay person on Facebook once it got so ugly from the BS population that I had to shut it down and erase the entire conversation, although I used a BS talk. I swore never to attend the Orlando convention again after a conversation with some of the brothers putting it on. So this subject was squashed at every turn. So if we get commenters on here after I post an article when I review everything , perhaps you can take an active part in the conversation. I will be home by Monday. Thanks for the actual link.

  16. Christopher Johns says:

    Here it is. I love this lady.

  17. Jacqueline says:

    Hi everybody, I am at a dance recital today for my granddaughter. i will be on tonight. Marjo I understand what you are saying. I haven’t seen the youtube yet that Christopher posted. Since his post there are more clicks on this conversation, so I need to get on this, but I think they are coming for Christopher'”s link.

  18. Marjo says:

    I can not blame my mother, because she was very young when she had twins. She was 14 and she got married too. So her life was at the beginning and she didn’t have no experience at all how to deal with life problems. I wonder what she would have been if she was in her 20’s before she got married. It must have been hard time for her because it was in 1973. Anyway she has been the best mother in her own way. When me and my brother were little in 1980’s she cared only that there was food in the table. She is just like her father was.

    My grandfather was amazing. When we were visiting at his place there was always all kind of food on the table. That’s what I want also to be like. A person who looks after that there is always something to eat.

  19. Marjo says:

    I have noticed that they are only talking about homosexuality in this world, but not that what causes it. Child is very vulnerable in early steps of their life, when there is no parent to guide your feelings. From my own childhood I can say that my father was a drunk (still is) and I always had to see and hear their fight. He never hit my mother. When I grew older I literally had to grow myself. I didnt know how to behave with boys. How to pay bills. I was too shy to go out alone, because no one didnt teach me social skills. So parents have huge role in that point of childs life. Now I am a parent myself, I am growing my children the way I never was. With love and care and teach dangers of this world.

    In that video this woman explained everything very well. It is all about childrens emotions. If there is no one to guide you or explaining to you what they have heard or seen it is really scary in childs mind.

  20. jacqueline says:

    Christopher thanks for sharing. When I get back home I will listen to her explanation. Take Care.

  21. Chris Johns says:

    Hey. My Kingdom Hall was amazing. They let me read the reprints and volumes. They knew I was gay and never said anything about it. They showed me love either way. I left when I read the Divine Plan of the Ages. Loved it and followed that. There’s an interesting video on what causes homosexuality. I encourage all to watch it. YouTube “Homosexuality 101” it’s by Dr. Julie Hamilton. It’s matches my story 100%. We aren’t born like that not do we choose it. I highly recommend it.

  22. Marjo says:

    Hello Christopher!

    When I was a Jehovah Witness they were against gay people, I am trying to heal myself from that thinking way. A year ago, when I began to follow Jesus I have learned that I don’t have to be so cruel as they were teaching. Gay people can also pray help from God, because God will listen everyone whom are praying. God and Jesus can see inside of us what we really are. So we can not really judge anyone like Jehovah Witnesses are doing.

    We can not really see, who gives their life for Jesus, so we have to be careful about what we say for people. Also we don’t know whom God has chosen. He might have chosen a gay, drunk, atheist, killer…the list is endless. It is only a matter of time when they wake up and give their life for Jesus.
    All we need to do is to pray for them.

  23. jacqueline says:

    Christopher, it takes a lot of humility to openly say this, thank you and may God reward you for standing up for his principles, my brother. You have had a journey and part of my decision was based on defending you. I love and respect you, Christopher!
    Christopher, I have been wondering what is meant about even the holy ones would be deceived if possible and get to believing the Lie. Sodom society condoned homosexual activity because it said the whole town was there. Some perhaps to witness the event of the raping of the angels. Could this lie be this acceptance and flaunting it in defiance of His decree about marriage. You can lose your job if you say anything and won’t be able to buy or sell if deemed homophobic.
    Revelation 12 talks about the devil pulling a third of the heavenly host down with him and woe for the earth. This takes place after the warrior angel Michael wins the battle and they are banished. It is untrue that this happened in 1914 or that it is an ecclesiastical war as the Bible students believe because certain things happen after it and it is an end time scripture not in the time period both of the religions suggest.
    The court system is changing laws. Something nefarious is amidst. These are just my thoughts. What do you think is going on. This does not appear to be a passing fancy.

    I might not see your answer for 24 hrs but others will and this isn’t just to you. I am without internet until I reach my destination. Thanks for opening this conversation up along with Marjo. Take Care.
    In the days of Noah, the punishment was severe for those angels that sinned and their excursion might or could be different this time as they saw Jehovah will not let their offspring live. So it is sex but with no offspring this time perhaps.

  24. Christopher Johns says:

    Yes. Ever since the Marriage ruling in 2015 so many churches have been draped in gay pride flags and are quote a “welcoming churches”. They have taken the 6 passages that speak of homosexuality and have reinterpreted them to be pro gay. I myself am homosexual and have given that up 10 years ago to follow Jesus. Even basic biology shows two men aren’t designed to go together. I have a coworker who goes to the Episcopalian church and if Jesus didn’t talk about it then he doesn’t want to hear it. It’s sad.

  25. Marjo says:

    It is interesting how many company is supporting gay pride parade at this year. Today on the news they said that church is taking part of this parade. We can see more and more signs that the end is near.

  26. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    Hi Renee and Margo
    I was reading your comments and it is so true when you mention the lack of compassion for those who are in need by the Organization. In my 50 years experience as a Witness the only ones I have seen get any real help have been the popular members of the congregation. Collections and help given to the Circuit overseer or a prominent elder or pioneer. When it comes to others who are not as active or those outside of the congregation, little or no help is given. There seems to be a callousness. They view their help to the poor is through Bible studies and field service. They discourage giving to many organizations that help the poor because they are associated with churches yet don\\\’t provide other acceptable options.
    Jesus taught us to show compassion to the poor. He did more than preach! He healed the sick, and fed those who came to hear him. It\\\’s true his main focus was on preaching. He knew he only had a short time to get his work done and fulfill his reason for being on earth. Jesus did make the statement in Mathew 26 that \\\”you will always have the poor with you.\\\” It was shortly before he was going to be put to death. The expensive oil that was poured on him was to prepare him for burial.
    Since I have been mentally out for two years I have seen more Christian compassion for others being done by the churches in one day than in the entire 50 years of being a Witness. I attend a mens Bible study group on Friday mornings made up of about 30 men. Each year they select a ministry or charity to support in the community. There is a grassroots organization in the area that focuses on help young people come to Christ. They provide not only spiritual help by physical help as well, providing them a place to engage in various activities, food, clothing and counseling. The organization is held in an older building in need of major repairs or it would be condemned. In one night we collected totally voluntary contributions of over $20,000, just enough to do the repairs needed. Just 30 of us! No one can tell me that the Lord wasn\\\’t behind this!
    Last year we collected over $10,000 for a ministry based in Ohio and Indiana. They go into the worst parts of cities and through their evangelical, grass roots efforts establish home churches. To date they have established over a hundred home churches in 3 States. Churches made up of converted drug dealers, prostitutes, and drug addicts. People who are forced to live in the projects and slums. These people have changed their way of life to serve our Lord. The ministry is paid for by voluntary donations. They pay all their own expenses to travel to these cities providing support for those home churches. This is Christianity! Ministries like these have done more to spread the Gospel than anything I have seen as a Jehovah\\\’s Witness.
    It reminds me of the parable of the Good Samaritan! Who really is your neighbor? Those who provide perfunctory verbal support like those religious leaders, or those who provide real help, not just spiritually but physically.
    Matthew 25:34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

    37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’
    40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
    When we help others in need spiritually and physically we provide a great witness. We help others know the love of Christ.

  27. Marjo says:

    I had a nice experience today while I was in a hospital at nurse appointment. This nurse began to talk about spiritual things. I think Jesus led her to speak with me because she spoke the same things what I believe. Long time I have been looking for people, whom have the same faith in my country and now I found them. She was very warm and lovely person and full of Spirit. I felt that Jesus was with us in that moment. When you pray you will find what you are looking for, even it might take a while. She told me that there is a priest who was able to get in to Russian prison where no one else has ever been.

    I don’t blame elders, because governingbody has told them to behave in wrong way and they think it is right thing to do, because they can not think of their own thoughts.
    Actually we should pray forgiveness for these people, because they don’t know what they are doing.

  28. Rene says:


    I also wanted to point out that I also noticed that many of the friends in the congregation I attended where all deprived themselves (in various ways). This affects when and how they practice compassion for one another. If they feel life is not giving to them what they need, they are less open to giving to the needs of others. On top of that, we are taught in the organization (directly and indirectly) that our value as individuals is intrinsically tied to our participation in the Kingdom Hall. Sadly, we are encouraged to think less of ourselves and our Brothers and Sisters when they for whatever reasons are not able to have regular association in the Kingdom Hall. Not like a religion but more Like being a member of a club, you have to pay your dues, otherwise you have your privileges suspended. One of those privileges is the compassion from the friends, and they may even feel spiritually justified for ignoring an inactive brother or sister in need because they are not regularly attending meetings. There was such a sad distorted over emphasis on meeting attendance in my congregation that when my brother stopped going because of the unconscionable way they where treating my father, the elder who was talking to my brother one day listened to my brothers explanation for his inactivity and told him he needed to repent of his sins.

    My brother was crushed because he was not living a life of sin and was made to feel like a bad Christian because he found the abuse from the congregation towards my father too much to bear. I took from that conversation that Jehovah’s Witnesses overstate the importance of their Kingdom Halls and view it as a sin when you stop attending. As with sin you are without excuse and are not deserving of sympathy and as such, some may feel (spiritually) justified in cutting you off. I know this was a long reply, but I just wanted to share my thoughts about why the congregation may have failed to come to your aid. Jehovah says that he can’t forget his children, but our congregations tragically can. One last thought though and it is something that Elders should take seriously but don’t.

    In ancient Israel, when you where a hired shepherd and you lost a sheep to a predator, you where required to demonstrate evidence that the loss was not the result of negligence on your part. In some cases, I think you needed to present the carcass (to the owner) as evidence that circumstances beyond your control caused that loss because the owner felt the loss financially. I would not want to be in these Elders shoes when they have to render an accounting to Jesus for his lost property. A great deal of the lost sheep, the sheep that are not helped physically, spiritually or emotionally are taken by the roaring lion Satan because they had no help from the shepherds.

    The Elders who do not rescue, can’t be bothered, and use excuses not to get involved in helping the flock will be without excuse and highly accountable to the King Jesus Christ directly (Jer. 23:1-8). Jesus is not likely to flatter them for the neglect that resulted in preventable loss of spiritual life (Matthew 7:21). Thankfully Jehovah hears prayers and he rescues and loves and saves even if our congregation doesn’t see the need to Isaiah 49:15 Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!

  29. Rene says:

    God inspired Jeremiah to condemn the wicked shepherds because they didn’t feed the healthy sheep, so we know the sick sheep had no chance of getting help from the shepherd they depended on. This is an important concept because Jehovah’s Witnesses central doctrine is that we have a governing body whose most important role is to see to the needs of the flock by “feeding” them Matthew 24:45. How the governing body interprets this role affects the social climate in the congregation as we by nature imitate the behavior of our role models. What we see we imitate; what we don’t see we don’t learn to imitate.

    Now ask yourself this, when was the last time while you where regularly attending the meetings that your congregation held a food drive? Did your congregation collect funds for victims of abuse? Did your congregation collect clothing for the poor? Did your congregation hold a drive for a good cause that wasn’t related to the preaching work? My congregation(s) never did any of those things, and I was always confused why other churches (allegedly slated for divine destruction) did those things regularly and we who were God’s visible Organization on Earth did not. I never understood why Jesus said, “you will always have the poor with you” (John 12:8) and kept a fund which was dedicated to donating to the poor yet attention to the needs of the poor was not part of our ministry only preaching (John 12:6). So, my next question to you Marjo is how can we practice in the congregation with each other what we never learned to do ourselves? I learned in my psychology classes that kindness like aggression is a learned behavior. As sinful humans we have retained the ability to learn how to be kind, but we are no longer innately kind beings.

    For many of us Marjo, everyday philanthropy on a practical level (i.e giving to others in need) was not taught in any Kingdom Hall I had attended. We would give spiritual food in abundance, but not physical food, money, shelter or clothing to those in need. If we did do so it was a personal decision at our own expense. My father was an avid giver, he worked with disabled children and was a compassionate and exceptional mental health counselor who helped many families and individuals in crisis. He also gave whatever he had monetarily to those who needed it even when he couldn’t afford to do it. I learned compassion from this man because it was an indistinguishable part of his faith and so it became mine.

  30. Marjo says:

    Hello Rene!

    I am sure that there are many similar experiences among ex-witnesses. There is no support from congregation when you face difficulties. I remember a case, when a married couple had difficulties in their marriage. His wife was after another man while they were married. This brother got lots of support from the congregation, I wonder how that makes a difference. My guess is that they have no abilities to deal with these difficulties.

    When I became a witness, they told me that it is enough to follow Christ and so on. Obviously it was not so. They seem to have another list how to pick up your friends in the congregation. I just saw that list in ex-witness site, and I wasn’t surprised at all why I was left alone. Main reason is that I wasn’t very active witness, so I wasn’t good company. My question is that would Jesus Christ behave so? No! He would open His arms to person who is down and help them to get up again, Jesus would not abandon His follower when there is problems around. Governingbody is far from Jehovah’s chosen church.

    I think Jehovah’s chosen church is people around the world whom believe in Christ and follow His ways.

  31. Rene says:

    Hi Marjo,

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your writing contributions. I was able to read a little about your life and found your resiliency and bravery very encouraging as many other readers also likely concluded. There is nothing more frightening than to encounter a crisis unlike anything you have faced and to face it with a limited or absent support system. I also came to a similar heartbreaking conclusion when my father developed cancer and we were not even spared any sympathy from the friends in the congregation. In the end, when my father passed away from painful bone cancer, my brother and I could only hold a memorial for him at the hotel we were staying at when we came to collect his remains. I received no cards and no phone calls from anyone in the congregation and it had much to do with the fact that he was a partaking anointed and was persecuted for decades because of it John 10:32-36. This position that so many of the friends took was found lacking with some of the “Worldly” people in hospice and in the hospital that came to know a little about our situation. A few individuals mentioned that this behavior turned them off to Witnesses and the Organization. Sadly, another individual said that this is why they felt religions where inherently hypocritical, in that they say they love God and treat people worse than the “heathen” they say God is going to destroy 1 John 4:20-21 . If more people in the community knew how lacking in love many of the congregations actually are, the organization would be seen in an entirely different light I believe 1 Peter 2:12. Jesus said that there was no greater love than someone who gives their life for their friend (John 15:14) and this like all of Jesus other important messages should be given the highest priority in our Kingdom work. I hear so many stories similar to yours and mine and the Organization has become like the scriptures termed water less rain clouds Jude 1:12. This was a striking metaphor for people who relied on farming. Life and death where tied to successful farming and crops relied on rain. During rain seasons (which where specific and limited in the Middle East) farmers waited with desperate anticipation for signs of rain to grow their crops and sustain their lives (Jeremiah 5:24). When a full grouping of clouds passed over the farmers land, how much joy and relief he feels when he sees it Psalm 85:12. How his hopes are dashed to pieces when these clouds that have all of the appearances of harboring life sustaining water in its boughs betray all of the farmers desperate wishes when they pass by giving nothing to the parched Earth Proverbs 13:12. That is disappointment personified. Our grand example Jesus Christ understands this type of disappointment as his people did not fill him up or give him what he was entitled and needed as a human even though he gave so much to his people. We don’t think of Jesus as having needs that could only be meet by his people and community, but he was human, and he did have needs and his community denied him taking even his life and giving him nothing in return Luke 9:58, John 19:37. This is why our online ministry is so important (Phillipians 2:4) , because we know what it is like to need help and not receive it John 13:34. We understand need and hurt so well because we have experienced it, yet it has not made us shut others out and worry about ourselves only. Thank you Marjo for showing us that there is insight and a deeper bond with God that can be won after affliction, and not just bitterness. Thank you also for resolving to give help especially when you where not helped Romans 15:1-2, Proverbs 17:17.

  32. Marjo says:

    That does make sense. God doesnt lead us to temptation, it is our flesh that is not perfect.

    This Finnish version what I have say in English: Do not allow us to fall into temptation.

    It is very important verse, when we face temptations we should pray this to get over of this temptation whatever it is.

  33. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    Reading the article it looks like a translation issue that the Pope is trying to correct. The change according to the Pope, actually clarifies the Scripture since it is not God who leads us into temptation.
    “Instead of saying “lead us not into temptation”, it will say “do not let us fall into temptation”.
    This is a change from most English translations but according to the article this change would only be in the Italian versions.
    Topic for conversation: Does God “lead us into temptation” and how does this harmonize with James 1:13 New International Version (NIV)
    13 When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone;

  34. jacqueline says:

    Marjo how beautiful. Family life with cousins is special, I remember my times with aunts and cousins. That is one thing my mother and father did keep us with our families. Noone was a witness out of 17 siblings of my mother but my grandmother, and one Uncle plus my father were witnesses on his side. We visited our aunts and cousins all the time. We also played every day with any and all children in the neighborhood. My parents regarded the watchtower society as a printing plant only. Daddy was disfellowshipped because he stood against them on the blood issue and he never made my six brothers go to the kingdom hall only I went with my mother and him. The society as we called them then was not allowed to tell many of the Black congregations what to do under segregation. We regarded it as an intrusion on the rights of the men that were free from slavery.

    So glad you are keeping your children with there natural family.
    A convention of the Bible Students is always on the first holiday opening our summer and my grandchildren love to come down. I said on the first day of the convention in testimony meeting that I was only going to be at the convention for one day so I can spend time with my son and his family at my home. Some sisters came up to me afterward and said you have a spiritual family and you need to tell them you will be at the convention with your family.
    I corrected them sternly and said no one will ever separate me from my family! These children are violating the Witnesses to be with their parents and it is a blessing from God! I said I will not be here tomorrow!
    We have to realize if anyone tells you to not be with your family over them, I run now. Breaking up families leaves you open to their control.
    So enjoy your cabin. I live 1 1/2 blocks from the beach and we walk down or use a golf cart. They will be here next week and I thank God for his kindness and Faithfulness in this regards. Love you!

  35. Marjo says:

    Hello! We are now on vacation with my family. My cousin owns a cabin near at the lake so we are here with our caravan. This caravan is like a sauna. It is great to have little wind that will xool the air little bit. My children can play with their little cousins. Its nice. Have a good weekend and take care ☺️

  36. Christopher Johns says:

    Sure. I’ll send it soon with some thoughts.

  37. jacqueline says:

    Marjo hello, I just got around to answering your comment. I need to look at this scripture more closely and tell what I glean and may e some others will do so too. One thing I can say off the top of my head is that you are right, JEHOVAH has decided how the climate of this earth will be cleaned. It really isn’t up to them. But I will get back.
    Isn’t it nice to not have the fear of man and go into scripture and look it up for yourself. I was told that as a female on fojw to let an elder answer all scripture questions. How I let myself accept that is beyond me. See you later.

  38. jacqueline says:

    Christopher could you please read the article and critique it here for us? Also conventions have begun and a relative stated they are telling young ones not to play with”worldly” children. She said she didn’t like this because if they leave they won’t have any friends. I told her the governing body are master’s at manipulation and are aware of that. They are not dummies, this is a well oiled mind control organization.

  39. Christopher Johns says:

    There must be talks about where the great crowd is because the latest watchtower to come out on their site is about the identity of the great crowd.

  40. Marjo says:

    I have been reading at this Isaiah chapter 24 many times. It is talking about in the verse 3: The earth will be utterly laid waste and thoroughly plundered, for the LORD has spoken this word.

    Could it be so that Jehovah will destroy His enemies by making the earth dry like a desert? He will keep His followers safe from the destruction. Could it be that so called global warming is the beginning of this chapter 24? We have seen how heat has been torturing people around the world last year, and I can say that it is getting worse.

    In Noah’s day Jehovah destroyed mankind with the flood, so it could be possible that He will destroy this mankind by shutting down all water sources.

    Verse 4:
    The earth mourns and withers; the world languishes and fades; the exalted of the earth waste away.

    I’ve seen videos on youtube that in the California people have a silent war about water.
    Because land is getting so dry, that it is impossible to find drinking water. That’s why politicians are so worried about “global warming caused by humans”. Actually it is caused by God Himself for people whom did not keep His commandments as He has spoken through Isaiah chapter 24. Politicians know this, but they don’t want to admit that.

    Verse 5: The earth is defiled by its people; they have transgressed the laws; they have overstepped the decrees and broken the everlasting covenant.

    So we can expect more heat waves in the near future.

  41. jacqueline says:

    Hi Traveler, I didn’t cite an example of what I would harmonize with scripture if I was asked t do something that is against Jehovah’s will or what is written in the Bible. And I do think there is a yes and No answer to some things and can support why I would reject a course using the Bible. But I wasn’t making a point so I didn’t give an example.

    On going to heaven, everyone will have the opportunity to read what you have said and thank you for commenting.

    I might add from what I see in the Bible Jesus reign will be earthly from Jerusalem.

  42. travelers says:

    I was reading a comment under small talk and read this comment by you Jacqueline,
    “I would never do anything to undermine them personally but I will speak up with the Bible to defend (set straight I assume) a view that is not scriptural. This works with a witness as they will walk away. But I find a Bible Student actually will have a twist to a scripture that says it doesn’t really say what it says!”
    We have wondered that even after we’ve shown, usually in greater detail than most want, that an understanding is false in relation to the Bible, how we or anyone can make the statement ” but I will speak up with the Bible to set straight a view that is not scriptural.” Who determines the last word on what is not scripture, or what scripture means. What was true for some of us for years as scriptural truth, is not true now for us, even though we used the Bible to establish it to our satisfaction, in the first, and now in the second place.
    Love and being “up building” are not always possible using enlightenment to achieve it. Jesus out of love said:

    (John 16:12) . . .“I have many things yet to say to YOU, but YOU are not able to bear them at present. . .

    So we have visited this many times before, how much do you really have to know and understand to cross from death to life. Well, we know you have to have knowledge of Jesus and his Father Yahweh, enough to at least make you believe that Jesus is the Christ. We know that you must exercise this accurate knowledge/faith and get baptized. We put knowledge and faith together because faith based on inaccurate knowledge would constitute you as one of the blind, mentally speaking. From there who is to make the judgment that a brother or sister needs to know more?

    (John 5:24) . . .Most truly I say to YOU, He that hears my word and believes him that sent me has everlasting life, and he does not come into judgment but has passed over from death to life.

    The key must lay in this statement,

    (1 Peter 3:15) 15 But sanctify the Christ as Lord in YOUR hearts, always ready to make a defense before everyone that demands of YOU a reason for the hope in YOU, but doing so together with a mild temper and deep respect.

    If we are to cover distance to draw closer to God it is apparent that we must reason on both self evident truth and on the scriptures. Jesus and all who followed him did so. But remember they did not use our Bible.

    We have an advantage in the writings that relate so much information to us in this time of the end about Jesus and his day. We can see plainly that these writings are inspired in almost all cases with the exception of those thoughts and ideas mankind has decided they should include, even when the author clearly states as Paul did on more than one occasion that it was his opinion. True the last gift, the “spirit of understanding”, was given so that we might peer into the deep things of God. Since you cannot render sacred service without your “power of reason” it stands to reason you must use it. Don’t you love terms like stand, as in stand erect, Up, as in make your mind “Up”? Well, we do. The more you see that frame of mind is everything, whether it’s the simple honest person of limited mental powers, or the simple honest person of increased mental powers having availed himself of the spirit of understanding, we must be using what God has given us with the soul purpose (yes we know) of understanding and taking God’s “HIGHER” thoughts to make our minds OVER (God higher than us ). It is frame of mind that we are to up build. But if our brother or sister is not capable of depth of thought what then? We with our depth should give that some thought in case we are ASKED. But if we are not asked, a judgment that we should set them straight might be just that, a judgment. As it says, if they have crossed from death to life, they will understand in God’s good time.

    Yes to understand strengthens your “stand” so you are less likely to fall. We all want to give strength to our brothers and sisters. But there is that statement “down hearted”, which we would not want to be responsible for causing. In doing so we might cause them to lose heart and prove false to the power of their form of Godly devotion.
    Having said all this we assume that putting out the effort to come onto one of the many sites on the INTERNET to discuss the Bible, everyone in their hearts wants to know. By this action showing up on the net, it is asking, right? Judging from the response and the Bible’s statement that “few find the narrow path” reality argues in opposition. With many generations of misguidance we also have to deal with the problem of many translations and teachers who did, and do so without the slightest idea of why things are happening. They go into extensive explanations of the details of the Bible and history, unable to draw any firm logical or rational conclusions. The overview of the Nature of What Is, God’s reality, is the only Way you can peer into the language of the Bible, the conceptual expression to “see”. If you focus on the words you will never make headway. The conceptual image of the Bible remains intact even if the words used by some translators could have been better chosen if they also had insight into the Language of the Bible and reality. Let us remind ourselves here that language and tongue are different. One is the conceptual image you want to share, language, the other is the sounds you use to convey those images.
    So as Webster pointed out in the preface to his Bible,

    Webster wrote; “Whenever words are understood in a sense different from that which they had when introduced, and different from that of the original language, they do not present to the reader the Word of God.”

    Webster has a logical grasp of the nature of expression, even though he misunderstands that the sense conveyed is “Language”. The tongues are of little importance, we all can get the language if we peer into the words with an overview that allows us to look past poor choice of words.
    What is important is remembering the questions, “How much awareness is necessary to cross from death to life?”, “How much knowledge is enough to maintain this stand?” and how one determines when one is being asked? Do they really want to “know” God. Having considered these questions we’ve arrived at the conclusion, Love hopes all things.

  43. Marjo says:

    That is great! That inside Jehovah’s Witnesses there are people whom are not judging the way like the other members in the congregation. It could be that some of the elders have woken up and realized the truth that everyone who believe in Jesus and follow his path will be saved. I’m sure that Jehovah will wake more people from that society to see the real truth. For some people it will take more time. I have not lost my hope for them. Or it might go in that way that some congregations leave the Governing body and keep going as a single church.

  44. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, I had a loving experience today. An elder within JW from my childhood called me to give some info about a brother we grew up with. The conversation lasted for an hour or more. He knows that I am not a part of the organization because a committee of 30 elders met and called Bethel when my brother died to see if some of them could prevent me from attending his funeral at the kingdom hall and the dinner afterward. If he wasn’t one of the thirty convened, news spreads quickly among such a small body. The GB advised them not to bother me and I could attend any services for my brother and eat with family without hindrance from elders.
    It was so comforting to see he isn’t focused on a group of men like it was in our childhood. We considered the headquarters (governing body didn’t exist) book publishing agent but our brothers ran the congregations. I grew up under segregation and “Jim Crow” laws in a strictly Black congregation, White congregations and Black cong. were totally not permitted to congregate together. So that is the climate of my childhood in the Southern United States.
    He understood that there are others beyond Jehovah witnesses that have God’s blessings and love. We mentioned some by name and referred to the scripture in Luke’

    Luke 9:50:
    “But Jesus said to him, “Do not hinder him; for he who is not against you is for you.” We had one friend that passed last year and she had a small class meeting in her home and he mentioned she had gone back to the Churches. I told him as long as she still had faith in Christ and Jehovah because I knew her struggles and I just couldn’t visualize her being among Jehovah Witnesses after such horrible treatment. He said he felt the same way about many voices in Christians. I said yes a body of one with many parts. I told him doctrine and understanding of some scriptures may differ and I never argue that with religion. But I won’t associate if I am commanded I must worship a man or men.
    He mentioned now at the doors they don’t either as witnesses, they listen to other religious views. So I was happy to speak with Christians within the witnesses that are still as our childhood, viewing the organization as a printing entity and not the “Way to God.”

    John 14:6 “Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.’ so I told him I will draw a line in the sand on worshipping men rather than God or putting them in the position of “instead of Jesus”, (anti-Christ).
    So I think he got a sense of why I wasn’t referencing the organization but only the Bible or Jesus. He never focused on my not being in the organization. He carried himself like a “Man of God” as well as a friend. So different from the threats and demands you normally experience from elders.

    This scripture was playing in the background and my prayer for no confrontations was answered. My doctor says I am not to be in stressful situations anymore with elders of former religion as they are toxic. He said to hang up the phone, make the emails go to spam, and don’t open my door if one shows up on my doorstep. So he was a refreshing cold glass of water on a hot 100-degree day.

    “Php 4:6,7: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

  45. Marjo says:

    The most important thing is that you have found the right path to Christ. Then we dont have to fear anything else, not even death. We can count on that our names will be in the book of life. Today I had the feeling that I
    have to write a diary of world events. I have to buy a diary for that.

  46. jacqueline says:

    It is strange, the music industry. It has Super Stars who lives are often linked to immorality and spiritism. Men of fame. I am not that into music as I traveled with celebrities for a living. Most were just making a living but there is a facet to the celebrity crowd that is different from regular people in my observation.
    Our world is changing. I think in my children lifetime Christ will return. I would love to be here to observe and live through the prophetic fulfillments of the Bible but it is going to be rough before relief.
    Now the the prayer to have his will done on earth like HEAVEN has more impact.
    It is refreshing to hear a parent say they know children need to look up from their phones for a moment.

  47. Marjo says:

    It is good to take care of your health too, Jehovah knows when we need to rest. We don’t need to try to change this world, because we know who is the god of it. I did not watch Eurovision song contest, because I knew that Madonna was going to sing there. I am not into worldy music anymore because I know whom it is from. There is not much light in this world, because most of the people are into this entertainment that is from Satan. Most people are into their phones too. They are like cell phone zombies drooling around for their apps. It is not good to let your phone to control you, and this is what I will teach for my children.

  48. jacqueline says:

    Marjo I was at doctor’s yesterday and tired so I couldn’t answer.
    I think we will see some stressful Rulership problems before the word climaxes with the return of Christ to rule here as King. I posted Jeremiad 4:23-27 in one comment because it shows an incident of just what Jehovah will do in his fierce anger when man breaks all moral laws. Here in America we can’t speak out against moral issues. I focus on helping because your life can be cut short if you try to change this crookedness.We have the huge abortion law over here raging.
    Our political climate bears watching. I try to enjoy the earth and family and working to keep my stress levels down. I am not traveling anymore because that is one of my triggers for my heart, being in traffic. Also I don’t go around people that are going to try and make me come back to organized Religion. I am thriving spiritually being in a small group.
    My son is here helping me do all my yard work as I still heal from my stroke. They found the cause. It is AFib so I have to watch it. Take care.

  49. Marjo says:

    Yes I think that is where they are driving this country. They are forcing people to think at the same way, if you have a different opinion, then you are nothing. For example immigrants. If you are talking in negative way about immigrants then you are racist. If I would say that it is wrong to me to take immigrants in here, because there are too many poor people in this country whom they should take good care of at first. They would call you racist. It is wrong to give immigrants everything for free, when poor person is fighting for living, you are racist if you say like that. Here is 300 000 person in this country whom don’t have a job, and they live poor life. Today I heard on the news that here is 60 000 muslims in this country. That is a lot. It feels like Finnish person can not say nothing to defend their rights. You just have to sit and watch when other people are taking over your country.

    Long long time ago…this country was divided in two, there were red and white wristband. I think we are going to that old time again, but this time there is no wristbands. They even changed sitting order in Parliament house, because rest of the politics did not want to sit next to the other politics whom are driving rights of Finnish people. My country is dividing….it is sad to see where it is going.

    We are living in the last days, so people go against each other as it was said in the Bible.

  50. jacqueline says:

    So Marjo, is your country like Sweden? Is it a Socialist country.?
    Also at one of the Voice of the myrtles meeting I asked how they got Bibles into one particularly bad tough country? They said if we told you we would have to kill you afterward.LOL. We write verses on balloons, blow them up and send them toward a zone and the wind carries it. By the time the authorities get to the villages they are well hidden or memorized. Sometimes you have to be creative, like give something free as a donation to a regime, lots of it but hidden underneath are Bibles. Play crazy and drool at the mouth, no one wants to search you to close. You are in fact skinny not as fat and hunched over, dirty and pathetic as you look. There are ways to get the message into the lands where only one religion is allowed for instance and it is not Christian. To be caught with a Bible as a Christian in some lands gets you shunned and sent away from your land. For instance, if the whole village is Buddhist and you become a Christian the elders will make you leave your village.Thus destroying your family. This seems to be a tactic of elders in positions of authority to use shunning to force you to come back to get your family back. So many stories from around the globe of Christians persecuted for Christ. Muslim countries sometimes hunt down a female if she turns Christian even following her to another country and around the globe in one instance. Satan has a seed also.

    We had 11 persons on the Saturday night call tonight. Thursday we had 9 so that is encouraging.

  51. Marjo says:

    It is interesting how my Bible doesn’t use the word sodomites. Of course because I have a version what Lutherans use. It is difficult to find a Bible that is translated correctly in my language. And I have seen many verses where they have twisted Bible word to look like that Jesus is the God. I haven’t been able to find Bible in its original language Hebrew and Aramea. Obviously it is too dangerous for this church age to give that information out. I’ve had the feeling that when first church disappeared, Romans took control of the scriptures and made their own changes.

    I found out that there is 6 countries where Bible has been banned. I’m sure some wise believers hide their Bible in a safe location. That is what I would do if such thing would come in my country. Maybe they could try to give them a Bible in pieces. Sending books of the Bible could work in that way, if they would attach one book like Letter of Romans inside a regular book. That could work.

    World is going to more twisted way a year by year. Politics are more and more greedy to get more money away from people. That is whats happening here in Finland. They are making more and more taxes to suck money away which they have given. Living in my country is more and more difficult, when they raise the price of electricity, rent, water and so on. This is Satan’s greedy world.

  52. jacqueline says:

    Hi Marjo, You know I agree with the Brazilian court on it being a crime to attack people based on their sexual orientation. Because you can often tell who is gay because of outward mannerism. Such lawless attackers might possibly be adulterers or fornicators, abortionist, Murderers, etc. Notice fornicators, idolaters is mentioned first in order. The thought of the act and the open and flagrant in your face of homosexuals sometimes causes us to forget they are sinners and verse 11 below shows that these changed and became Christians, like liars, can change. In fact, sometimes the attackers hate themselves because they may be closet homosexuals. Decent people don’t attack and kill other people. That’s my take on sin.

    1 Corinthians 6:9-11 New King James Version (NKJV)
    9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor [a]homosexuals, nor [b]sodomites, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were [c]sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.

    1 Corinthians 6:9 catamites, those submitting to homosexuals
    1 Corinthians 6:9 male homosexuals
    1 Corinthians 6:11 set apart

    Also in some countries, the Bible is banned already, I help in this organization now. The Voice of the Martyrs the purpose is to get Bibles or pieces into the hands of these Christians, they are being beheaded for Christ right now, today in Islamic countries.

    The planned murder of your own children in such a horrible way has gone past being influenced by Adamic sin. It reminds me of this scripture and how God feels about it. They are wicked like Israel who had protection by God but still did a horrible thing like this.

    English Standard Version Jeremiah 32:35
    “They built the high places of Baal in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to offer up their sons and daughters to Molech, though I did not command them, nor did it enter into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.”

  53. Marjo says:

    Yes I have heard about that on youtube, that especially in New York they abort perfect babies and that is sick. Now I think I know how Satan is going to attack on us believers. Brazil’s highest court has voted that it a crime to discriminate gay and trans people.

    Soon this phenomenon will be world wide, and in the end they might probably ban the Bible too.

  54. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, over here in America the slaughter of babies in the womb and the killing of so many children by parents shows there is no natural affection, on of Jesus signs. Satan worship and belief in the Bible and God is at the point of whAT JESUS PREDICTED.
    Also now we have weapons where we can man can mutually destroy each other, Israel is surrounded by its enemy nations, and every eye can see Jesus because of the internet and satellite. Also, we can see Jerusalem when the desolation takes place and those outside the city of Judah will be fleeing for safety. None of these prophecies was possible in times past.
    So my resolve is to keep seeking with others that are recognizing the signs until Jesus come again.

  55. Marjo says:

    Anyway we can see a lot of signs in the world that return of Jesus Christ is near. Worship of Satan is not a secret anymore, it has become normal religion for people. Many celebrities have given their life for Satan to be famous and rich. Now these people whom have done that are preaching that if you want to be rich and famous worship Satan. There is no God among these people. We can even see it from tv-shows how twisted they have become. God mocking, increase of homo sexuality. This kind of entertain is not for followers of Jesus Christ. I don’t like to watch tv anymore because it is full of things that Bible say is a sin. I would rather watch youtube, because there you can choose what to listen. When you watch tv, there might be a scene of immoral stuff that pops out on your face.

    I’m glad that my children are wise, they are careful on youtube aswell.

  56. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, I have learned to look for opportunities to talk and share about things in the Bible. I am a great believer in God’s Holy Spirit guiding when to speak. I don’t myself talk to witnesses on purpose so if I see a witness it never crosses my mind to tell them anything about Christ, unless they ask me. Witnesses generally are closed off and something horrible has to happen before they leave. some will, however, sneak on websites at libraries so their mates or family members won’t be able to track them and turn them in. (Wow that sounds like cult behavior, turning a person in)

  57. jacqueline says:

    Marjo no I haven’t heard this date from the witnesses. I did, however, sit through a Bible Student session at their General convention and saw the computation for 2038. I raised my hand because the speaker admitted one 50 year figure was panning out. He said but let’s get past that and see these further figures. I asked 2 or 3 prominent elders (after one asked me have you heard all the brothers are saying 2038 is the year): Didn’t Jesus say no man knows not him but the Father?
    All three said but he didn’t say we wouldn’t ever know! So I learned to stop asking about why clearly stated words are being ignored or taken lightly because there is always an answer to circumvent the Bible saying what it means and means what it says.
    Don’t they know Jesus is the word of God and all info that they have He already had and could have used it to figure it out? He is the creator of all things, excepting Jehovah, yet he said no one.
    Fragrant disregard for the clear statements in the Bible.

  58. Marjo says:

    Have you heard anything about the year 2034? I have been reading from the websites that Jehovah Witnesses are saying that Armageddon will be then. What did Bible say about setting dates for Armageddon? We do not know the day or a year, only Jehovah does. It is not the first time when they do omens like that.

  59. Marjo says:

    I will listen David Jeremins videos when I can. When I said I am teaching my children to stay away from religions, I meant that not to join in any. Apostle Paul also went to synagog to preach for people, so we have to stay close to them, because that is where sheep come from. When their leaders have treated them wrong, or they realize that this is not the truth. Then we must be there to help and support them to get up back on the feet, just like people whom have left from Jehovah’s witnesses. They need other people support, that they would not think that life has end there when they left the society.

    That made me wonder, how do I recognize when I see familiar Witness on a street or on a store that they have left from there. Few days ago I was on the library with my children and I saw there familiar witness brother sitting on computer. Not looking websites, but regular news website. It also made me wonder, why he was in the library? Could it be possible that he is fading away?

  60. jacqueline says:

    Good Morning Marjo, I agree the Bible says plainly Jesus is the way to God and to where he is going. It is so simple, yet man has made the systems that they say you must follow. It is called denominational, religions. I prefer to call believers in Christ Christians, just my preference. So you are giving your children an early start of rejecting following men and relying on the scriptures as revealed to them by the Helper and listening to many Christian voices for their explanations to get a well-rounded view on understanding. I believe small groups like the 1st century Christians allow for the freedom to discuss and the Spirit to enter because Jesus said 2 or 3. It takes courage to say no to religious orders and stick to that.

    Matt 25:31-32 “31When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His glorious throne. 32All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate the people one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33He will place the sheep on His right and the goats on His left.”
    Marjo I see this scripture as happening When Jesus comes again and is sitting on the throne of David in Jerusalem. So it to me occurs during the Millenium.
    I don’t believe what we were taught by the Witnesses and Bible Students, that he has come already, invisibly, in heaven. This doctrine was made up when the failed predictions of the Saints going to heaven and Armageddon happening in 1914, 1918,1925, 1975. So they made this up and even taught we are in the Millenium. The witnesses and other end time sects from that era dropped this teaching as it dishonors Jesus to say this is the best he can do because things are not going to paradise and peace now but just the opposite.

    Also since he is coming with his”Angels” here not the Saints, I see this as future. Others probably will weigh in on this. I find you don’t have to go beyond what is actually said, but this puts a wrinkle in the plans of those that feels His 2nd coming is heavenly. Notice that all the nations are before him, and Isaiah is just full of how his rule will be. I heard a talk on this by David Jeremiah and it made a lot of sense and was a few other thoughts for me to think about.
    I am going to put that talk on the bottom with the other videos where other voices are presented for this webpage.

  61. Marjo says:

    I am teaching my children to stay away from religions. They don’t need that when they know that Jesus is the way and the truth. Anyway I was thinking that are we in this time what Jesus was talking about in

    Matthew 25:32
    “All the nations will be gathered before Him; and He will separate them from one another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats;

    We have seen that many people left from religion and are following Jesus only.

  62. jacqueline says:

    TedR, I do agree with you, “they shelve it because they have been convinced that it is Jehovah’s organization and he has appointed the Governing Body as the Faithful Slave.” I find also that the Bible Students are the exact same way when it comes to Russell and “Study in the Scriptures volumes”. They are from the same source, even if the Bible students rewrite, or attempt to change the facts and their history.
    That being said I don’t attempt and never have tried to enlighten or sway either a Jehovah witness or A Bible Student from these “Captives of a Concept” views.
    I just say bless their heart and move on with the Bible students because their’s is sort of more irrational they venerate a dead man and others that have died. Tears well up in some of their eyes if you say something truthful yet negative concerning Russell. So I just move on from that level of adoration of a dead man.
    I realize that people have the right to worship as they see fit and never try to offer a place or help one that has not already left on their own without any coaxing from me.

    I do believe if they are suffering and they pray that God will hear their sincere prayer to get free and find a place of refuge.

    I view many of youtube or webpages as vital to prohibit people from joining the destructive cults. I think it will help teenagers and young adults to get free. Some are not ready for a spiritual setting when they are trying to break free.
    But if God’s Holy Spirit does not feel they have to come out to be ransomed by Christ, I don’t either.
    I would never do anything to undermine them personally but I will speak up with the Bible to defend a view that is not scriptural. This works with a witness as they will walk away. But I find a Bible Student actually will have a twist to a scripture that says it doesn’t really say what it says!

    ie, 1 Peter 3:19–20 “By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; (20) Which sometimes were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.”
    I understood this to mean after his resurrection but while still in our realm but a spirit himself, he preached to the disobedient sons of God from Noah’s day.

    A Bible student elder and another sister sitting next to me looked at me in astonishment and said “you don’t really think he actually went anywhere do you” I said yes. The sister laughed and said even her baptize minister knew this wasn’t literal. They both said it was by his life course of obedience and death he showed them or preached to them. The example given was, “I paused then went back to eating”, meaning no actual traveling took place.
    I must in honest admit however that some Bible Students believe exactly what the Bible says in this instance.
    I love the Bible Student brothers as many became dear to my heart. I actually love tons and tons of witnesses that I grew up with and are my family.
    I would never try to ask a person to move with their children when the house they are in is housing them with maybe some leaks but better than sleeping outdoors or in a shelter. I feel I need to make sure I don’t somehow become disapproved.

    Unlike the Bible Students but like the witnesses I believe I should try to reach those that don’t know some of the truths about Christ, not preaching to the ones that are considering the Bible.
    Yes association and sharing with one another are correct and the Bible says to do that, so that isn’t what I mean.
    The Bible Students as individuals preach more to themselves and their little closed group, many believing they are the heavenly class remnant. In fact from the platform last year 2018 convention the elder stated that the African brothers were “in his back pocket” as he was giving them the laptops and smartphones from his boxes.
    At least 2 prominent elders from the Bible Students said to me that they feel the “African brothers” are just “taking a bath” when they are getting baptized in large numbers. 2018 convention 2 told me to my face that “it seems the Lord is with the Arian race” at this time”
    I wanted to understand how they were this backward in this day and age? I found it might be because they keep regurgitating the writings of Russell and Most say they believe every word he has written. See what I found here: Now I understand their weird remarks to me about race. God sent me there to reveal these errors to me, so I could see it is Russell, not the individuals. They are captives of his concepts.
    And this isn’t all inclusive but a general summation of my sojourn within their ranks.

    Matt. 24:4 “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.” I believe this applies to many of the teachings of Russell. He took the wars that Jesus said not to take and made everything fit within 1914. Poor Bible Students (some) believe we are in the 1,000-year millennium reign of Christ and that it is overlapping from the Christian age.

    My journey into their world was necessary I feel so I could see where this craziness got its start.
    We don’t use books and are getting so much directly from the Bible without being in harmony with the 2 slaves, Russell and the Governing body of Jehovah Witnesses.

    Sorry, this is so long but I just drank my coffee and my brain is working. LOL

  63. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    Despite the fact that there is information on the Internet regarding JW’s, the Society has done a good job demonizing “apostate websites”. As a result, most don’t look at these videos and websites out of “loyalty to Jehovah and his organization”. Apostates are viewed as deceitful and mentally deranged. Sadly many of the videos are presented in such a way that they provide backing for this viewpoint. While I understand the pain many of those feel after the abuse they received, when they post lies, half truths, and erroneous information this does not help open the eyes of the rank and file. I am out of the cult and I find some of these videos offensive because of this.
    When they come across some of these videos they get turned away from the information that is factual and presented in a respectful manner. So to say they are not duped I don’t think is completely accurate. It is because they are duped that they don’t allow themselves to view anything critical of the Society.
    I see this in many of the the Bible Students as well. They refuse to listen to anything critical of Russell, thus blind themselves to a ton of information that wasn’t available when he was alive.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses have been so deeply ingrained in the cult that it often takes a traumatic event to get them to begin to research the real truth. My wife was raised a Witness. She doesn’t have any desire to look elsewhere. Like most of the rank and file she has been effectively brain washed. When they see problems they shelve it because they have been convinced that it is Jehovah’s organization and he has appointed the Governing Body as the Faithful Slave.

  64. Marjo says:

    God has probably chosen us for something bigger mission in the near future. I just don’t know what. We need to study scriptures more.

  65. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, that’s true according to Kent from Sweden. His country seems to be like that. Maybe someone remembers or know why or what happened to cause some whole countries to not be religious anymore.

  66. Marjo says:

    That is all true. They are so drunken of that doctrine that no one can’t safe them unless Jehovah won’t personally wake someone up. Obviously my country is so pagan that I haven’t found anyone else that is thinking same than I am. Or they just afraid to open their mouth online. I have only found sites where people left religion, but they are mocking God and Jesus. I don’t like to be with that kind of people.

  67. jacqueline says:

    Marjo hello, I saw Ted R comment on them asking for money. I don’t feel sorry for the friends however as they should be intelligent enough with all the chatter to know the religion was found to be worth billions in one pedophile case.
    A lot of people give to their Pastors because they feel it offers absolution with God. Witnesses are no different, they adore the governing body and regard them as speaking from God or in place of Christ. They aren’t forced and since a plate isn’t passed they can ignore the plea or just drop a dollar in. If not this scheme they will fall into another. They love their “Faithful and Discreet Slave”. One person said “I do with my money as I please” why do you care what we do for our organization. I see some of these comments on other Facebook posts. Those that are in the organization now are not duped they love it. Even tho they are reading on the internet they remain loyal to their organization like all of the other religious donations given by laity.
    It isn’t just the personality like it was when Russell started the movement and Rutherford, today it is the group loyalty to the perpetuation of its ideas and organization. Rutherford and Knorr called it the “New World society”. To build a group survival think. Thus the governing body rather than the men names.
    So I don’t feel anything when their organization guides them monetarily or with doctrine.
    My only feelings about their operation were my family telling me I couldn’t leave these sect teachings. That I had to be in the Jehovah Witnesses. I really never was bothered by the shunning, just saying I couldn’t see my grandchildren.
    Also, like lots of people, they pay their way to God. They are a part of Babylon like all organized religion. Small house groups generally study scripture I have found. I have been meeting people with house Churches in my city. They can discuss scripture with you and we listen to each other.

  68. Marjo says:

    I began to search Bible verses about this subject and found 2 Corinthians chapter 9. In verse 7 Paul is giving an advice how to donate: Each one should give what he has DECIDED in his heart to give, not out of regret or compulsion. For God loves a cheerful giver.

    I feel so sorry for these parents whom have to obey these rules that are against Bible. I just wish that they would wake up and see that this is not right.

  69. Marjo says:

    Now governing body has gone too far! They are saying that children have to donate their savings for this cult. These children will be lost when they are adults. They don’t know how to save money to pay bills, or how to save money to get something you need.

    Jehovah would NOT want to have children to give all their savings. This is nonsense! Bible doesn’t teach that you have to donate all your savings.

  70. jacqueline says:

    marjo, yes that is a unique timeline animation. it is simple and you can clearly see Islam’s appearance. It became an enemy of Christ and forced a lot of Christian nations into Islam the same way that Catholicism forced nations to come under the Papal system or die. thanks for posting that.
    i have been resting at my son’s home for a few days and enjoying grandchildren.
    you know for the first time in my life i have control over my thinking and relationship with God and Jesus. No pressure to conform to dogma.
    i can breathe, Wow!

  71. Marjo says:

    Wow someone has created amazing animation how religion spread in the world.

  72. jacqueline says:

    Marjo that is so nice to enjoy your family. It is a lesson about the Creator everywhere we go. I think it is worth obedience to him to make sure we see what he has in store for us. Your weather is sort of like ours here in the Chicago area. I am planting flowers, raking leaves and bringing out the summer furniture. The intern is going to change the site, keeping the articles but cleaning it up a bit, can’t wait to get started and see what she does.

  73. Marjo says:

    This vacation has been great. Our cabin is near the ocean so we can go walk on the beach every day. It is not summer yet, so air is little cold some times, but we don’t have snow anymore on the ground. Today has been very windy. All we need is the fresh sea-air.

  74. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, I agree with you. In the days of Noah, the book of Enoch says that women were taught the occult arts by the wicked sons of God. And today we have females basically who are the fortune tellers, using the crystal ball, etc. Children, men, and women will play with the ouija board. It is not a TOY! But I know some get together and play with it, and invites the demons into their life in this way. If you have escaped the influence of worship of men and their control, why would we go under the control of the satanic forces? It seems demons have to have a host, a conduit to get control of us. That is why a Christian will fill up that space where they emptied out the doctrines of men, with the “Word of God”. Not mystic sources, it can be dangerous for Christians just getting free because he wants to give them by deception, special knowledge. I vote with you, stay in the Bible

  75. Marjo says:

    1 Timothy 4:1
    Now the Spirit expressly states that in later times some will abandon the faith to follow deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons,

    If someone is trying to get you to read or search something that has something to do with teachings of demons, then you are going to wrong direction. You should not go to that road, because then Satan is trying to weaken your spiritual wall in that way.

    Do not allow anything to weaken your spiritual wall, because that is protection against demons attack that are on the earth.

    To get even stronger wall around you and your family, you need to pray and read Bible daily. We are living in the last days so Satan is trying to do everything to get down followers of Jesus Christ.

    Stay strong in faith and pray <3

  76. Marjo says:

    It’s funny you said that, because Spirit has lead me too to find the answer from something someone has said or is speaking. It means that same Spirit is leading us both even tho we are in other countries. I had an idea to make my own site in Finnish. It is in the beginning but I will manage to finish it in its own time. I know that there are sheep in my country too, whom obviously are too afraid to talk about their faith.

  77. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, I too have asked myself what would Jesus do or say when faced with responding to persons upset with me because I left the witnesses.
    It makes me feel good when I handle situations like He would.
    We don’t have to rush now. We can slow down and hear other voices.
    I take note of difficult scriptures in prayer and Holy Spirit will lead me to listen to a conversation in a store or on internet or somewhere and I get another thought on that scripture. I am just enjoying this free flow of Holy Spirit. Freedom is so exciting.

  78. Marjo says:

    Creating a video is taking a lot of time. But it is good not to rush with it. Now I’ve been following Jesus, I know now what it really means. It means that when you have new personality on you, you have to think like: What Jesus would do, would Jesus do this?
    This kind of thinking has helped me a lot to grow in faith and grow good fruits in me.

  79. jacqueline says:

    I will look forward to seeing your video! I have learned so much about the Bible now that I think it is worth being HIS friend and worship Jehovah. He has some great stuff out there for us if we can just trust him! I feel so blessed to have gotten out of a religion that had such a tight hold on you that no outside thought was allowed. One man’s thoughts on the Bible became a cult following but I will not keep letting it hurt me that I spent my life in Russell’s ramblings but use that experience to soar now in freedom.

  80. Marjo says:

    Now I am working on a project to create a little video about what happens when human wont follow God and when human does follow God. Next week we will be on vacation with my family. I hope the weather is great…right now it is snowing little and there is a cold wind. In April the snow was melting so fast that we could enjoy nice and warm weather for a while. According to weather channel sun will shine next week.

  81. jacqueline says:

    Marjo such good news to see Baby is running. Delayed children have done some of our great things. Their minds sometimes grasp a new and different way of doing things and they invent. Read about some of our inventions they said the makers were slow but their minds were beyond regular humans. We found this out with 2 family members. Almost geniuses but at first they seemed different. Now they have high powered jobs. So.
    Imagine what you and your husband can teach your children with your increased awareness!!!
    If I had young ones now I would have one special evening for them to read out loud discuss and prepare what they gleaned in advance. Then let them sit in or walk thru while we tackle the deep subjects on Thursday night.
    Those restricted kingdom hall indoctrination sessions are hard to unlearn but now you can put Jesus right into your children and fear of Jehovah because of his Awesomeness, Grandeau, Mercifulness and Power not because of a mistaken view of Armageddon! Even that is an act of love as he rescue Israel and break the nation’s backs and set up his Kingdom rule of Peace.
    I will travel back home today. I stayed with my daughter in law and 4 grands while my son traveled for work. She needs another hand there when he is gone.
    Since my stroke I can’t help with her housework anymore but I can cook, pick up kids and be there while she runs about. I love them although their listening to the governing body of Jehovah witnesses almost destroyed our family. I WILL NOT GIVE THOSE MEN THAT MUCH POWER OVER ME AND MY FAMILY!
    The PEN is mightier than the sword.
    A reporter called me a few days ago to get insight into those men to write a book. So take care, I got to see up a few tips and tears in blankets for the kids before I hit the road.

  82. Marjo says:

    It is good that your family can see close that you are following God and then they have nothing bad to say about you. I learned too that conflict is not the answer to wake them up, love is the answer and that is the way how we show them, that we also follow God’s rules even tho we are not members of Jehovah Witnesses.

    My family is doing great, only my oldest children are having this teen period going on now. It is taking a lot of patience. Little one is doing great also he is almost running, he loves walking outside. I wonder what he will be when he is an adult, because he is interested all kind of electrical device he sees. Printer is the best and second is tv remote. He doesn’t speak yet, in this syndrome there is speech delay, but I don’t know how long it will be.

    Yes we had memorial with unleaved bread and wine. I am glad that my children are interested of Biblical things too. They also want to have their own Bibles.

  83. jacqueline says:

    Marjo hello! I have been thinking about you! I am doing the same thing!. I am a following the k- house verse by verse of Genesis, Daniel and Revelation. I have found that the first mention of something helps me to identify it later in, the serpent, the woman and seed of both are mentioned in Genesis now I know what is meant when I see it in revelation or elsewhere.
    I agree humans are loved by God not matter how we label ourselves for identity purposes.
    It has always been the system, the organization and it’s instead of Christ structure. It takes people to keep an organization going.
    Jehovah I don’t feel is upset with individuals as he has put all power in his hand to teach both witnesses, non witnesses and all of mankind.
    I just need to disconnect from rules, dogma and doctrines of one man and organizations.
    My family isn’t fighting me on this now and thst is all I personally wanted to be free to worship God and get to know about Jesus and learn all the new and exciting things in the Bible.
    Once I just decided to write my family off to get freedom, they did an about face, so go figure.
    How is your family? What about the little one, is he walking and talking?
    I just loved it when we were able to see your entire family including your husband.
    Did you do Memorial with your family? Give us an update please.
    Also I will have an intern that will be working with the site to clean it up a bit.
    She is a Psychology Major. This should be a blessing as she can write and add a lot. Once we revamp, I might do some advertising. But we get few thousand from 53 countries and 253 cities. Holy Spirit is our only advertisement now.
    I feel your joy in being able to study and also sed that God is goid not the evil one portrayed by our former associations.
    Take Care. ❤

  84. Marjo says:

    Hello everyone!
    It has been long time since I’ve been here. I hope everyone is doing well.
    I’ve been studying Bible and got some clear picture of it. Finally after all those years when I was property of Governing body. Today I realized something, I realized that everyone is equal front of God’s eyes. Jehovah Witnesses and ex-Witnesses. I just wish that people whom are still in JW will wake up.

    Romans 10: 12
    For there is no difference between Jew and Greek: The same Lord is Lord of all, and gives richly to all who call on Him,

  85. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, love the facebook page. I saw this one discussion on the trinity.
    It mentioned that before Jesus came to earth people worshipped one God and that at the announcement of his birth there was no mention of a triune God head coming to ransom us.
    Some of this I agree with but there actually was the worship of a triune god but it was Isis I believe and Egypt worshiped a god for harvest, birth, water etc. But the part on the scriptures announcing Him does not talk about a trinity associated with him. I do however accept Jesus as a divine being or a God. I noticed when I associated with the Bible students it seemed they wavered on his being divine. I will continue reading today as I am still healing. How is the progress of you son this week? There will be leaps week by week sometimes.

  86. Marjo says:

    Here is the link to facebook

    Softwares that I am learning to use are UNITY and adobe anime. With UNITY I can create a game or a video. With adobe animate I can make moving images. It is difficult to learn at first, because software is new and in English. But there is a lot of helpful sites that is giving good information how to work with this software.

  87. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, what a blessing! I think your son will defy all odds. So glad to hear about your new class that you are taking. Tell us more about it please.
    Also I need your and Sanura website so we can put it as a reference website for more discussions.
    It is so nice that we aren’t all sticking to one site but opening more so persons can make their decisions without preconceived thoughts or long held or prior religious teachings. It is refreshing with all the support of God’s Holy Spirit. I hear from Sanura often. So please send me the link or post it here and I will put it on the proper page. Hug your family for me.

  88. Marjo says:

    I have been very busy lately. My son has now learned to walk. He doesnt stop walking lol.

    There is another serious thing I want to share. All over the youtube there is talk about economical collapse that begins from the US and eventually spread all over the world.

    In the videos they also advice people to prepare. Not to keep your cash in the bank. Get as many supplies as you can for 6 months. Food, medicine, water, candels, batteries and everything else that is important to you.

    Most important is to keep yourselves safe and prepared when that happens. It is not good to go to store when people hear that collapse has happened. There will be panic. It is good to stay away from that panic mass. Keep yourselves up to date of this in youtube.

    God bless you all and be safe

  89. jacqueline says:

    Good for you Marjo. I just spoke with one granddaughter and will go get her this holiday, visit my sister and other relatives. Then I will have all grandchildren together. We need to enjoy our families. Looking at God’s creation builds up faith in God for your children. We are over the hump now and balanced. Hurray!

  90. Marjo says:

    I think Im going to get some sleep now my boy is sleeping also. Im glad that kids will begin their holidays on Friday. Last time from this year I will take them to school and pick them up from there. We found ourselves a new hobby. We are examine things with microscope. It is interesting when you see something small you couldnt see with your eye. It is something we all enjoy to do.

  91. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, you won’t get any sleep until your baby is about 4. I hate to say that but mommies are sleep deprived, and you have the added love of 22q. I encourage my clients to say over and over “And This Too Shall Pass”!
    Then you pray for small miracles. If you just happen to be up tonight pop on and say hello. I finally saw Nubby Tope and that was so great. I think I am talking to Kevin on google+ and if that is him I hope to get him to come to BBB and let us see him and him us.

  92. Greg says:

    Hugs to you, Marjo!

  93. Marjo says:

    Hello everyone 🙂
    We finally got our baby boy to get better night rythm. Now I am able to sleep better also.
    Now Im worried about his left leg. When he is trying to walk without support it doesnt work like the right one. But that doesnt stop him going lol. It might be part of 22q.

  94. jacqueline says:

    I agree Marjo we support each other here.
    Saturday we had a beautiful discussion session. Most like the fact we can type a response in real time.
    It seems some of the friends will speak what they feel about the wrongs done to them by the witnesses but are hesitant to mention wrong things that they see in Russell who is the originator of the Jehovah Witnesses and other Bible student groups.
    That should not be! Russell is not a god and is human just like all of us and is subject to error and questions about things he has said and taught. The dogma and doctrines are based mostly in part on his teachings.
    Such doctrines as the pyramid, the seventh angel to the seventh church of Revelation as being Russell. Russell is the faithful and discreet slave of Matt 25. These are all things we should be able to discuss openly on the BBB.
    No matter how men today try to rewrite history and say Russell is not the founder of the Jehovah witnesses they are wrong his doctrine is the basis for the religion. His writings are over 100 years old and really shouldn’t have to be consulted when reading the Bible for yourself or in small groups, the Holy Spirit is the helper for all of us. Jesus is who we should study intensely and the 66 books.
    I think we made progress in that area at our last session of going to the Bible and forget what the witnesses or Russell says, filter nothing thru any man’s teaching.
    Thursday we will have another study and it is so refreshing not to hear anything about what a man or organization says on a text but instead what the spirit reveals.
    Taking a long time to get free from those teachings and see what the Bible really says.

  95. Marjo says:

    You can restore the article. I don’t think there is that problem anymore.

    I finally got to rest whole night. I guess it is when I put my baby to sleep at somewhere around 11 he sleeps the whole night. He is just like me. If I go to sleep too early I wake up after 2 hours and can’t get sleep after that. If I go to sleep at 12 then that is enough for me lol.

    It is hard for anyone who decides to leave from Witnesses and then their families turn their back on you. When you have your trust and believe on Jesus then you can stay strong no matter what kind of words they are throwing you at.

    We must not forget that we have world wide family in Christ here. We just need to support each other where the support is needed.

  96. jacqueline says:

    I have the article and can just restore it. Russia bots is what it blocks not legitimate people.
    I really appreciate Sanura as she is up against strong forces within her family to follow the teachings of the men that set up the doctrines, some even bizarre, of the watchtower society. She just pushes on to keep it simple and not go past Jesus. Hellfire, armageddon and second death are what is used to scare and control. Jehovah nor Jesus ever used these tactics. Jesus would give wsrnings to change but He never spoke of him sending people to second death.
    He said he came to save mankind mow not to judge and he never judged them but today Religions and their prominent teachers have taken over his place and are judging.
    You have to be strong not to cave in to the pressure and Sanura has pushed on. I will visit the site later today.
    Also advertise it here and I can add it as a helpful website.

  97. Marjo says:

    Yeah we must be careful on the internet whatever we click or download. Anything can bring our computers spywares that changes link you have shared to something else. Thats why I was worried about the message because it showed different in my laptop for a moment. I can find the article again and post it here again and see what happens. I just want to say that nobody doesn’t think that I have something against Russians no. I have Russian friends too.

    Yes I have been talking with Sanura. She also is following Jesus only. People do need help to see that it is Jesus/Yeshua whom to follow. They don’t have to struggle for being shunned because not obeying organizations rules if you still follow Jehovah. That’s not Jesus was teaching. He told to follow him.

    Thank you for your kind words sis! I would accept your offer for babysitting my little one 🙂

  98. jacqueline says:

    Marjo your article showed fine on our site. It was a refreshing article. It might not resonate with co derivative religious views of having to have great knowledge but it showed the simple power of Christ. No doctrines to argue over just Jesus simple words changed him. If you want I can restore it.
    Also, I spoke to other admin on this site last week about Russia being blocked by the defense system. It also blocked China but finally let them in.
    On here some admin were blocked because they say their email were on a data breach list. The internet is great but brings other problems. Sanura told me about the new site. You are the Marjo she was speaking too aren’t you?
    We talked about the your genetic markers that causes your babies problems. They don’t talk about it much in the United States. Will your precious baby adapt as he grows older? They are finding new cures every day as the technology helps them. Hope you can get some rest. If I was in Finland near you I would babysit at night and let you get some sleep.😌😘

  99. Marjo says:

    Thank you!
    When I saw my post with pc it was showing me some sort of small commercials board on my message that were changing. They were in Russia. But with phone it was normal.

    Now I have installed windows again to my computer. I hope that problem is gone.

    We are all fine. My baby boy has kept me awake many nights for several hours. Last night it was from 10 pm to 10 am. Then I finally got some rest when he was sleeping too.

    Thats good to know that they left from Witnesses. I hope they will begin to follow Jesus only.

  100. jacqueline says:

    Hi Marjo, I have deleted the post but I think that is what that was about a gang member that went to Christ. Let me go now and read it. Be right back. I have been out to dinner and preparing for family that might come in from a funeral so I just saw your post sorry.

    Okay, I read the article and it is about a gang member changing his life. But I will keep it in trash Marjo.
    How are you and your family doing?
    I had the opportunity to talk to my niece about what her life has been like since she left the witnesses and her life is great. Her children are happier now and everyone will be home for the funeral.
    Life goes on.

  101. Marjo says:

    I apology for that previous junk post that got there. I surely did not post that there. If someone is reading this it can be deleted. I was suppose to send a link of a man who was gang member and began to follow Christ. I don’t know I might have to reinstall my computer if there is a hacker on my laptop.

  102. Marjo says:

    Now I had a thought about Christs blood. Adam did sin against God so his blood became unholy. So there was needed to be Holy blood (Blood of Christ) to purify that unholy blood. That Holy blood was Christ. That\’s why we need to purify ourselves with the cup and bread, till the day when Christ arrives. Am I even close to right thought?

  103. Marjo says:

    I was googling the topic online and found this site

    Quote from that site:
    \”Jesus was a sacrifice because human beings sin against God\’s holiness. Sin must be and is punished. There is no exception to this rule. Anyone with unforgiven sin in his life faces the horrifying prospect of eternal separation from God. No forgiveness exists unless someone capable of forgiving our sins pays the penalty of shedding his blood. Hebrews 9:22 says, \”In fact, the law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.

    Jesus was a sacrifice because only His blood could roll backwards to the first sinner and forward to the last. Whatever temporary measure God used before Christ in history to secure forgiveness, He alone was eternally slain in God\’s mind as the perfect sacrifice for sin. That\’s why death exalted Jesus from being a mortal Jew, to being the universal Lord.

    Jesus was a sacrifice because – when God tore the veil in two from top to bottom when Jesus died – it meant that Christ\’s death opened an unobstructed way to God (Matthew 27:51). Before, only the high priest could enter the Holy of Holies (only once a year), and never without blood to cover his personal and national sins. Hebrews 9:7 says, \”But only the high priest entered the inner room, and that only once a year, and never without blood, which he offered for himself and for the sins the people had committed in ignorance.\”

    Jesus was a sacrifice because God honored it alone – of all the sacrifices ever offered – with the victory of bodily resurrection. That single success illuminated the cross as an object of pleasure for us and victory for Christ. That\’s why Paul noted that Christ\’s death made a spectacle of all opposition to God (Colossians 2:15). The Roman conquest of Antonia fortress in late July, A.D. 70, and the entire city a month later, eliminating the daily sacrifice, made no difference whatever to God\’s will. No further sacrifice was needed. Christ\’s own perfect sacrifice forty years before not only eliminated the temple\’s relevance, but received God\’s imprimatur three days later.

    That\’s also why we need neither trust our righteousness, nor fear our sins. Christ\’s resurrection guaranteed our emancipation from sin while it obligated us to his grace. Since His sacrifice was all sufficient, there is nothing we can do to deserve it. Since His resurrection verified His sacrifice\’s sufficiency, there is NOTHING we won\’t do for Him in appreciation.\”

  104. jacqueline says:

    Greg, I do see the intriguing analogies that you mention. Also Isaac carried the wood on his back in symbol of Jesus carrying his cross on his back. Wood, again from a tree. Oh HE is deep but we have always dealt with things dealing with the “anointed” and took us away from all the many gems of the Bible.

  105. Marjo says:

    While reading these comments I had a moment of silence. It just feels great to think with a brain of your own while reading Bible. That’s why it is important to have others opinions too to see things which you might have not thought about. I have noticed that someone has one thought and someone has another, then like you said pieces find in their place.

  106. Greg says:

    Marjo’s scripture and expression got me pondering the following half-baked (and perhaps distracting or even completely erroneous) ideas:
    I suddenly found myself thinking that the Curse upon mankind came about due to eating fruitage from a tree. The trees in the Garden of Eden were meant for sustaining life and for providing many other necessities for life including knowledge and education. Eating something which grew on a tree was a proper way of sustaining one’s own life. But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, while the fruit did provide a means for education, it also brought death, rather than life.
    Then Jesus comes and puts his human life, and his knowledge, and his trust in God back up on a tree (or cross– which would be the equivalent of a dead tree recycled or re-purposed) and by so doing, created an opportunity for the death curse to be put back on a tree. His “body” would thereby also became a life-giving nourishment (symbolized by Bread) for all of mankind to partake and thus symbolically “put back” the fruit that Eve took, but still retain the educational lesson learned.
    One more possible “connection” is that the Israelites were commanded to observe the passover by putting the sheep’s blood on their doorposts–wooden doorposts also coming from re-purposed dead trees.
    I’m not trying to make or suggest there are hidden meanings herein. I’m just playing with all the intriguing “lego” pieces and seeing how they can fit together. At the very least, I can see and appreciate God’s ingenuity in working with all the “lego” pieces he has created.

  107. Marjo says:

    Romans 5: 12 – 21 explained it very well too.

    Therefore, just as one trespass brought condemnation for all men, so also one act of righteousness brought justification and life for all men.
    For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous.
    The Law was given so that the trespass would increase; but where sin increased, grace increased all the more,
    so that, just as sin reigned in death, so also grace might reign through righteousness, to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  108. jacqueline says:

    Marjo my take is he was speaking to the Jews who were under a curse of the law in addition to our Adamic death. They died immediately for many things by stoning. He wasn’t addressing Adamic death consequences.
    The Jews had a difficult time understanding that their Christ, Delivered had come and they were no longer under the law code.
    The Bible clearly shows the person including Jesus is dead, nonexistent. No need for a Resurrection if they are still alive, just resuscitate them. I have found now that the Bible isn’t as symbolic as much as we thought. The witnesses had a view of the Jews that warped our understanding. Religions put a spin on scriptures when they are really very clear and mean what they say. I don’t know but it seems I understand when reading the Bible now since I have left organizations.
    HEB. 10:24,25, for instance, had nothing to do with Christian meeting attendance. It was admonishing the Jews not to keep going back under the law then coming back to Christ then going back under Judaism. Because they would not have a Savior if they went back under the law code.when Christians miss meetings they aren’t rejecting Christ and going under the law code. My take on the problem here.

  109. Marjo says:

    While writing these posters or could better naming be “postcard”. Now I am writing about: Yeshua sacrified Himself to set us free from the sin.
    I noticed a Bible verse that made me thinking death in totally another perspective.

    Galatians 3: 13
    But Christ has rescued us from the curse pronounced by the law. When he was hung on the cross, he took upon himself the curse for our wrongdoing. For it is written in the Scriptures, “Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.”

    When Adam and Eve didn’t obey Gods rules curse of death came upon all human beings. When Christ died he became cursed. When he was woken up from the death in a third day, so he reverse the curse. I was thinking, does it mean that our soul does not die when our flesh body dies? I don’t remember that JW never teach that part of the Bible. When Christ revoke the curse. They were always teaching that soul dies too.

  110. Greg says:

    I really enjoy several things about your expressions here:
    1) Excellent use of straightforward logic!
    2) Brief and clear. (Oh! how I wish I could be so precisely eloquent in so few words.)
    3) You used the word “find” in this sentence: “If we find these fruits in us…’ This fits perfectly with my understanding of the scripture about the fruits of the spirit. I have often had difficulty making it clear to my still-in Jehovah’s Witness friends that the fruitage of the spirit is something that grows when conditions are conducive. Too many of them seem to have accepted the erroneous belief that you can glue apples on any old tree and that what makes it an apple tree. But that only gives one a make-believe or pretend tree. I’ve long tried to argue that one must work at creating the proper healthy conditions for the tree (soil, light, warmth, water, etc.) and then the fruit will come all on it’s own. I think the word “find” captures that quite deliciously. Thank you!! (Compare 2 Tim 3:5 “For [although] they hold a form of piety (true religion), they deny and reject and are strangers to the power of it [their conduct belies the genuineness of their profession]” (AMPLIFIED BIBLE)

  111. Marjo says:

    Dear friend, lets think of this in other way. If we wouldn’t have Holy Spirit helping us around then how could we build fruits of the Holy Spirit in us?

    Galatians 5: 22, 23
    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
    gentleness, and self-control. The law is not against such things.

    If we find these fruits in us, then we know Holy Spirit is in us. It is not easy to build fruits of Holy Spirit, but if we work hard we can finally do it. We just have to allow Holy Spirit to help us in this.

    Galatians 5: 24 – 26
    Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.
    If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.
    Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.

    Like verse 25 said let us also keep in step with the Spirit
    Good night and take care

  112. Marjo says:

    Jacqueline some I do understand but there are things I dont understand yet. I noticed that Acts and Pauls letters are like walking hand in hand. While reading Acts you see Pauls journey. In the middle of that journey he wrote those letters. Then you can get more clear picture to your reading. I believe God will allow us to understand His Word when we are reading it. When we are joined to Christ and allowed him to our hearts we can ask Gods Holy Spirit to help our reading. Bible is saying that too. Not just holiest whom are suppose to be in heaven with Christ but other members in first church too.

  113. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, I asked if you can understand the Bible with God’s help because I was recently told that the Holy Spirit doesn’t help individuals that way. That I needed to use books to tell me what the Bible says. But to trust God and believe Jesus words, “YOUR WORD IS TRUTH” I see now is frowned on by some Christians and organizations. I find it disturbing lately that some are discouraging actual Bible study alone. I know the witnesses forbid it without using their books to look up meanings but have found other associations do also in actuality.
    I love being able to just be on the phone of talk with a neighbor or other human now about God and not point them to books or magazines because we can actually use only the Bible.
    Jesus and early Christians down thru history had only Gods’ word directly and not books ABOUT God’ s word to study. I am finding it defines itself with at least 2 or 3 references. I do use other sources to get their thoughts and the internet but not doing a studious study of one work has proved to be a blessing for me. I thought I had freedom and liberty in Christ but now the mind really feels free as I turn straight to God. Strange happiness but I love it!

  114. Marjo says:

    Yes I do understand my reading. I didnt want to sound it like that way Im going back to that cult. When I was reading that it brought my mind how much it reminds of GB and secrets they have. Including books that are not members eyes to see. God has only one guide and that is the Bible.

  115. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, I just got thru talking with Jeff who was reared in Catholic and then witnesse but studies with Wednesday studies.
    We are like you, understanding the Bible from reading it!.
    Marjo, it is Holy Spirit of God and He is pouriong it out on us. Organized religion is not for me. I understand God when I don’t use organized religion books, rules or filter it thru their teachings.
    I would never sit in the back of the kingdom hall like I see some of those people doing. I would always go talk to them and speak to them. Some sisters would object to what I was doing and I would say the Bible does not tell me not to talk to people coming to the kingdom hall. The elders never said a word to me.
    Whenever men set themselves up as leaders they invite you to look in their lives and there will be secrets, shameful and deceitful things.
    So let me get this straight. Are you saying you understand from reading the Bible by yourself?

  116. Marjo says:

    Each time I read letters Paul has written it is getting me more and more clear. It is like when you read one verse then you get the AHA….this what it means thing. When you read similar verse from other letter then it is getting even more clear.

    Like I just saw few shunning videos and one said that person who wants to go back to JW has to sit back in the hall. Is that Biblical teaching? No. What Paul was saying is that you have to forgive the sinner if they regret 2 Corinthians 2: 5-11. Not like Witnesses do, they are watching you like a hawk that are you really obeying their rules. This could take even years. Bible doesn’t teach this one either, when there is something to forgive you forgive now not after million years. Of course it depends of a case.

    This verse is showing how GB is doing everything opposite.
    2 Corinthians 4:2 Instead, we have renounced secret and shameful things, not acting deceitfully or distorting the word of God, but commending ourselves before God to everyone’s conscience by an open display of the truth.

    GB has secret and shameful things, they do act deceitfully and distorting the word of God.

  117. jacqueline says:

    Rena, Jesus said he hated the teaching of the Nico- laitan, clergy laity class structure also. I listen to many voices also and learn. I realize it wasn’t true that other Christians didn’t have deep knowledge of truths. Some of them are gifted by the spirit in different aspects. Some dwell on prophetic issues others on archeology proofs and other aspects that when we put it all together it makes the Bible stand out as truthfully the word of God. No one has all truth now but we all will when Christ comes again as he says with striking observance not invisibly to just a few. He never ever spoke of an invisible presence parousia also means coming as most of Christianity knows. Next 70 years 66 books, no more of the last 70. Lol

  118. jacqueline says:

    I do understand what you are saying Ted. I told the brothers that Mcclintock and Strong were contemporaries and did so much for future generations also. The different men that you mentioned and all the Bible talked about a “great cloud of WITNESSES”. You and I are on the same page. Russel didn’t get any more understanding than you and I or others seeking with the Spirit. He is not the originator of any truth. “Your word is Truth” “I am the way the Truth and the light”. If he was the angel of Revelation surely Jesus would have conveyed it.
    But for one minute let’s say he is that angel of the laodicea cong. That cong was so indifferent that Jesus wants to spit them out of his mouth. They are good for nothing. Not refreshingly cold or stimulating hot like a nice bath!
    So really I wouldn’t put such a stigma on Russell or any of the evangelicals of that age, to get spit out of his mouth.
    Also I said but your angel is dead now so what effect does he have on you or me? The answer was that the message to the Laodiceans is the 6 volumes. I said that is not true. That message is stated in Revelation.
    To get down and question this, Rev 12: and where Jesus preached to the spirits in confinement, the answers about these texts have thrown me into a spiritual whirlwind as I realized nothing the Bible actually says is actually accepted. They had an explanation contrary to simply stated things in the Bible.
    In the 1950’s the watchtower talked about creature worship and saying other people vows over and over again. Now I had the opportunity to experience and sit beside the group they were talking about. I take this experience to finally drive me to Christ and not go out after those sects who says He has returned in the wilderness or look he is over there. What a teaching experience this has been as I went in deep for 8 years. So now I humbly say “Jesus, please take the wheel”. I am so glad we can speak freely here. I welcome our fellowship as we are still victims of a Concept and not healed but at least it is scabbed over and we press on. I am enjoying the scriptures only meeting that Dave thought up.
    PS: Not meaning to put Russell down but he is just a man with infirmities like all of us and he and his wife and others wrote studies in the scriptures on what they understood at the time. We today over a century later have the internet and planes to check out faster information and add to, reject or agree with those gone in death before us. Hope to meet them some day.

  119. Ted R says:

    I understand where you are coming from Sr Jacqueline. I don’t disagree, we are not following a man, only Christ. I thought it was interesting the comments made by br Senior that we should not be following Russell. I agree with that. I also agree that many of this Bible Students put too much emphasis on Russell. There are some things that Russell taught that is Scipturally correct. I think sometimes we get so rapped up in doctrine that we fail to realize there is room for differing views. That’s why we have so much division in Christianity. No one, not the Bible Students, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptist’s, or any other religion has a completely accurate understanding of the whole Bible. It is only when we dogmatically insist that others agree with us as having the only truth that we go beyond our Christian love and downgrade others. I think we are on the same page. I respect br Russell but I also have a great deal of respect for Martin Luther King, and Billy Graham as well as others who have had a great deal of success promoting Christ. I don,t necessarily agree with all they say but I do look at what is said and if it agrees with plain Bible Truth I can go along with it. That’s why I don’t throw out everything Russell taught. I don’t even throw out everythingJW,s teach, even though it harder to sift out truth from all their falsehood. Like you, my only guide is the Bible. As long as something is proven to me from Scripture I go along with it. Like you I don’t agree that any the Faithful Servant or special messenger. I do agree with Ransom for all, Bible Hell,being the grave, the restoration of the Jews prophecies,and many core teachings of not only Russell but other Bible Scholars. Not because a man taught it but because it has been proven from the Bible. I am not dogmatic however and if I can be shown from Scripture that my view is incorrect I am always ready to listen. The biggest mark of a true follower of Christ is love. None of us should put down others for not following any mans teaching. Like you that’s my problem with JWs, Bible Students, or other religions claiming to have the only truth. My only master and teacher is Christ and my only guide is the Bible.

  120. Marjo says:

    I have chosen my side and that is to follow Yeshua not men made religion. I don’t want to be rude to anyone, but that is how it is. I think everyone of us know in our hearts which is the road we choose to walk. Do we hear Yeshuas voice and follow him, or do we hear a voice group of men made religion and follow them?

    As Yeshua said:
    John 10: 27
    My sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow me.

  121. Rena Luecking says:

    Jacqueline…….I have found in my spiritual walk that I can learn a little something from everybody. Love IS the key. And love is gentle. People are not attracted to harshness. It activates their “flight or fight” mechanisms and postpones spiritual growth. I am convinced the bible does not teach a clergy/laity division, that there is no such thing as apostolic succession, and that if anyone (who claims to be Christian) flat out contradicts Jesus or his ordained apostles, they have apostatized the Christian faith. This would constitute speaking abusively of “glorious ones” and not trembling at their word. 2 Peter 2:10 Trembling at “their” word is a emotional response in the brain that is legitimate and necessary for us to grow as sons and daughters of Jehovah God. If we do not tremble at the thought of apostasy of the Christian faith we are in real danger of ship wrecking our that faith. JUST STAY SWEET AND GOOD and let God sort us all out.

  122. jacqueline says:

    TedR, I know Ronald and he has bought into the “New” made up history about Russell.
    The bible speaks against the worship of angels.(no internet have a small phone, need to insert scripture later).
    The worship of the angel of the Laodicean Cong is against the Bible.
    The Bible says the remembrance of the dead is forgotten, there is no more works.
    Yet the Bible Students glorify a dead man and actually from what I have seen it is WORSHIP. I refuse to use studies in the scriptures because it is held higher than the Bible. In fact elders from my Chicago class said all comments on the made by a Bible Student must agree with the prophectic doctrine and basic doctrine taught by Br. Russell. I made the case on phone conversations that we should agree with the Bible! I was told no, agree with Russell. I was later sent an email with bold type reiterating this point. I was called again by an elder in the Chicago class and it was made clear again in bold terms. I refused to submit and advised I would not do ancestral worship or worship the dead or angels.
    I was sent another email in bold type to let me and any commenting on the Fojw site to not engage in conversation on that site either to prove or disapprove that Charles taze Russell is the seventh angel mentioned in Revelation nor that he is or isn’t the faithful slave of Matt. 25.
    I passed all those emails on to you brothers as proof.
    In one conversation I was actually on a BBB meeting and 2 brothers heard the entire tirade on speaker phone. I forgot I had opened the BBB and brothers were coming on for a training session. They heard everything.
    I have attended more conventions and Bible Student meetings than anyone on here and Br. Russell is mentioned as authority more times than the Jehovah witnesses has ever mentioned the governing body.
    The worship of Russell is a cult like adoration and can get scary when you hear them disputing over what he said, did not say and changed in later reprints.
    As for the man himself he allowed this worship to start before his death. He died disgraced because of the 1914. Debacle. Also the adultery trial between him and his wife over a servant and Anne Ball.
    I will put the full trial link on here later. No internet and appointments today.
    Also you can find what the servant traveling with him said about his putting on his robe etc before his death.
    The man wanted to be a God and Rutherford and others saw it and fought him.
    My brothers check the internet and don’t believe this made up history of Charles Taze Russell.
    I no longer associate with the Bible Students because they are redheaded cousins to the watchtower society and in many ways worse.
    Disagree with them and see the fury.
    TedR I am going straight to Jesus as the one I follow and straight to the Bible and am destroying all Charles taze Russell literature.
    Russell is the founder of Jehovah witnesses, Bible Students, Laymen, Chistadelphians etc.
    Those men are trying to rewrite history but the internet published it before they could.
    Get some coffee and find the entire court trial for yourself to question the morals and why the “vow into the Lord” is said beginning every meeting in the world of the Bible Students. You don’t play around with a vow to God.It mocks Jehovah for them to repeat a vow of a dead man who is trying to say I was just guilty of licking myself in the room alone with a woman all night, that’s not adultery. And men today perpetuate that man’s rantings aimed at his wife who caught him.

  123. Marjo says:

    Hello Ted!
    I also have been thinking when Russell began to preach he certainly did not want humans to follow him but Jesus. I think that is what he wanted Watchtower to be. Now these days GB is making its members to follow GB not Jesus. I wonder what Russell himself would say if he would be alive and see what happened after he died. We can not blame Russell for things which was made after his death. I think he was honest man who wanted to believe in God and Jesus.

  124. Ted R. (Bible Student) says:

    I was reading a Facebook article by Ronald Day Senior. He is refuting another article with misconceptions regarding Russell. He states:
    The author refers to the Bible Students as “the true followers of Russell” as opposed to “Jehovah’s Witnesses.” It is good that there is a distinction made, but the distinction is blurred in the surrounding paragraphs. However, the expression “true followers of Russell” could be very misleading. If one is a follower of Russell in the sense of being wholly devoted to Russell, that person is in a self-contradiction, since Russell preached that one should only be wholly devoted to God. In various social networks on the internet one can “follow” other members; one receives the posts and information from other such members. In this sense, following a fellow member does not mean agreeing with everything the fellow member posts, but simply keeping up with what that member is posting. One should follow members of body of Christ in some respects, and that includes Brother Russell. But to follow Brother Russell in the same way as one is to be a follower of Christ would be a self-contradiction, since Russell preached that one should be a follower of Christ. Some Bible Students on a very few occasions have spoken of the Bible Students as “Pastor Russell’s followers.” I believe this should not be done, since it is misleading.
    I totally agree with this statement. However some Bible Students seem to disagree since in practice many have put Pastor Russell on a pedestal, making his word the prime authority. I personally have no disrespect for Pastor Russell, in fact I highly respect him. He was undoubtedly a very good person in his day and very sincere in what he taught. But historic events and an independent study of the Bible have shown Pastor Russell to be in error on some matters. That’s OK, even he admitted that others may offer new light on the Scriptures. That is why we should never blindly follow any man. We are Bible students, not Russellites! Russell never dogmatically insisted that all believe as he did. If we in our studies of Scripture come to different conclusions, that to me is OK! No one, as I have stated in other posts, has the complete truth when it comes to doctrine. Many Scriptures can be interpreted in different ways. We should never put down anyone for disagreeing with our view. At the same time we should never overlook doctrines that are obviously against Bible teachings and are harmful to others; ie: No Blood, Two Witness Rule, Shunning! When Christ has returned, the truth will be finally be made known in all the earth. Until then let all who want to follow Christ show the LOVE that Christ taught would reveal his true followers.

  125. Greg says:

    I like that verse very much. Thanks for sharing it here, Marjo.

  126. Marjo says:

    I find this Bible verse very encouraging:

    Hebrews 9: 28
    so also Christ, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.

    So lets keep that in our minds, every day during every struggle.

  127. Marjo says:

    Yeah same was when Romans were after Yeshua followers. If they didn’t worship in their way they had to be killed. Hitler was the same kind of. It is interesting how history is repeating itself.

  128. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks for this Marjo. Even Church ministers say s it is a mystery, the trinity doctrine. I always encourage people to read the history of the church down through the ages. There they will see when the doctrine was made and introduced. The Unitarian religion fought and won in court the right to not believe in the trinity. The Catholic church would burn you at the stake before then if you denied the trinity. Happily most on this site don’t have a belief in the long debated trinity.

  129. Marjo says:

    When I was a baby I was baptized as child to Lutheran church. Where I am no longer a member, because I left there when I became Jehovah Witness. Now I am not Jehovah Witness either. I am a just follower of Christ. Lutheran church is teaching Trinity so here are my thoughts about Holy Spirit how I see it in the Bible. I do appreciate honest opinions if someone has other thoughts to share 🙂

    Most churches teach that there are three persons in God. God, Holy Spirit and Jesus. When they say that have they seen God? no. What Holy Spirit really is? God said to Moses: You cannot see my face, for humans cannot see me and live (Exodus 33:20).

    So how can Lutheran church say that God has three persons? In Trinity they teach that God has all three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Here is one verse they use to support their doctrine Galatians 13: 13.

    What is spirit?

    We have to realize what spirit is. Genesis 1:2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness covered the surface of the watery depths, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.

    When everything was created power was in God’s words. Whatever He is saying it will happen. Spirit of God, so how does that make it in two different persons?

    Spirit is His eternal living soul which is making Him immortal. Like us humans we have spirit also, but we are not immortal. God’s word made it to happen, because Adam and Eve didn’t obey His rules. All the power is in God’s words.

    In 2 Corinthians 3: 3 You show that you are Christ’s letter delivered by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God – not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.

    Again Spirit of the living God, it does not say the Spirit and the living God no. Because God’s Spirit is not a person. God IS the Spirit. Let me ask you another question, how would God live if His Spirit would be separated?

    Jesus who is image of God and God’s Son. Colossians 1: 15 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.

    How there would be three persons in God, if there was just one God in the beginning and Jesus was created after? If you believe in Trinity It is good to think this kind of questions.

  130. Marjo says:

    That’s what I’ve also thought that He has been tested us to be even more stronger when there is struggles. When we follow Christ that road isn’t easy. Satan is mining our path with struggles all the time. When we see it is not good to step on it. You just have to clear all the mines Satan has set on our path.

  131. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, everyone has a story of neglect by the so-called “elders”. They are trained by the organization to be harsh. If they didn’t send them to elder’s school they would use their God-given conscience and built-in empathy for a young girl with a DisFellowshipped mother.
    I think it was allowed by Jehovah to send you through that journey so you could raise your family without all the field service and stuff. Now you escaped and can go directly to Jehovah without filtering everything through the religious doctrine made up by men. Some of their doctrines align with the Bible but now you can question them without fear.
    Expressing on paper is a way to heal from Spiritual abuse and the “pen is mightier than the sword”. Others can benefit from the sharing on here.
    I never grew up under a governing body but spent part of my adult life under them. At first, I didn’t know such a monster existed but when I realized a few men were writing their definition of what God was saying and you had to accept it without question, I looked for the door.

  132. Marjo says:

    Denise I have no sisters I only have 4 brothers. I grew up at countryside. To the town there was about 30km long drive. I didn’t have easy childhood either. My father was an alcoholic and he also was smoking. When I was little he did that inside the house, he didn’t care much of what others thought.

    His thought was that “I built the house so there is my rules”. Worst habits when he was drunk was that he made phone calls in the middle of night. My brothers seemed to be more important him, I was just like I wasn’t there. Of course I had a mother still have, but she was often in her own thoughts. I basically had to learn myself how to live life. I’m glad we were living near the forests because that’s where I spent most of my time by building tree houses lol.

    I don’t blame my mother, I know she had difficult time with alcoholist. I have good relationship with her, but my father he has drove everyone out of his life. Now he is living alone in HIS house. He has a lot of sickness. He is turning 70’s in 2020. Bottle seems to be more important to him these days. Even tho he can be annoying, but he has also been talking about God. I told him that you don’t have to belong to any religion to serve Him. Even tho he hasn’t been nice to me, he still is my father.

    My husband he has lots of sisters. This sister I was talking about is his stepsister. She has had her very bad childhood trauma, and I think there is the reason why she did that thing to us. She hasn’t treat that trauma well enough.

  133. jacqueline says:

    Denise thank you so much. One of my sons is coming tomorrow with my granddaughter. I will love the ones God sends to me. My daughter in law has a heart and promises I will get them for the next break for a week. I have always put the love of my children first and I know the teaching and indoctrination methods of the governing body has some demonic help. So they grew up under satan inspired worship and it will be difficult for them but hopefully, this fourth generation from the inception of this religion will be able to break free. Seeing that their grandparents broke free.
    You know it takes 4 generations for a curse or set pattern of behavior to be broken. I will leave my other children notes at my death releases them from grief as I am sure before they die they will realize they are captives of a concept of a religion based on constantly predicting dates for God to correct things. Each generation of men comes along and predict yet another date. Been going on since Miller in 1843 onward. Hogwash!
    Hope you are cooking some Turkey with a duck inside it and another fowl inside of that one, it is good.

  134. Denise says:

    Marjo, this is Denise, I have four very toxic, hateful sisters. My eldest threatened to call cps on me because she was mad. I was raised in a jw family, by a very narcissistic father. My eldest sister is narcissistic and three of my sisters are mentally and verbally abusive, like my father, to me. My sisters have always been put on a pedestal, and i am the scapegoat. My mom just takes on their views and opinions as she does not think for herself. Watchtower taught her not to think. I can say i am so sorry about your sister trying to ruin your life. It is because you are doing something right. The pain is always worse when family is involved. Take care.

  135. Denise says:

    Jacqueline, i am so sorry your family treated you so horribly. I wish you were my mom or grandma. I would be there with my kids eating all of your wonderful food that you cooked with love. You are a wonderful person and i know satan uses family to tear us at our core. Take care and i hope you enjoy quality time with the family you will see. 🙂

  136. jacqueline says:
    This is instructions for use. I will open up the BBB for you. We have a video on how how to operate for moderators and tutoring. I will send it to you via email.
    We post when we are in BBB because others are using it also. I will email you later today.

  137. Marjo says:

    They have to accept camera options in the left upper corner of the browser if they use chrome. When they first login it is asking you to allow to use the camera on this site. Then they have to choose the webcam they are using in the list. Then they can choose the webcam from BBB site list.

  138. Jacqueline says:

    What a great idea. This video can be paused and explanation. Marjo, only a mother or father with children would think like that. Every person has a different aspect. You are GOOD at this. I was discussing how you studied the Bible alone for this year with God, Jesus and his Holy Spirit as you went thru a trial of fire. Seasoned Christians don’t think alone or in a small group will yield understanding. This sort of confused me, when I see what you have done.
    I still just love your little children sticking their heads in the screen. It warms the heart. We have got to figure out Yuna and Denise problem with their camera.

  139. Marjo says:

    Ok I’ll think about it what to add on this.

    That’s when I thought that while watching video it is good to take Bible and pause the video in certain place. Then discuss about something that they are not telling in the video. It is also good to show children where in the Bible this story is.

  140. jacqueline says:

    I listened to just a bit of it and it is intense also it doesn’t give enough reason for why he destroyed the earth. Noah says God is merciful but it doesn’t seem that way if he is destroying people without explaining a little more. It doesn’t say the people were curious as he built the ark because Methuselah name meant that “when he dies the flood will come”. So they knew for a really long time that there would be a flood and Enoch told them when He named his son.

    This is just an example of the need to be very accurate when teaching children, so I suggest a parent make sure because children can understand. I like telling them about the Goodness of God until a certain age when they began asking questions. Otherwise, they have a warped view of God.
    Just a critique of this particular video.
    Bible students on the fojw page have a section to the extreme right and the “My book of Bible Stories” can be modified to teach. The website new videos can however be disturbing and intense.
    But also children need to hear different speaking styles. We had some stories marked for our children to skip and they skipped some themselves in the My book of Bible Stories.

  141. jacqueline says:

    Marjo send it to and me in Email and I will formulate it add a photo and post it on your front page. Just tell me what you want on it. Remember it is a permanent page that does not change. The comments are fluid, they keep things rolling on a subject or a new subject.

  142. Marjo says:

    I found Bible tales from youtube, one from Noah’s ark. I watched it and it was great. They really have thought that it is not too scary for children.

    I have tried to learn how to write on this my front page, but I haven’t found it yet.

  143. Marjo says:

    It is sad how they dare to use small children like that. I’m sure that those kids are thinking of you every moment but won’t tell about it to their parents lol. When they grow up I hope they will begin to follow Yeshua instead of GB. Yeshua has seen your situation. I have done a lot of cleaning today. Then my husband brought few phones that weren’t working properly and I began to fix them. There is a store here where he gets some phones which are not working properly. I was testing them with my sim card and then I drop it and lost it somewhere lol. I couldn’t find it anymore so I had to order new one. But I got phones fixed. Other one didn’t accept sim card and other one had battery dead. Another small hobby I have I fix computers too. Learned that skill from my husband, but then I began to learn more from youtube. Then I sew clothes when I can, and my main profession is chef. That’s what I did before leaving maternity leave.

  144. jacqueline says:

    Did you notice I got it so you post immediately? Now conversations can go on in real time. I have been painting and cleaning but learned I won’t get the visitors I expected but I will get one son and his daughter. My sister in laws and their elder husbands are stepping in to enforce my children not to come to my house nor let me see my grandchildren but I don’t have to see them this week. I will just ignore them, they are abusive and bold elders and it is best to just let them knock themselves out. I just laugh. if I leave this world early I plan to leave my 2 sons letters. I will not, however, reward their abuse to me by obedience to these men in New York that couldn’t care less about them and their little families. They will hopefully be around when this cult is revealed but I want them to know I don’t hold any hard feelings against them. They are ‘captives of a concept’ of men being the faithful slave and Christ working through them. I sort of expected persons to interfere in my family plans, last holiday I spent hundreds of dollars on food and cooked all day and no one showed or called to say they weren’t coming. My daughter in law was devastated but was outnumbered and overwhelmed. she is a very nice person but it is my son. One son and granddaughter did show however so io enjoyed them.
    I have decided to never buy food or cook anymore unless they say they are actually on the road. I guess I will get some sleep now it has been an emotional day.



  145. jacqueline says:

    Denise, I confused you with another dear sister that I was texting with today while i dealt with the phone company and was painting. it is after 1 am so I guess I got to text her when everybody awake. lol

  146. Marjo says:

    When you have difficult time, Yahweh does help you. You just have to rely on that. When we had to meet Social workers which my husbands sister caused us by purpose with her lies. Someone sent us nameless letter with some money in it. I never asked that money from Yahweh, but He sent that anyway. It is because He saw that our situation caused by his sister that was based on lies. Yahweh will see what we need and He will give it to us 🙂

  147. Denise says:

    Jacqueline, i had my oldest daughter when i was 17 and married soon after. I really dont have education past high school. I had relied on my husband to support me and my children financially. Now that he is gone i feel lost on how to support us. I have made it a matter of prayer. Hopefully something will become obvious and ill know what i am supposed to do. Thanks for your helpfulness:)

  148. jacqueline says:

    Denise what a day it has been for me. I enjoyed our brief texting this morning and I love your positive attitude about getting on with your life. LLC vs Corporation. I chose to incorporate because the risk was there because of my industry and people touching people and I had a big company. So thinking of your financial welfare is just a normal, natural encouraging response, glad to see you thinking about finishing your education or just get certified with what you have in degrees already.
    I am not much help in that area because I am retired now and brain cells have probably forgotten how I did what I did with touring for those years with entertainers and running a company. This is the company I still run now from home. I place people at events maybe go look at the model and it can give you an idea on how to build a mobile company.
    I have about 2 more hours of painting and I am done. Family will arrive Friday so I will just enjoy them.

  149. Marjo says:

    I agree with Jacqueline. It is good to heal wounds first. It might not happen right away, it might take weeks, months or even years to heal about thing like that. When someone has hurt you badly it is not a small thing at all, but you can be healed by God’s Holy Spirit to help you walk through of this. Our experiences are not often pleasant, but it is good to think it in that way you will be much much stronger after this battle when you have won it. God is always there for you and is always ready to listen what you have to say to Him. You can win this battle.

  150. Denise says:

    Thank you Jacqueline. I listened to some of joel this morning with coffee. I appreciate all of your suggestions. 🙂

  151. jacqueline says:

    I had on my Bluetooth so I didn’t look at it as it played numerous ones. The man will have you praising God and being glad to be alive. He tells you about all the times God helped people when they thought he wasn’t there. He pulls out the positive things in life and show you how you can be happy within yourself. Pick any sermon that he has and you will be uplifted. Now you can take that to the bank and cash
    Then you can listen to David Jeremiah another loving man who gets in that Bible. Is he a prophecy preacher? No. He is just simply what God clearly says in the Bible. Right now you don’t need to be pulled into another religious system. You need friends to help you walk thru this and God has put these men out there according to Daniel the knowledge moves fast over the internet, so don’t worry like Daniel did. They and we are here to help until you stand on your own two feet and take on wings and run!Remember make EVERYTHING A MATTER OF PRAYER TO OUR GOD OF ALL EXISTING THINGS.

  152. Denise says:

    Jacqueline which Joel Osteen sermon did you listen to?

  153. Marjo says:

    Jacqueline when you mentioned sound records, maybe we could make the ones that are not too horrible for children ears as jw.rg has. I personally think that things like Armageddon and other things that are not good to hear under 18 years old I think. When children are children they need to learn basics only as Bible say milk.

  154. jacqueline says:

    Denise, I just listened to a sermon by Joel Osteen tonight as I am still painting and cleaning, and thought how you would be encouraged.
    You may have noticed we are here to help you get thru distress in your life and just like there are different doctors for special illnesses, God has allowed Ministers to specialize. The ones we have been associated with deals a lot with prophecy and the preeminence of the 144,000. We don’t push agendas here but point you to those and any material that helps you. There is something on here for everybody. Greg is writing and publishing daily almost. So I thought I would explain the difference in this website and those run by a particular denomination. We just point you to Christ wherever the Truth you need to hear is.
    Repeat”and this too shall pass”, for God says he will never forsake you and Jehovah God Does Not Lie Ever.Pray with your babies and all of you listen to some bible stories. My book of bible stories on tape is good but the stories on can be scary and too intense for children. Take care

  155. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, Denise and Una, what a marvelous cultural opportunity for your children to be able to say hello to each other with you in the room. Often our children are affected when you leave a religion. I think there is at least 11 among all three of you. I am just saying use this network for your benefit. Say when you have booked it and it is yours.
    Marjo, I have to give you admin privilege to be able to open the room and practice the layouts and how to post notes and stuff so I will email you.

  156. denise says:

    thank you Marjo and Jackueline. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful children Marjo. I am curious as to why my camera would not work as it was on. Hopefully next time.

  157. Marjo says:

    I enjoyed that too, it was very pleasant moment. My family does know what I’m doing on this site. It was very nice to talk with you Denise 🙂 I could arrange some time in a week so I could speak with you often when ever I can 🙂 Take care of yourself

  158. jacqueline says:

    Denise this is a link to the bottom of each page where you will find some of the videos I mentioned.
    They are from many perspectives, not just a denomination but the Bible.
    Go here or at the bottom of every page.
    Don’t buy any books etc. But you can go on YouTube and look up each of their names for more study. Now Joel Osteen is a prosperity preacher. If you want to get in an uplifted mood and praise nothing but God, he will take you there.
    David Jeremiah is another good one. All of these men have a different aspect of Scripture.
    There is to me no such thing as “We got the Truth”. There is truth and error in all of the Christian religions including all I have been associated with. They often just make up phrases unique to them and not even in the Bible and make a doctrine even off one scripture.
    So you choose what you want to hear at each point in your life. Love you.

  159. jacqueline says:

    Marjo and Denise, I enjoyed Marjo’s first “Small talk and Stuff”. It was 7 pm Finland’s time, 11 am Chicago (CST) and 9 am (MT).
    We saw and got to met Marjo’s children and baby. We also saw a husband in the background, he thought he was invisible but we saw.
    Denise, I will tell our technical director Kent what your problem was with the camera and let him come on and tell you what to do. That way Marjo and your children can see each other from Finland to California. Una children will be able to come on and meet them also. I enjoyed this so much. Greg probably will tell us about the “Man to Man” session last night, waiting on it.

  160. jacqueline says:

    So I will open up for you guys and walk away. I am CST, Chicago Marjo. So I will find my time and open up 30min before you are due so you can get in.
    So Marjo it is 12 noon my time and I will open up about 11:30 am

  161. Marjo says:

    7 pm is fine for me, I will talk with you then 🙂

  162. Denise says:

    Ok marjo, is 7 pm your time ok? Or do you prefer earlier?

  163. Marjo says:

    Denise Sunday would be great 🙂

  164. Denise says:

    Hi marjo, this is denise. So you are about 10 hours ahead of me. Maybe if it works out we can talk sunday? 8 or 9 am here should make it 6 or 7pm where you are. If this weekend doesnt work maybe next. 🙂

  165. Marjo says:

    Hello Denise

    Weekends are better for me. In a week there is so much things to do. Im 8 hours ahead of Chicago time. Im still learning time difference. Before I said mistakenly 7 hours. I use World clock widget app to see the time.

  166. denise says:

    Hello Marjo, Jackueline said we need to talk :). My name is denise. ive been on under a different name, but had to change it. I read your story. I think I need to tell you mine. I just need someone to talk to. I live in California and can come on the BBB when it is good for you.

  167. Marjo says:

    Thank you! I will watch it when I can

  168. jacqueline says:

    Marjo this is how to watch Leah Remini online.
    This is the entire show from last night.

  169. Marjo says:

    I will see if I can find english version of it. They will vote about it in the summer.

  170. jacqueline says:

    Wow Marjo, I wasn’t aware of this. Do you have a link on an article so we can read it?

  171. Marjo says:

    World Wide Web is making me worried today. EU is trying to get fast through their new law about copyright. It could mean that EU countries could not watch Youtube or use sites like this one. Shutting down popular sites like WordPress. EU is totally trying to isolate its countries from other world. It makes me thinking that I could probably not use this site when their new law is accepted and stamped. There is no more freedom of speech in EU.

  172. jacqueline says:

    Thanks, I downloaded a widget called “whitelist”. As we go the program will start recognizing all of the emails. I need to fine tune but at least the widget is there.
    Thursday 6pm-10pm CST- Chicago and Saturday 6pm-12pm CST- Chicago the BBB is taken. So you figure out a time for your part of the globe and request the hours and that will be yours. I think after the A&E show is put on the internet after tonight there will be all sorts of people wanting to just talk. Also, your Life’s small struggles forum can be any person or religion. We can talk about recipes or sewing even, lol.
    The thing that makes a website work is a diversity, and believe it or not controversy. We tracked on the fojw site when we had the highest count and when they checked and bounced. An activity of any kind makes a website interesting and they will pick up some spiritual chatter on the way as they see we realize Jesus died for us ALL.
    When you send your stuff and book a day and time, only if you want to, we can get started. Take care.

  173. Marjo says:

    No it showed up right away, but it was in moderation.

  174. jacqueline says:

    Instead of answering emails sometimes I will just do what it asks. Did you have to wait before your comment appeared? I am working on that problem. You send your material to me via email and I will configure and post it.

  175. Marjo Puisto says:

    Thank you 😊
    I will begin to think my first article.

  176. jacqueline says:

    Marjo, I will wait for your Bio and article. This is your page because sometimes there is just small talk.
    I think we need a daytime show on the BBB where your side of the world is not getting up at 2 am. So Finland and that time zone might have some that want to talk also and you can post on some of your time zone facebook pages and let’s see what happens.

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